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Review: BO PLAY BeoPlay H2 On Ear Headphones

Nowadays every second possibility is used to be on the road with your favorite music. Unfortunately, there is a risk that one so neat is its environment on the mind. This fact is now a thing of the past. The solution are headphones, but not just any, but BO PLAY BeoPlay H2 On Ear Headphones. The culprit is the high-quality material from which the headphone is produced. In addition, all components have been tuned very precisely to one another.  

Practical and modern - yet

So small and inconspicuous headphones also look, the greater are the possibilities that challenge the BO PLAY BeoPlay H2 On Ear Headphones are available. The weight anyway, is so low that the user viewed the headphones continuously, no longer noticed. It proposes namely only 181 grams impact. The dimensions which 3.6 x 18.3 x 20.8 centimeters amount are not overly large. The fact that the headphones are always visible in the open, this was adapted to the fashion trends.  

Adaptability - no problem

The fact that the user of the headphones have different head shapes, care was taken in the preparation that everyone can wear the BO PLAY BeoPlay H2 On Ear Headphones. This means within a few minutes, the headband has adapted perfectly to the body. The special feature of this is when the user deposits the headphones, the headband is brought back to the starting position. This ensures that the user, for example, the next time you can wear a hat under the headphones without these forces and zwagt.  

experience music live - no problem with the BeoPlay H2 On Ear Headphones

With this headset, the user has to give up anything. That is, the user gets a quality sound as if it is right next to the musician. Therefore, it was integrated into the headphones of unbeatable Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound. Thus, three qualities are reflected in the headphones equal. This refers to the passion, the clarity and authenticity. So rock music sounds like rock music, and not like pop. In addition, the cables and the remote control are included in the headphones. This ensures the very easy handling from the headset. The special feature of the cable is that it is removable and replaceable. The basses are fully reproduced. The length of the headphone cable is 1.2 meters.Thus, it is ideal that all cables gather under T-shirt or sweater. This in turn ensures that the user does not inflicts injury. I mean, fast and frantic movements do not come into contact with the headphone cord. Although the headphones are very light, yet they are very robust and resistant.That is, the BO PLAY BeoPlay H2 On Ear Headphones have no innumerable traces even after years. This is due not least to the material. This is polycarbonate. In addition, the headphones are fitted on the ear cups with lambskin and equipped with neodymium magnets. This contributes to that the ears do not get bruises. To set up the headphones always in the right position, the sides are marked. That is, L for left and R for right. In the event that the music is sometimes a bit noisy, as intended, it is possible to adjust the volume individually. The diameter of the headphones is 40 millimeters. The impedance is 27 ohms and the frequency range between 20 Hz - 22 kHz. The sensitivity is 99 dB / 1 kHz at 1 mW, just super. With all these values no request from the myriad characters remains open. All external noise well insulated. With the headphones you can also very good phone.


conclusion guy The conclusion to the BeoPlay H2 On Ear Headphones is quite clear.The headphones are ideal for everyday use. It also does not matter whether the headset is used in the digital home or on the road. Even if the purchase price is slightly higher, the investment is worthwhile in any case. No matter who wants to BO PLAY BeoPlay H2 On Ear Headphones use, it is ideal for men, women and young people suitable.All those who are to use the headphones already impressed and would recommend this. Enjoy the BeoPlay H2 On Ear Headphones.

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