Einhell TC-SB 200/1 Bandsaw

To relax from the daily stresses practice we a hobby from. This range is broad, who read a, other sports and in turn other press craft. Even if you do the activity only as a layman, and not as a professional, the customized parts should meet all requirements. This requires tools, like a band saw. A very good band saw is the Einhell TC SB 200 bandsaw. It is the high-quality material and the fine details that are perfectly matched.

Ease of use Einhell TC-SB 200/1 Band Saw

Because the Einhell TC SB 200 bandsaw must be supplied with power, she commissioned increase, no great precautions are necessary. This means that the user requires a commercial power source, i.e. 230 volts in the vicinity of the band saw, put the plug in the wall socket and you're ready. The rotation of the saw blade is then resolved by pressing the Start button.

Place – not an issue

By the fact that the band saw from Einhell has low product dimensions, the user finds the place everywhere. The mass be 37 x 28 x 72 cm. Also the total weight of 15 kg is not so hard that the user must install a reinforcement in the floor. To work precisely with the band saw, only a smooth surface is required. Even if working machines, the color does not matter, this bandsaw in red here was provided.

The Einhell TC SB 200 bandsaw – very flexible

Who works with the band-saw, do without anything. This means that many different cutting can be performed with the band saw. Do you mean the user can perform a MITRE, longitudinal or free hand cut with the saw. In addition the saw forward made of wood, cut a piece of plastic or other materials. This is possible because the band saw has a saw blade, which is 1400 x 7 millimeters. In addition offer the 6 teeth ensure that the material is very clean cut. The teeth are 25.4 millimeters. The constant power of motor the user achieve a very clean cutting edge. The 250-watt motor and a blade speed of 900 meters per minute are to blame for this. Work table size 300 x 300 mm. Area for the users available to be able to saw wood blocks or plate materials also easily smaller pieces, such as edges, is thus suffice. To can better meet the accuracy when cutting, there is the possibility to adjust the strap length. This means that the user can change the band saw guide height adjustment. This fact and the ball-bearing guide rollers located at the side, the blade can execute perfectly up to 80 mm material thickness. This is possible at any height. The idle speed when the band saw from Einhell is 1400 revolutions per minute. In addition, the user can adjust the saw table. The setting is possible infinitely variable from-4 degrees to 46 degrees. The saw table is always very stable. So, for example, all miter cuts can be carried quickly and easily. Furthermore the handyman with the Einhell TC SB can perform high-quality parallel cuts with the RIP fence 200 bandsaw. As a result, very creative models can decide. The construction that goes 200 bandsaw Einhell TC SB, too fast by the hand. In addition, that the handyman in the use carries no hearing impairment thereof. This is because the noise level of the machine is not excessively noisy. Therefore can be cut in case of an emergency in the afternoon rest, without that the neighbor is just very angry.

Safety – important for each work step

To prevent risks of injury and the band saw from Einhell is equipped with the certification of certified frustration-free. The push block ensures the safety in addition. The push block is at purchase included. With these arrangements is a größstmögliche safety in the workplace is provided.

Work – without falling in the dirt

A proverb says, where is planed, chips fall. But before louder chips the machine no longer to see 200 bandsaw is possible at the Einhell TC SB one to connect the aspirator or vacuum cleaner. Important here, it is only operational workshop vacuum systems to access or back. These are specially designed.

Technical Characteristics – Einhell TC-SB 200/1 Band Saw

Power supply Mains
Voltage 230 Volt
Workpiece materials Wood, metal
Band saw blade length 1000 mm
Saw band width 4 mm
Blade thickness 0.4 mm
Max depth of cut at 90 ° 80 mm
Speed 900 m / min
Working area 300 x 300 mm
Throat depth 200 mm
Speed control Not available
Guide fence Not available
Swivel saw table Available
Feature Length stop, pivoting saw table

Einhell TC-SB 200/1 Band Saw


  • With parallel guide
  • With tilting table
  • Good handling
  • Longitudinal stop


  • No blade height adjustment
  • Not a saw table extension


The conclusion to the Einhell TC SB 200 band saw is quite clear. It is ideal for everyday use for the home improvement. The price ratio is excellent. The user can do many incidental Sacher itself with this saw. Thus, over the years, saved a lot of money. Have fun with the saws.

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