Bosch PKS 55 A circular saw reviews

Test report: Bosch PKS 55 A circular saw

It does not matter whether miter cuts are carried out, worktops for the office or kitchen are sawn or the ground floor is precisely cut to length. The Bosch PKS 55 A is a perfect hand-held circular saw, which can be perfectly adapted to any movement during appropriate sawing work. The compact circular saw is absolutely convincing due to its compact appearance and low weight. The circular saw is grippy, it is outstanding in the hand and with all work it is possible that the absolute control is retained. It is also worth mentioning the ergonomic conceptual design as well as the points usability and safety are not left behind. The saw work should bring clean, convincing results and be fun. In any case, the Bosch PKS 55 A circular saw is a cost-effective and excellent purchase in comparison. Engaged and success-oriented craftsmen and hobby craftsmen should have the device in the garage or in the basement.

Bosch is a name that stands for best products and first-class performance. The hand circular saw PKS 55 A also has a lot to offer here and this is already recognized at first sight. Designed to be handy and small, all features are included. Even with complicated and extensive sawing work, features can then be added with just one handgrip. The hand circular saw is very compact, even if the motor power is great. The low weight is convincing and also the visual impression can be seen. The positive shape is noticeable in various miter cutting and sawing work.


The Bosch hand circular saw provides an aluminum protective cover and the Speedline Wood hard metal saw blade is of high quality. In addition, the deflection tube, parallel stop, the Cleansystem Box for catching the sawdust and the CutControl module for the controlled freehand cuts. The handle is equipped with a softgrip, the guide plate offers the dimensions of 288 by 153 millimeters and there is the safety switch with the double-side lock-on lock. With the help of the spindle rebar, there is a quick and direct change of the saw blade. Overall, the Bosch PKS 55 A can score with the simple and precise work thanks to the 1200 watt. The device is characterized by first-class processing and the high material quality. For all tradesmen, it is a real must if you want to be a model saw.

Processing and construction

Whoever wants to describe the Bosch PKS 55 A chisel is handy and small. All the levers and switches are located exactly at the right place. The design of the device is almost self-explanatory and despite the extensive functional and performance spectrum, the conceptual design is simple. In principle, no one has to use the manual to inform himself about certain handgrips. Everything is handy and easy, whether there are many levers and parts in the hand circular saw. The Bosch saw can convince with the processing quality, the excellent product quality and the well-thought-out design.

The performance

A lot is promised by the engine with 1200 watts and the very low weight of less than 4 kilograms must be taken into account. If there is 0 degree miter angle, the cutting depth is 55 mm. It is 38 millimeters when the miter angle is 45 degrees. The rated input from the circular saw blade is 160 millimeters, and the blade is estimated to have a corresponding bore value of twenty millimeters. 5600 is the idle speed and one falls sharply, namely with 95 dB the volume for saw work is reduced to the tolerable level. Even the time-sawing saw work is no longer at the expense of hearing. At 2.5 m / s2, the vibration emission value is also to be mentioned, 103 dB is the sound power level and 3 dB is the uncertainty value K. The Speedline saw blade can be characterized by its long-lasting and robust design. The highly user-optimized performance portfolio is completed by the groove within the footplate at the guide rail. The machine can be operated simply and in an advanced way, and functionality and safety are also written up.

The handling

The Bosch PKS 55 A is easy to handle. The weight of not even 4 kilograms offers an uncomplicated usability and there is also the handy conception. No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced craftsman, you can carry out various kinds of sawing. All cuts are performed precisely and the guide ruler does not allow for out-of-lane running or warping. After adjustment, the device runs quietly and cleanly and the work is not hindered by annoying vibrations. It is possible to make the most appropriate settings, and it is not necessary to spend a lot of time.

The Test Result

Cutting quality


Bosch PKS 55 A Circular Saw


  • Low noise level
  • Easy to use
  • Best handling
  • Saw and miter cuts without problems possible
  • Compact optics
  • Lightweight


Many want a powerful and easy-to-use hand-held circular saw. The Bosch model convinces by its low weight and everyone is surely right. Working with the machine is just fun, and the switches and levers are at the optimum place. Without a great amount of time and speed, miter cutting and sawing works. Precise and completely vibration-free work is possible and the low noise level is convincing.

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