Thomson WHP3001BK Over Ear Headphones

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Review: Thomson WHP3001BK Over Ear Headphones

With the help of the Thomson we WHP3001BK a wireless music enjoyment possible for there finally is a wireless headphones. Very interesting is that there is the integrated charging function. Just off the headset volume control is found and at 863 MHz is the transmission frequency. Three transmission channels are available, so that interference can be avoided. The headphones from Thomson was equipped with an elastic headband. The PLL system provides the highest frequency stability. With a clear view of the headset has a range of 100 meters and within buildings is the range within twenty to thirty meters. In the headphones there is an automatic station search and also there is the power button with an LED indicator. With its appearance of Thomson WHP3001BK wireless headphones is very sturdy. The headband is well padded and wide. The ear cups surround the ear and they are round. Although the design of the headphones is rather plain, but still very attractive. The headset is absolutely timeless, it is extremely stable and comes down to earth, therefore. To the scope of supply includes a user manual, two batteries, the adapter, audio adapter, the transmitter with charging station, power supply and wireless headphones. The equipment is so extensive and leaves nothing missing. At the headset transmitter fits harmoniously with docking station design. The wireless headphones from Thomson enables wireless enjoyment of music and movies. Blessed is the balanced sound with rich bass, warm mids and clear highs. To criticize is something the noise occur occasionally, but this comes only occasionally.Occasional noise in a wireless headphones but usually normal. Very nice, in the WHP3001BK that he has a closed construction. The outside noise are largely shielded and he leaves the outside hardly penetrate music. For a high frequency stability of the PLL system provides and it thus does not cause interference. Frequency ranges from 20 Hz to 20 kHz are covered with the headphones. The Thomson wireless headphones can convince With clear view the range of 100 meters is extremely good and the range of twenty to thirty meters inside buildings can also be highlighted positively. Although located in a building, walls, then the music enjoyment is not spoiled within the specified walls. The convenient automatic tuning works well with the Auto Tuning. The headset automatically switches off after 2 minutes if no radio link exists. This is important because so energy is saved. The Thomson WHP3001BK can be used for radio and for television, but also for other devices. The headset can convince with the comfort and he is an excellent workmanship. The ear cups surround the ear well and they are well padded. Padding is also at the head ironing. Foam is the material in the upholstery. A perfect match is always guaranteed with the wireless headphones and ears or in the head nothing pushes in a long wearing. The ear cups are movable, the strap is adjustable and hence the headphones to the various head shapes are always customized.Overall, the Thomson WHP3001BK is available at a reasonable price and thus can absolutely convince the price-performance ratio. An extensively equipped headphones are also available at a good price and this with a good processing, much comfort and with the balance of sound quality. The advantages: - Much comfort - a simple operation - Good processing - A balanced sound - a high range - a good price-performance ratio the disadvantages: - a random noise occurs , the description of the headphones the headphones are suitable for a wireless listening experience with the best reception. The headphones from Thomson offer an integrated charging function. The charging station can simultaneously serve as support and when not in use the headset retains thus its stability. Conveniently located off the headset power Knop can be operated with LED indicator and the Laustärkenregler. To avoid interference, there are three transmission channels and in the living rooms of other radios can thus not interfere with the wireless music enjoyment. Through the PLL system, there is a high frequency stability for optimum transmission. The WHP3001BK wireless headphone features automatic station search. For ease of movement the enormous coverage provides. About 20 to 30 meters are there within buildings and line of sight is as high as up to 100 meters. The headband is padded and elastic and so it can adapt to the head shape elastic. The ear cups are movable and padded and this for comfortable carrying. The data from the headphones The headphones have radio as signal transmission and the execution is stereo. The connector is a 3.5 mm jack and the design is over-ear. The material of the headphone is plastic, the channel spacing is 30 dB and the sensitivity is 107 dB. At medium volume, the duration is eight hours and the noise ratio is 54dB. The speaker diameter is 40 mm, the distortion is 2 percent, the range at 100 meters and the impedance at 32 ohms. The color of the headphones is black and the transmission frequency is 863 MHz. To avoid interference, there are three transmission channels. Why the Thomson WHP3001BK? Many people want to relax in front of the TV after a long day easy. Many partner or roommate did not like to the same program. The headset is simply placed and a film is enjoyed undisturbed. The whole thing with the radio technology without disturbing cables. Hours of listening to music or extended gatherings are not a problem with the moving and very soft cushioned earpads. When wearing hurts and expresses nothing. For relaxed listening pleasure of elastic headphones, which adapts to any head shape provides. For a reliable companion of wireless headphones is the long battery life. At medium volume this is, after all, up to 8 hours. No one has to get up in the headset, so the sound is made louder or softer because the headphones there is a handy volume control. The charging station is right there, and before the first use of the headset is placed on the charging station. Through the charging contacts of the headset is charged and also the headphone is equal cleaned properly and securely.


conclusion guy The closed headphones provides a robust design. The WHP3001BK wireless headphones from Thomson makes the music and movie enjoyment and it is well equipped. With this headset, the sound is balanced. the headset is supplied with a wide range of accessories and the price-performance ratio is absolutely convincing. The headphones look good, they are very robust and well finished. The headphones convince with good comfort, the auto-scan function, the optimized button, the detailed sound reproduction and the wide reach.

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