Plantronics BackBeat Fit Stereo Sports Headset

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Review: Plantronics BackBeat Fit Stereo Sports Headset

The Plantronics BackBeat FIT headset appears safe, even if it loud and fast approaching around. In a test of this headset has been used in training, running, jogging or even in sports where you do not want to dispense with his music. The first impression has proved already the look is compelling and the technology at Backbeat Fit leaves nothing to be desired.  

After unpacking the performance starts

After unpacking are immediately apparent in his hand a pleasant feeling, the plastic used and the ear plugs feel soft and smooth, so it was confirmed in the test of first impression that makes these headphones already in the package. The package is completed by a USB cable to charge and there is also a good case for the safe transport and storage. This headset makes a solid impression during processing because the edges and transitions are smooth and enjoyable. For weight settled in the test notice with about 24 g of the headphone is so light that you forget after a few minutes that you carry it. This shows how well and easily the technology in housing is packed and the design in its forms is also convincing. The bracket holds the headset on the ear, or rather the head is well dimensioned and fits universally. So he was also in the test well adapt to low pressure it can be bent handle and holds the shape. The test also showed that the designers have been inspired that very flat cable is durable and is led behind the head to the cable and the cable guide. So appeared in the test in the practical testing, these headphones fit for any kind of sport and secure fit on the head can also quickly perform movements and the headset remained in position to bring music listening further to his ear. The plugs for the ears or rather ear rubbers are made of a soft rubber mixture and have a shape similar to a small tube to safely transport the sound to the ear canal.  

Quality and durability in the test

The Plantronics BackBeat FIT is described as a sweat-resistant by the manufacturer, that relates to its properties in terms of a water-repellent surface. The test showed this well and there were no stains or similar reactions in the test during sports. All parts are well connected to each other, the plug connections are secure and well made and also make a good impression, that showed the different plug in a test environment.  

Compatible with iPhone and Co

The BackBeat Fit Plantronics is compatible with Apple devices, all mobile devices like iPhone, iMac or iPad could be linked easily with this headphone. operated also at the Android mobile devices, there were no difficulties in drivers or distortion in the sound. This was the test, since different variants were tested. The test also showed that the headset out of reach of the terminals is occurs after a short time a sleep timer, which then saves electricity.  

Sound and playback

Even at first sound you get rich sound. It is also dependent on how firmly you have the ear bud in the ear canal that proved the test. Right here proved this inexpensive and by an unknown manufacturer displaced Sport Headphone its strengths. The bass, the ups and the overall sound image appear balanced and well. Overall, could be achieved without cables Best values and a special running test led over a distance of 5 km were no discernible weaknesses.At this price, a compelling device with all the features that can be placed on an in-ear headphones today.  

The practice test

Practice shows small strong and compact. From the first moment of unpacking and the first contact, creates a feeling of satisfaction. Technically completely on the level and when setting up this headset you realize nothing and listen to much. This is the first and also the good impression in the test in practice, the active run. go for other sports such as skating or inline this is likely to be similar, and this shows the quality need not be expensive and does not need a big name.  

All the advantages of the test include:

  • cordless sweat-resistant headset as stereo headphones with Lifestyle Design
  • stable and easy
  • comfortable seating
  • robust and durable
  • separate volume control for phone calls
  • Volume of the music via buttons on the headset
  • separate; Deep Sleep sleep mode
  • option cordless
  • to App-bound firmware updates
  • no spaghetti wires
  • intense bass dispatches during phone calls
  • good delivery with, micro-USB charging cable, case and bracelet for Smartphone
A balanced inexpensive device that determines all expectations of many customers will meet and has demonstrated its safe and reliable services in the test.


conclusion guy The conclusion for this good stereo headphones from the test can only really bring yes and a good recommendation. All requirements are also announced by the manufacturer in the specification have been proven by the test in practice. Who wants to be equipped with a good stereo headset that does not need a very big brand names, but here the Plantronics BackBeat Fit he is already in good hands. Particularly impressive are the sound quality and the particularly successful form that hold the headphones securely to the head and always transfer the desired music. Even when using the telephone, this device is as safe and met all requirements. Many small technical feature, such as the Sleep mode or the ranges shutdown are technical additions that do not even exist in other products in this category.This device is balanced in terms of its performance, its quality, the good and robust processing and bandwidth usage. A headset easily fits like a feather on the head and supports the enjoyment of music in every activity and supplies. The recommendation has to be of the conclusion, it is worth it to buy stereo headphones, thus to get what you really want, good quality at a compelling price. This is what the customer expects and this product meets the current standards today that are placed on a headset of its kind. A small note, the buttons of the operation have been very small and this fact results but from the sleek design.

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