Rommelsbacher KA 2004 E Glühweinkocher

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Test report: Rommelsbacher KA 2004 E Glühweinkocher

With the Glühweinkocher the buyers will surely have a great pleasure. In the model, the application areas are very flexible. Delicious jams can be cooked and juices, vegetables and fruit can be preserved. With this device, each of its creativity can thus be free to run. The device is also very comfortable by the operation and almost all functions are self-explanatory. It is rare to look into the operating instructions. Of course, the model is best suited for serving the hot mulled wine.If a temperature is set by the buyers, this can be kept constant and reliably by the precision thermostat. Thanks to the integrated drain tap, the drinks can be poured very easily. Also suitable is the Rommelsbacher KA 2004 E Glühweinkocher for the keeping of large amounts of food. Therefore, if you have a larger society, you do not have to worry about it.  

What is to be observed with the Glühweinkocher?

The glühweinkocher was made from the robust stainless steel and this is absolutely easy to maintain. If you want to buy this model, you get a product that promises a high longevity. Included in the product is even the automatic vending with the timer. The pickling process can thus be controlled and this is absolutely automatic. The patented technology ensures that the time is running until the desired pre-cooked temperature has been reached. The juicing attachments represent yet another advantage with the Rommelsbacher KA 2004 E Glühweinkocher and these can be acquired with it. With the device, the application area can thus be expanded in just a few hand movements. The power of the device is 1800 watts, the brand is Rommelsbacher, the weight of the product is 6 kilograms and the dimensions are 39 centimeters length times 46 centimeters width times 48 centimeters height.  

The most important information

The Glühweinkocher from Rommelsbacher is a quality product from the German production. Apart from 1800 watts, the unit also offers overheating and dry-boil protection as well as the temperature controller with precision thermostat. Very popular is not only the integrated drain cock, but also the 120 minutes timer, where the vending automatic is integrated. The pot consists of the 18/10 brushed stainless steel and therefore it is very high quality.The bottom of the pot is closed and the contents are 27 liters in total. The contents are sufficient for 14 glasses with one liter each. The handles of the Glühweinkocher are heat-insulated, there is the Einostost, the cable rewind and the juicer circuit.The boiling in is also in today's not old baking. With the practical device, jams, juices, vegetables and fruit can be preserved in a comfortable and healthy way. Especially in winter, the appliance is ideal for serving hot punch or mulled wine. A set temperature can be maintained reliably and the drinks can be filled very comfortably into the cups. The Rommelsbacher KA 2004 E Glühweinkocher is also a very popular helper at events and festivals when larger quantities of food are kept warm. Made of high-quality stainless steel, the pot is very easy to maintain and robust.With the power of 1800 watts, the device is very powerful and ideally suited for all applications.  

Product characteristics

- Heat-insulating handles - With grid insert integrated cord storage - - With closed pot bottom easy cleaning - High quality pot made of brushed stainless steel  


Conclusion guyThe Rommelsbacher KA 2004 E Glühweinkocher is a true all-rounder. The buyers will certainly have a lot of fun with this device. The design of the device is robust and thus the long life is offered. It must also be noted that the Rommelsbacher KA 2004 E Glühweinkocher is available at a really attractive price. For the Glühweinkocher from the manufacturer generally an absolute purchase recommendation applies.

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