Rommelsbacher Eltac EKA 179 Glühweinkocher

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Test report: Rommelsbacher Eltac EKA 179 Glühweinkocher

Especially in the winter it is always a matter of preparing a delicious mulled wine. This Glühweinkocher is a great device, which will also be quite helpful. This allows a delicious drink to be obtained for cold days and the user will be very happy about it. This stove is great and is always quite safe. It is easy to use and also makes a lot of fun. So now the drink can be quite delicious and it will be a lot of fun to make everything good and serve guests. This stove is safe and can be seen. The stove can also prove to be very large and therefore it is not suitable for private use. 

Where does this cooker belong?

The Glühweinkocher from Rommelsbacher is great and can also be seen. The stove is easy to operate and can be perfectly maintained in a restaurant. Because if in winter the Christmas market stands, then this stove can always be there. It has a large net capacity. This includes about 27 liters and that is enormous. This means that many drinks can also be served. All guests can now benefit from this device and will also be able to look forward to it. The benefit is always very good. The stove is great and also makes a lot of fun. The user can also have everything good and it is also easy to cope with this cooker to carry it. This stove is great and everyone can have some of it. This is probably the most important at all to be able to use the device well.  

It's that easy

The cooker is delivered very simply and quickly after ordering. The user can unpack it directly. The mulled wine or even water can be poured from the top quite simply. This cooker is great and is easy to use. The cock, however, could be better placed. This can also mean that the digester can not be emptied correctly. The stove is a pleasure and it is also very easy to use. With the stove everything is better and is also well-liked. The stove is great and of course makes a safe impression. The user can then bring the mulled wine to the correct temperature. The small adjusting wheel is used. The correct temperature can now be set. This should always be well adjusted. The user should also take care that the stove is not set too hot. It is more than important to set the digester correctly. If this is not done correctly, it can happen that the alcohol simply evaporates.  

Enjoy the drink

Guests will love this stove. It can also be juiced childlike. There is a special program for this, which can be easily adjusted by the rotary control. It is always important that the lid is placed on the stove. This lid should always be tightly closed, so only animals can be kept away when the stove is used outside. This cooker is perfect and also stands safely on a beautiful table. He is able to boil to the boiling point. Therefore it can also be used for water.


Conclusion guyWith this great stove everything is better and it also makes a lot of fun to make everything good. The user can get a delicious drink and this can also be tea. The digester is a state-of-the-art device, which is also easy to operate. Now the budget and a trade are now being upgraded. He can always make good use of this good cooker and makes everything better.The user can finally get the perfect mulled wine. This will surely taste good. The stove is great and comes free of dents, so it is also recommendable.  

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