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Review: Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones

The company Bose has the most striking in-ear headphones in company history developed. In the test convinced the headset to inspire athletes, sonically. Bose SIE2i sports headphones will be delivered maintained in athletic Orange-White color. The in-ear headphones is ready for equal with several features, of which the "StayHear" sting -Ohreinsätze first thing the eye. The highly flexible plastic hooks for a secure fit in. Since each person has different ears, Bose adds each SIE2i Sport Headphones with three ear tips in different size. The length of the cable is significantly reduced, and unnecessary confusion during workouts is finally history. If the cable is too short, the supplied extension cable to the rescue. This is simply inserted between source and headphones. In the test proved to be particularly practical the cable integrated inline remote. With three buttons and the built-in microphone, it provides a much higher functionality than most models of competition.

Easy handling

Switching between music playback and telephony is very easy and the volume can be optimally adjusted. Muting can be activated or may be skipped by the playlist to start the desired track, and this without that case the source must be touched. The manufacturer Bose also provides with a fitness armband, which is a perfect storage for the used source player. Developed by Reebok Cover is equipped with a simple to be applied stretch band. The spacious room key the arm pocket provides a very high wearing comfort. In the test held cable and stood listeners water. The Bose SIE2i Sport headset is extremely balanced, and gives the music program in harmony again.  

The practical test

Visually, the Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones has convinced immediately. Selbstverstaenldich it has also been tested in practice. The pleasant and comfortable seat of email in-ears falls on immediately, because they can be put quite supple ear. Also the arm pocket described above can be quickly and easily create perfect and fits well to the skin. In practice, this is a great advantage, because the training is to lose no time and start without the active support of a helper. Thanks to the touch-sensitive screen, the selection of playlist happen, and this is quite as if no protective film available. Move, in practical tests showed very quickly that Bose has produced the SIE2i the ultimate sports headphone. Without having the phone in your hand, the user has with the help of intuitive inline remote the best control over the volume and on the playlist. The Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones proves from the very first second that he owns and benefits from a joy that inspires and motivates to increase the level continues excellent aural skills. Even with enhanced sound, the sound remains absolutely pure and impressed by a very high and precise fine resolution as yet has never been possible with an in-ear. The SIE2i Sport Headphones from Bose overcome every challenge, because voices and instruments are clean at all times, precise and differentiated reproduced without being swallowed up by the bass. The excellent sound performance impresses with a wealth of details and the breathtaking fundamental dynamics's just fun.  

Bose SIE2 -The equipment

+ Huge scope of supply included armband + Three different ear adapters included in delivery + The iPhone version SIE2i offers a speakerphone  

Bose SIE2-Handling

+ Sweat resistant and weatherproof and therefore always ready for use + Comfortable and secure fit in the ear + Very balanced and harmonious sound  

Many features

The 240 gram lightweight headset offers besides its quality sound, an ultramodern TriPort technology, which ensures crystal-clear highs and a powerful bass. In endurance training offer conveniently placed acoustic ports through their sweat and weatherability an absolutely good security. The fabric provides additional protection against moisture. The integrated microphone and remote control can easily control music playback and make calls on many Apple devices. The Bose headphones are perfectly adapted to the shape of the ears. These headphones are specifically designed for athletes and feature Bose StayHear ear tips which adapt to the shape of the ears exactly.Thus, an optimum comfort without guarantees slipping. Extra for the Bose headset is a sporty, robust, lightweight case comes in the same color. In carrying case of sports headphones can be safely stored when not in use. In addition, the case provides a convenient storage during training, for money and keys. With the included carabiner, the case can be simply and easily attach and go take with you everywhere.


conclusion guy The Bose Sound Sport in-ear headphones is ideal for jogging and breaks all previously before him tested sports headphones. The SIE2i Sport Headphones convinces everybody, from the very extensive accessory package on the very high wearing comfort and operating comfort to its excellent sound performance. These sports headphones are prepared for all eventualities of everyday life. In addition, the price designed more than fair and ours Bose is clearly one of the best in-ear headphones, which currently has to offer the market.

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