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Review: ARCTIC P324 BT Sport Headphones

The Arctic P324 BT Sport Headphones Tutorial

Headphones are an indispensable part of my life, so I test before buying a new appliance always first few comparable models from different manufacturers. This has until now always works properly, even though I am a very critical customer. For the sport I used to now wired headset because I believed that the wireless connection greatly deteriorated the quality of music. After I, however, as I ran through the woods, could not get the cable to a tree branch and sank the rather expensive headphones in the mud, I thought about buying a wireless alternative.Finally, I came across the Artic P324 BT Sport headphones that only serve their purpose more.  

exercise sports without cable clutter?

The first day aroused running with the Artic P324 BT headphones a strange feeling in me. Finally, there was no cable in the way that I hit against the torso and no fumbling at the beginning in order to iron out any tangles. In addition, the headphones are lightweight, so they are hardly noticed. According to my kitchen scale the headphones are not 80 grams. Despite the low weight, the headphones but feel good on the ears and make it to constantly remain at the same place, without forgetting the ears look like tomatoes after the run.  

Sound quality in the test

Anyone with a price below 50 euros expected Studio quality headphones will definitely be disappointed. You have to be honest on earnings adjusted and must not be too squeamish. As previously mentioned, I am this, however, and still was not satisfied: The Artic P324 BT Sport Headphones convince despite its size, with remarkable quality.Here, however, one must be careful: At full power, it can happen that the headset clip at certain points of a song.Especially with bass-heavy music is the more common. The heights are not quite pure and clear also from a certain volume.  

Hands free, also in the car

Since my work unfortunately requires that in my spare time I also always available, I need a good alternative to speak while driving with business partners. By Artic P324 BT is this not a problem. Once the headphones have connected to my phone, I can pay this even without high penalties. But not only in the car they are practicable, and at home I use the headphones occasionally to make calls even when ironing. In the office, there is an open-plan office with 20 people in a small space, the sound is a bit too quiet. However, the background noise do not come to the interlocutor, which in turn is an advantage. When running, for I have actually bought so the headphones, designed to make calls as difficult as the "wind" unfortunately, is also transmitted.  

TV without waking the partner

As my wife often go to bed very early, it is difficult for me to use the TV in the bedroom without waking her. That's why I have the headphones plugged time to a Bluetooth adapter and connected to the TV. The result was not perfect: The tone was indeed transferred in very nice quality and my wife has slept on calmly, it seemed, however, as if the sound arrive with a slight delay, so that the synchronization was not perfect. While watching I noticed also the first time of low level some background noise that I felt but not as disturbing, but as quite pleasant.  

Battery performance is over a long time

The built-in battery is charged via a micro-USB connector. In my use, it is important that the battery of the headset must hold at least three hours, since I currently train for a marathon. After the Artic P324 were fully charged, I tested it on a 43-kilometer route in continuous use. The result: The headphones have passed. Even after the estimated three and a half hours, the music ran on for a long time until the Artic P324 had to be reloaded. If you want to use the headset during charging, one must apply a little trick: It turns first of all as soon as a power supply is plugged. If you switch it but then again, it can be used without sacrificing. So loud, even the neighbors heard with The Artic P324 regrettably a major drawback, namely the insulation of the music to the outside. When running or other sports this disturbs certainly not, would you want but take the bus home, sonicated to the other passengers with the same. In my opinion, this is actually a big handicap, because I would be also not like to be treated so dear and take into consideration. After all, not everyone has to have the same taste in music.


conclusion guyFinally, I must express a strong buy recommendation. The headphones convince in almost all walks of life and simplify the wireless calls many times. In sports, the actual profession of Artic P324 BT headset also win in many categories, including the battery life. Here all the advantages and disadvantages of Artic P324 are again in a short summary listed: Advantages: - listening to music, in which no annoying cables interfere, where you could get stuck - Comfortable to wear, even after hours - Lightweight model and nice design - Good Value - Acceptable sound quality - Ease of use - When making calls are not transmitted background noise - excellent battery performance, even running after three hours disadvantages: - Ups and downs are not clearly played at high volume - override with bass-heavy music - Running no telephoning possible - Poor insulation outwardly

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