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Review: Bose SoundLink On Ear Headphones


What you should know about the Bose SoundLink On Ear Headphones

In a Bose SoundLink On Ear Headphones the name alone speaks for outstanding quality. That these headphones are certainly not easy, but can also be detected immediately. Sure it is, the headset much emphasis is placed on quality Bose SoundLink On Ear. Whether the buyer has lain with his purchase decision right or rather a false purchase has been made, now can be seen in the next few paragraphs. At Bose, the name still stands for quality, so much should be clear already. The purchaser is here confronted with perfect speakers that are sure to make all claims satisfied. Even if the price of these headphones is rather high.  

The packaging of the Bose On Ear Headphones

Well first unpacking the headset. The headphones do not only come in a package that is already quite stable, but can be kept even during breaks in a perfect case. This fits perfectly. To be able to place the speakers therein, it is necessary to fold them. But that also succeeds incredibly easy and quick of hand. With these headphones genuine quality goods can be purchased, which also comes in a perfect package. It is here with the actual headphones also contain a large supply.  

The scope of delivery!

In headphones integrated is a lithium-ion battery. This is perfect and can be recharged repeatedly. This is done via a USB cable and can be made to a normal standard charger for a smartphone. The appropriate USB cable is of course included with the case. In addition, the user can also use the included phone cable to use the headset. For this, the cable must be plugged only into the corresponding slot on the speaker, and then even in the smart phone or a laptop, the stereo system or to a tablet. Everything is possible with the speaker. But this supplied cable is not too long, so the new owner should not rely too much on it.  

The functionality of the speaker!

These speakers work via Bluetooth. That's great, because thus the use of a cable only in the case of an empty battery is required. All new devices such as smartphones and recognize the headset can connect to it. This new technique is always exhilarating and also makes great joy, because there is no annoying cable because.  

The setting

The Bose SoundLink On Ear Headphones are connected with a strap. This has a great saver that is not pressing on the head. In addition, the earcups are here designed so that they are padded. Seal the ear so quite well and who withdraws to listen to music, this is can be enjoyed in peace. The music will then only affect him. The environment is not disturbed by the bass and the rich sounds certainly.  

Bose and the technology itself!

These headphones can not be said how great is the sound. Here no one will be disappointed if he expects a lot.Bose can compete with many other well-known manufacturers with these headphones quite. The headphones are of low weight and always deliver rich bass. The techno music and many other genres of music are so perfect output. Such headset can also be used as a headset for making calls. This makes everything much more fun and is also quite exciting. The settings can be made easily. This is also due to the fact that actually all pretty easy to deal with the new technology today. Simply the Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone and you can play the music sound, which is stored on it. But with the headphones is about much more than just the pure sound experience. Who would have even better, can also use the opportunity to adjust bass even more. Usually found in the Music app also an adjustment for the equalizer. This is then also quite easy to adjust.  

The battery life

The battery can be charged in any case repeatedly. But even without being charged, the user can with headphones listen up to 15 hours to his favorite music and listen to this. That's always a very good feature, because when it comes to the holidays, it can already be quite boring without music. Then it's good to know that will keep the battery for a considerable time.  

The dimensions!

The headphones have the dimensions 6.1 x 14 x 18 cm and weighing just 154 grams. Even to say that will be delivered in the color black, the headset. Everything here is perfect and that can also be said that.  


conclusion guyThose who expect a lot, is rewarded for his efforts. These headphones from Bose are everything the traveler could desire. If you want to have really good headphones, the use of money are worth, should always fall back on this. Bose has made it his mission to make people happy and can with these headphones completely reach. Who is tired of constantly resent the oppressive earplugs with a low sound quality, you should always rely on those headphones. Bose stands for quality and has been for some time. Therefore, it is also quite easy to say that the buyer will not be annoyed with his purchase certain. The buyer will be completely satisfied and wearing the headphones always with great pleasure. These are striking, but as it was intended that way. Anyone who buys such headphones, will get to know a completely different side of the music. If the battery is empty, it can be recharged repeatedly and without losing the many times of quality. Such headphones from Bose also a perfect gift to a loved one is possible. Who does not delight in a superior sound experience that he also can adjust as needed. Of music of all kinds can thus be newly discovered. The listener will feel comfortable with the sounds as if it were part of the concert, or even part of the band. So make sure that nothing more should be said, and the purchase decision clearly fails. Bose is verprechen not too much.

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