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Review: AKG Y 40 On Ear Headphones

This is a high-quality on-ear mini headphones that deliver a distinctive AKG sound. The on-ear pinna is easily taken care of by a soft cushion and thus is for long-lasting comfort. There is the universal remote control, the detachable cable and the headset is compatible with many smartphones. The soft carrying case ensures safe transportation and for storage and otherwise there is in the headphones 3D folding mechanism. To the scope of supply includes the carrying bag, the detachable audio cable and headphones. 

The specific features of the On-Ear Headphones

Buyers get the real AKG sound in a compact headset with an impressive and sleek design. There is also the pioneering functionality and comfortable wear. The headphones are suitable for those who demand the highest quality sound for music. The music is finally part of the personality. Everyone has the Y40 by AKG now. In your hand, because there is the multitasking ability and optimized sound quality in a compact headset The head higher can be their own style and the mobility urge justice. The 3D folding mechanism makes for easy transport and there is the innovative, intelligent design. The Award-winning sound is heard from the dual 40 mm speakers and for hours of listening enjoyment ensure your comfortable seat and the smartphone-compatible and universal remote control. He Y40 does not just sound like the real AKG headphones, but he sees through stylish design accents and colors also like.  

Important information on the headphones

There are the AKG sound quality from the 40 mm speakers with stylish ear cup design with passive noise isolation.For long-lasting comfort, there is a soft cushion and the on-ear earpieces are easy. Long wearing comfort offer the flexible earpieces, the quality headband and compact design. At a high-quality headphones include connectivity and user-friendliness. There is the detachable cable, which allows hands-free operation of the phone or the other favorite device. The headphones are always at hand when needed. Through the foldable design of Y40 can easily be placed and transported in the soft carrying case. Transporting works anywhere, anytime. Overall, there are powerful, high-quality on-ear headphones. The frequency range is 15 kHz to 22 z and the sensitivity is 120 dB. The input impedance is 32 ohms, the maximum input power is 100 mW and the net weight without cable is 133 grams. The cable is detachable and 1.2 meters long, and there is the jack 3.5 millimeters as the main terminal. Overall, the headphones in three attractive colors is available. From AKG there is the color accents, the design is tasteful and the color options are cool. The high quality sound is therefore also seen. Good taste can thus be underlined by the optics.  

What else to consider?

The headphones from AKG is compact and folding mechanism, it is possible that the shells are moved to one side.Following these can be folded inwards and the headband headphones can be stowed in the luggage. If the on-ear model so shrunk, it takes almost anywhere. Even the cable is convenient because it can be plugged in and wired side. The stripper is 120 centimeters long and has a remote control including microphone. Without that, the player is dug out of the pocket, the playback can be started. For example, you can use the headset as a headset to the mobile phone. The remote is supported by many loud AKG tablets and smartphones. Smoothly it should be in most Android smartphones. Who wants to risk a loss in transit, which can use the transport bag. Regarding the quality of workmanship is set to the high-quality headband, which is of course adjustable. The ear cups, however, are softly padded and flexible.The shells should be noted that they are on the ears outward. The dynamic transducers have a diameter of forty millimeters and they offer the distinctive AKG sound. The Y40 is overall a mobile miniature headset provides a surprising response. With little Superhochton over clear mids and a strong bass alternate. Music is heard with the headphones at home at work or in the subway. He also falls in the library, at the office or in transport is not particularly if an appropriate color is selected.


conclusion guyIf the package is viewed, it is of the sound specialists AKG a really good headset that will take care of a lot of attention. The design is beautiful and the colors are striking. Each outfit could wear a different headset, because there are different colors available. Regarding the flexibility can not be bitching and so di earcups can be folded and also there is the carrying case and the 1.2 meter long cable. More can probably not expect from a headset. The clients Amazon awarded not for nothing 4.4 out of 5 stars.

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