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Test report: Bartscher MultiTherm Glühweinkocher

I got a new Glühweinkocher. After a long search and a comparison I decided for the Bartscher MultiTherm Glühweinkocher. What has been said for this glühweinkocher and what experiences in the use I made with the Glühweinkocher, you can see this review.  

Purchase grounds for the Glühweinkocher

Whether for keeping warm or heating, the new Glühweinkocher should have the highest possible performance. In addition, the capacity of the new Glühweinkocher should also be correct. Due to the two factors I decided to use the Bartscher MultiTherm Glühweinkocher. Especially for this model but also other points have spoken, such as a tap, the adjustable temperatures and ultimately the weight. These reasons ultimately led me to purchase the Bartscher MultiTherm Glühweinkocher.  

Data on the Bartscher MultiTherm Glühweinkocher

Made of metal is the Bartscher MultiTherm Glühweinkocher. In the interior, it is equipped with a heating coil with a power of up to 2.0 kW. For the operation of the Glühweinkocher it is equipped with a 230 Volt connection cable. The temperature in the Glühweinkocher can be adjusted by means of a thermostat. Numerous temperature settings between 30 and max. 90 degrees are possible. The maximum capacity of the Bartscher MultiTherm Glühweinkocher is 20 liters. To drain the contents, it is equipped with a tap. On the top it is equipped with a removable cover. It comes in dimensions of 27 x 61 x 50 cm, weighing 4.8 kg. The Glühweinkocher is painted in a silver design.  

Handling of the Glühweinkocher

The handling of the Glühweinkocher is very simple, this starts with stowing and transport. Here its processing is noticeable. As already mentioned, the Glühweinkocher comes to a weight of only 4.8 kg. It is therefore very light, and is equipped with two transport handles. This makes it possible to transport the Glühweinkocher very well individually or in pairs. But even with the use itself, he can convince. The temperature can always be set as required. The setting is made via the thermostat. The tap can be used to drain the contents without much effort. The lid of the glühweinkocher can be removed, which is an advantage both when filling, but also when cleaning the glühweinkocher. Through its manufacture one gets well in the interior of the stove. The taps can be unscrewed and cleaned with just a few hands.  

Smear at the tap

I use the Bartscher MultiTherm Glühweinkocher relatively often and frequently also the tap. The tap is made of plastic and this is exactly what I see as a deficiency. The one in the use of the tap has always the impression, as this would immediately give way. Although so far nothing has happened in this direction. A more stable taps would be desirable.


Conclusion guyThe Bartscher MultiTherm Glühweinkocher is very solid. It is equipped with a heating coil and an adjustable thermostat. The thermostat can be adjusted continuously between 30 and 90 degrees. The capacity of the glühweinkocher is 20 liters. For filling, but also for the cleaning of the Glühweinkocher is equipped with a removable cover. Due to its processing it comes to a weight of 4.8 kg. It is thus very easy. For easy transport, two side-mounted carrying handles are provided with the Glühweinkocher. The Bartscher MultiTherm Glühweinkocher is equipped with a taps, made of plastic. The operation of the taps is simple. However, in connection with the taps, there is also a disadvantage, at least a felt disadvantage. Thus, the construction does not appear to be particularly stable. Overall, however, my Testurteil to the Bartscher MultiTherm Glühweinkocher very positive. In use he convinced me.

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