Lasmex H-95 On-Ear Headphones

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Review: Lasmex H-95 On-Ear Headphones


What you should know about the Lasmex H-95 On-Ear Headphones

The Lasmex H-95 On-Ear Headphones the buyer is promised a unique sound experience that can also be confirmed. The headphones are not just about benefits. Now once the moderation. This amount in the headphones of Lasmex 28.1 x 19.9 x 13.6 cm. The weight is 1400 grams quite proud of, but does not fall further into weight. The headphones are made in China and are quite popular in this country. Even its price is quite crucial. The headphones achieve very clear boundaries amongst the tone ranges that there would be high tones, mid tones and low tones. That alone is crucial for an almost perfect listening. Unfortunately, it is so that products from China are not too good reputation. And this is so for products which are produced not only in China, but also in places designed and have been designed. These headphones can be clearly distinguished from the usual image that a buyer will make. The headphones have a perfect sound, the almost sounds real.  

More about the Lasmex H-95 On-Ear Headphones

The headphones are completely black, but have golden jack. The speaker shells were again revised compared to its predecessor and can now boast a perfect fit. The padding is likewise worth mentioning because it makes the headphones at a great device that will certainly not push the ears. The headband can be as needed to adjust and then also perfect to wear. These headphones are processed a total quality and can offer much more than the previous version, the H-75 headphones from Lasmex. Here it comes, literally feel the sound and this is possible through these ears.  

The design of the headphones

Lasmex strives to clearly distinguish them from others. The aim is to establish itself as an independent brand in China and with the headphones this company has also a good chance it. These headphones are priced at a very good midfield. There everyone will know what this is about, because many expensive headphones hold not far what they promise. Not so with the Lasmex H-95th Here little can be expected and much implemented. The headphones feature clean lines that still all the rage. The colors are matched here very well with each other. The Golden Jack then sets still the icing on top. These headphones are a valuable aspect in the situation, even if the manufacturer is still unable to make a name in Germany. Nevertheless, he does not hide and stands behind its product. It may be the product name and the manufacturer's logo will be clearly found on the headphones.  

The package of the On Ear Headphones

Many European manufacturers to compete with the On Ear Lasmex H-95 headphones. The headphones come in a very elegant packaging. This was processed stable and can much hope. For whoever keeps the package already in his hands, will see that this is certainly not a simple product. But the package is here already support for much hope. Also how the product is packaged, it should be mentioned. It is firmly clamped in the pack and could also during the long and wide Transportes not fall out.  

The first impression with the Lasmex headphones

Now, a package may indeed promise a lot and be the most expensive part of such headphones. But that's not the case. The headset itself look quite classy, and predicted stable from. The headphones have left a very good impression. Not only that the earpieces are very good, they feel too classy and soft. This is important for the ears. Because in a continuous operation, it happens every now and then, which can push other headphones. The headphones hanging on a cord. But this is no problem at all, because everyone can take its own music system with and listen to music on. With headphones, two different plugs. However, these are intended for a large music system for the plugging of a normal smartphone or tablet.  

The upholstery

When it comes to upholstery is much to be expected here. The buyer gets a quality product for their money. The housing consists of a perfect interaction between metal and plastic. Many other noises emit intrinsic noise and thereby influence the music. But this is certainly not the case. The listener will be impressed by a clear sound experience. Bass and other extraneous sounds are perfectly implemented. Who is dependent on being able to make these sounds, is exactly the right thing these headphones. It is possible hereby to get a very good reaction.  

The good feeling

Here every buyer really has the feeling of having done everything right. The headphones give the impression that the listener is located in a real orchestra and can thereby also much hear.  


conclusion guyWith these headphones, nothing is wrong. Of course, we have to turn a bit deeper into their pockets for good headphones than others. But cheap headphones are not certain. Everything looks classy and the buyer will not regret his decision even after a long-term test. Who likes to listen to music and much that should the Lasmex H-95 On-Ear headphones do. The headphones do indeed deliver what they promise. Such pieces are perfect to hear. Each genre is supported by the headphones and will make also noticeable. Whether or Techno Rock and Pop or Classical. Anything is possible with these headphones. Thus a unique sound experience is called forth.Everything is just right and it can clearly go the thumbs up, with the purchase-consideration. So that no one will feel safe bad. The headphones are ideal as a gift for a real music fan. Everything will fit it. The music and of course the individual styles can thus evaluate perfect. Anyone buying this headset will be fully satisfied even after a while. There will be no or other signs of wear. All in all, these headphones are an excellent choice. They make pure fun and be an asset to the music fan be.

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