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Review: TaoTronics TT-BH06 4.0 Sport Headphones


Decisive for the purchase:

Looking for suitable headphones, which I can use for sports and other recreational activities, I came across the TaoTronics Bluetooth Headset 4.0 Wireless Sport Stereo Headset. By Kabellosigkeit clearly the best solution. The times of the dangling cables if the earbuds fall out of the ear clearly story. The headphones of Tao Tronics are also equipped with Bluetooth and therefore compatible with mobile phones, iPhone, iPad, laptops, tablets and smartphones.  


1 x Bluetooth in-ear headphones 1 x Micro USB charging cable 1 x User Manual 3 x Ear Adapter 3 x Ear Hook I had different colors to choose, have the headphones now ordered in black and blue. The rest of the delivery is black. The micro-USB cable is unfortunately only 11.5 cm short, but for now suffice. The manual is how it's just come to expect from them, everything is explained extensively and partially supported with pictures. By three different ear adapters and ear hook something suitable for virtually any ear size and shape it. So you have to just try some, which it has the best grip and is comfortable to wear. The headset itself is very easy and makes quality a very good impression.

Technical specifications:

Product weight: 18 grams Dimensions: 3.8 x 2.4 x 3 cm Voltage: 5 Volt power Duration: 5 hours  

Fitness in Sport:

I have the headset by Tao Tronics now at all tested: by jogging, mountain biking on the way to horse riding. The first two sports is usually comes basically sweat. Thanks to the sweat-solid processing which is however not a problem.The water resistance, I have not tested yet available in the rain by the manufacturer. That should probably differentiate. The sound is very good, the bass but improvement in my opinion. The operation you have to understand first time, if you have the hang of it, it is easy, some buttons you have to press briefly to skip other longer move forward or backward or to adjust the volume.  

the product structure:

The product is actually pretty straight and still does not look cheap: The earplugs are connected to a cable that runs behind your head. The battery as well as the control keys directly to the earplugs. The blue LED status indicator and the microphone can be found there also. Under a rubber cover is also the charging socket of the USB cable to charge the battery. This is somewhat difficult aufzubekommen. The battery life is five hours, however sometimes reduces the battery charge level and without use of the product. leave lying around after two to three days, the battery is definitely dropped. While charging the battery, the indicator lights red. When the battery is fully charged, the blue LED will light up. If one is accustomed from smartphones from various manufacturers.  

Sound quality:

already mentioned above in the text could be better or stronger in my opinion the bass. The remaining tones are experiencing music properly. Buzz free or scratchy undertones. During a telephone conversation, however, cutting back can be reported. The microphone interrupts sometimes and the voice of the interlocutor sounds tinny and unnatural. Sometimes it reverberates even after something. Since you can connect the headset via Bluetooth with laptop or tablet, I tried it with YouTube videos. For short videos it goes sometimes really good in others again lagging behind somewhat voices so that the voice does not fit with the lip movements of the people in the videos.


conclusion guyThe value for money in my opinion is unbeatable, because to get a price below 25 euros such a versatile device with 12 months warranty is not commonplace. The design and color scheme are managed and you have plenty of choices to choose the color of his choice. Operation is simple and easy to understand. The Bluetooth connection with other devices expanded to 90% easily. Tao Tronics promises a connection range of 10 meters, which means I can move in the garden when the laptop is still in the living room me. Here too, there is a plus because this application works just fine. Since I bought this product actually for the sport, I would like to mention the positive and also some negative aspects. The initial decision for TaoTronics Bluetooth Headset 4.0 Wireless Sport Stereo Headset was that I wanted to save me the annoying dangling cord to the earplugs, because the obstructions when jogging depending arm movement or cause pulling unintentionally from the ears. However, in this headset cable behind the head is quite long, which also can be annoying especially if you train hooded jacket or the like. The cable often remains hanging in the clothing and head movement is pulling just the headset from your head. Pairing with other devices working properly up to the connection with the iPhone from my friend. Because it makes some problems. The headphones are so big that you really will notice nothing of his environment with appropriate volume.Actually that's the point if you want to listen to music during exercise. In some situations it was ever negative, if one listens bicycle bells or otherwise. To cancel it, however, is absolutely brilliant. This aspect probably have to decide for themselves. The large ear coverings are practical but look at me not as good as I had initially hoped.Disappointing I found the fact the videos. In summary, the product holds what the manufacturer promises and react according to other testers on complaints very accommodating and sent a model identical new device in order to avoid technical malfunctions again. Whether the negative side, however, is due to technical reasons in individual units or if I should at high demands easily upgrade to a more expensive product will still emerge.Ultimately, everyone must decide for themselves whether the device meets its requirements and is suitable for its activities.

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