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Review: deleyCON SOUND TERS Sport Headphones

The deleyCON SOUND TERS Sport headphones are the manufacturer for a newer and improved version. In one test, this first approach was confirmed and the notes and announcements of manufacturers to meet, it's sporty design coupled with good sound.The test showed already at first sight convincing equipment because this Stereo Headset is a Bluetooth 4.0 headset is equipped with a Micro. The test of the box began to control the weight of about 18 grams, which act like a spring, because if you have him on the head one notices anything. This results in the test of good in practice performance showed superior properties, because one forgets because of good sound that you even wearing a headset. The designation Sports confirmed that these stereo headphones to wear while playing sports and safe thanks to its properties in many activities also keeps the head.  

A good complete package with matching ear molds

One gets the convinces with its price and at the same time with his performance a good stereo headphones. Three different ear sizes are yet to be replaced by a stopper supplied. rather the case no burrs or similar surveys The test showed the device or. That makes this headset comfortable and really easy to carry. The test proved here there is good performance and what the manufacturer promises will also respected. Starting with the different Ohpassstücke and comfortable transportation on the comfortable seating and good sound.  

The sound and its improvements

The exhibited excellent sound properties and quality. Many other systems from renowned manufacturers are not as good as this low-cost device. Just Another In Ear systems cut when comparing test underperformed the Sport Headphones Sound Roosters. In addition, the headset has in a revised version with a new code, which contributes to that all sounds arrive undistorted and highest Atmospheric sound intensity on the ear. Important details is the APX Bluetooth interface that really makes this headset to what the test has demonstrated. A balanced and reasonably priced good accessory. The audio compression and pure playing just works well in all areas, and this has also to security in the transmission measured. It showed in the test best values that can withstand any comparison. Even at greater distances and disconnections are no negative impressions, this headset is easy worth the money. Rich bass and a good sound during all activities was observed in the test and is convincing in practice.  

Good quality best material having the test showed

If you look at the stereo headphone easy to, you can see the quality of materials. A flat cable robust nature ensures safe and long lasting connection between the earpieces. In addition, the earphones or headphones can be conveniently stored, because it is compact, light and robust.  

A feature that convinced the test, the noise suppression

In test the feature noise suppression showed as really useful development detail, the noise-suppression technology made with their technical combination for a clear and absolutely natural sound. In addition, this revised version of the stereo headset has a reduction of outside noise and other ambient noises are completely eliminated, that was very positive in the test. With further technical details such as the 2-MIC 6th generation CVC echo microphone can be good talking outdoors and another 2 mics are also in the unit. This results in the sum of best conductivity and just on the phone, this was shown to be very convincing in the test.  

Unrestricted available, the headset showed the test

Without tangling this headset presented in the test, thanks to its 4.o technology Bluetooth. It means freedom and to wear these headphones with every movement and at its not being aware, without the fact that you can hear the music. Best sound and, so to get in front of him, if you use these headphones in absolute isolation to the surroundings. From the wireless streaming that is touted by the manufacturer showed extremely powerful. even with 10 meters to a terminal, this function makes the test even the best performance. Low consumption of energy, so best runtime the battery and its use, as well as a convincing compatibility with many devices, it has especially proved headphones in the test that all the conditions are the designated and described by the manufacturer actually voted.  

This gets you if you opt for the SOUND TERS headphones; everything at a glance:

  • Headphones in black
  • new technology Bluetooth 4.0
  • Profiles: A2DP HFP HSP AVRCP
  • compatible with older Bluetooth versions
  • Compatible with many Bluetooth devices
  • Line microphone for telephoning with Bluetooth
  • best APTX HD compression
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Customize S, M and L sizes earpieces for accurately
  • maximum uptime 7 hours
  • Standby 300 hours
  • 2 device in multipoint
  • iOS for battery indicator
  • 10 m range
  • 18 grams
  • Carrying case
  • USB cable
  • instruction manual
The test showed good and very convincing results, price and performance match and that gives a headset joy prepares when you carry it.


conclusion guyThe bottom line for this headset falls just good at these values and results from the test. In practice, and with a 5 km run showed after unpacking the superior performance at a low price. A device that fits as an accessory to many terminals. Whether to connect their iPhone or uses a terminal with Android operating system, the connection always took place in the test and simple it could not be. Impressive performance were the long duration of the battery, that means in the test had to be reloaded again and the power handed to long run activities and to enjoy the rich sound of these headphones only. Of course you can say you want a headset with a brand name. convinced that brand and shows that there are also cheap headphones showing in test how well it should be.These headphones are worth a recommendation and the sound is just fed and well. All transfer values are and showing what the designers have done in the above working version. A headset truly belongs with any sport with the equipment and can harmonize all devices together well. This headset delivers his performance with really convincing arguments and that has proved the test in practice.

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