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Test report: Clatronic EKA 3338 Glühweinkocher

The Clatronic EKA 3338 in the video

The Clatronic EKA 3338 Glühweinkocher is, in the actual sense, a vending machine which, however, can also be used for cooking mulled wine. A drain cock ensures that the mulled wine can be easily removed after heating without lifting the lid.  

Large volume and constant temperature

The Clatronic EKA 3338 Glühweinkocher can hold 25 liters, which consists of scratch-resistant enamel. The boiler is heated by concealed heating elements in the pot bottom. The heating elements are also stainless steel, which also transfer the heat directly, whereby the temperature can be adjusted continuously between 30 and 100 degrees. In addition, there is an overheat protection and a control light, which simplifies operation. These are the specifications of the manufacturer, which always sound very good. But only with a consumer test can it be proved whether the Clatronic EKA 3338 Glühweinkocher also keeps what the manufacturers promise. This is not a pure glühweinkocher, but an automat to boil in, thus to heat preserving jars and their contents. This must be done slowly and carefully, since the content is otherwise no longer edible. Since mulled wine is also to be heated only at low temperature, the one-pot is also suitable for mulled wine. In addition, the Clatronic EKA 3338 Glühweinkocher can still be easily transported because there are two plastic handles, which are also heat-insulated. So it is all about the cold season to go really well or just to make your own preserves. The Clatronic EKA 3338 Glühweinkocher is also ideally suited for this, as more and more people like to cook fresh fruits and vegetables themselves.  

The majority was very satisfied

It should be noted, that the Clatronic EKA 3338 Glühweinkocher was used rather for boiling. Of course it was cooked also mulled wine and other delicious hot drinks, but there was then but one or the other negative aspect. Unfortunately, in some testers, the enamelled coating broke loose after a few days, which was then more than annoying. For this reason, the Clatronic EKA 3338 Glühweinkocher was simply a disposable article, since the danger of a short circuit existed. This is because under the coated floor also the heating spirals sit and no one knew whether the soil could still hold the liquid. A few also complained that the cable with mains plug was too short. At the power changed nothing, because here simply another socket had to be searched, or an extension cable to be used.  

The Clatronic EKA 3338 Glühweinkocher predominantly positive

Of course, it also applies to the application area, whereby there are also limits. However, some have criticized the wrong temperature, which was still measured by hand. Thus a temperature of 80 degrees was set, but already at 70 degrees switched off the device. This was not a single case, as was the removal of the email. Of course, the cookers were changed, but it was received very negatively. And some testers then rather bought another product. But the majority was more than satisfied, especially since different types of punch could be simply warmed. In addition, the punch stayed warm for a long time, without which this settled on the ground. This is also the big advantage because the Clatronic EKA 3338 Glühweinkocher can be cleaned easily and quickly.Was highlighted then also the price, is then rather rather favorable. In addition, the Clatronic EKA 3338 Glühweinkocher can be used for more than just mulled wine. Even apple juice was made into beer. As an all-rounder, which unfortunately has some weaknesses. At a tester, the Clatronic EKA 3338 glow-weed-cooker with a loud bang, as also the enamel had detached from the ground.  

Cheap and good luck

That's how the testers put it, because the one or the other tester did not have this luck. Here the coating dissolved on the ground. Thus, the Clatronic EKA 3338 Glühweinkocher was no longer usable. Perhaps the manufacturer should still react and improve this. The majority, however, had luck and the device kept what the manufacturer promised. Thus the Clatronic EKA 3338 Glühweinkocher can also be used for other, especially if someone wants to cook glasses. Because of course this is also the case where mulled wine or punch is drunk to the cold season. On top of that there is a large capacity, which can lead to a larger society. In addition, the majority was satisfied, especially regarding the performance and holding of temperature. Also kann der Clatronic EKA 3338 Glühweinkocher mit ruhigem Gewissen empfohlen werden, wobei dann zu hoffen ist, das dieser dann funktioniert. Allerdings hat dies bei der Mehrheit funktioniert und daher ist der Test durchaus positiv.  


Conclusion guy

Mixed purchase recommendation

It is precisely because of these individual cases that no unlimited purchase recommendation can be given. Of course, it can be a little error in the production process. However, this is annoying, but the exchange was not a problem. The second device then worked without problems, which in turn is positive. This leaves the decision here to the buyer, but the Clatronic EKA 3338 Glühweinkocher keeps what the manufacturer promises. Especially the simple cleaning was more than positive. Especially when then punch or mulled wine was kept warm for a long time. This went just as well as after cleaning. So the coating is just for this very good, because it adhered nothing.This was not a problem with other uses, such as keeping a soup in it. The Clatronic EKA 3338 Glühweinkocher can keep more than just boiling in and mulled wine.

Convenient and convenient

This was the majority testimony of the testers, because they had so some ideas for the use. Even beer was brewing in it, which should be so much to look forward to. However, the short cable was then a small vermouth drop, but here all the testers could help themselves in their way. This makes the purchase worthwhile, even if the Clatronic EKA 3338 Glühweinkocher small errors can exhibit. The conclusion: The majority of the testers was more than satisfied with the Einocher.

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