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Test report: Nexttec XXL Glühweinkocher

The Nexttec XXL Glühweinkocher cooks mulled wine, tea and jam

Enjoy delicious mulled wine from home? With the Nexttec XXL Glühweinkocher this is very easy. Thanks to a large capacity and a great elaboration, every glow-weir can succeed in the shortest time in the own four walls for atmospheric winter mood. Glühwein can be conjured with the Nexttec XXL Glühweinkocher in a few moments and thus warm the hearts of many friends and acquaintances. The mulled wine is simply filled into the container, the desired temperature is adjusted, maintained and subsequently drunk. As simple as with the Nexttec XXL Glühweinkocher was the heating of mulled wine and many other hot drinks never.  

Finally the mulled wine can be enjoyed without problems

Gone are the days of cooking pot or water cooker as well as other improvised heating methods to get the mulled wine to an appealing temperature. With the Nexttec XXL Glühweinkocher the popular Christmas market drink can now be drunk at home. If you want to celebrate your own winter après ski party or an alternative to the overpriced prices of some markets, the nexttec XXL Glühweinkocher will be happy. Here a successful, noble design meets a perfect and high-quality workmanship, which rarely exists in this version a second time. This makes the Nexttec XXL Glühweinkocher a very special representative of its kind. The Nexttec XXL Glühweinkocherk can not only heat or cook mulled wine, it also has some surprising extras that no one would have expected from this compact all-rounder.  

A graceful appearance

At first glance, the Nexttec XXL Glühweinkocher looks very graceful. This is due not least to its convincing and shiny stainless steel optics. The operation of the device is not very complex. An on / off switch as well as a warming control and a heating lamp and a thermostat control are attached to the outside of the glow-grained wine-glass and are almost self-explanatory. The orange light is used to keep beverages warm as soon as the red light is activated Content. This makes it possible to see at a glance what the stove is doing.  

Easy to use

The adjustable temperature ranges from 40 ° CC to 100 ° C and also offers a practical overheat protection, since safety is finally the key. In addition to all these amenities, there is another bonus at the front of the Nexttec XXL Glühweinkochers. A small, black dispensing tap, also robustly manufactured, allows precise filling of cups and cups.Without a drop next to it, can be filled with this taps every cup to the edge, quite individually. Especially at parties or in larger rounds, this solution allows a practical and fast self-service.  

The practical taps

Now the mulled wine does not have to be skimmed anymore, because the tap empties the liquid contents directly into the cup. There is no better solution for the real glowweed. The taps perfectly bring the feeling of winter mood.Inside the Nexttec XXL Glühweinkochern the mulled wine remains constantly warm and no heat can escape. With the tap you can finally get the best out of the digester, without the temperature inside would change. This clever possibility makes the Nexttec XXL Glühweinkocher an absolutely suitable container for mulled wine or other hot beverages. If you want, the function of the taps can also be tried with tea or coffee.  

Easy to transport

When empty, the weight of the cooker is just 2 kilos. This allows the unit to be transported easily from A to B. At a voltage of 220-240V ~ 50Hz the stove provides an acceptable power consumption. As a result, the Nexttec XXL Glühweinkocher delivers a power of 950 watts. This allows a fast and strong heating of the contents. The reliable workflow makes the cooker an indispensable tool in the heating of hot drinks. To ensure that no heat can escape from the cooker, the lid can be closed with practical plastic handles. A filling level display with a scale for the individual cups always offers the perfect overview when preparing the glowing wine. This way you can see how much content inside the Nexttec XXL Glühweinkochern waits for the consumer.  

Reliable performance

The SGS test has thoroughly examined the product and has rated it as absolutely safe. This special seal of approval, however, does not get all the products, which is why the Nexttec XXL Glühweinkocher also scores home in this area. But even when the winter is over, the stove makes great hot drinks. Besides the heating of tea and coffee, he offers a different function. Because the Nexttec XXL Glühweinkocher can be used to cook jam or fruits and vegetables in glasses. Unbelievable but true, the stove offers two different functions, which turn it into an operational product all year round. A comprehensive guide in German, the Nexttec XXL Glühweinkocher is included. Thus, questions and problems surrounding the product are solved even more quickly. With the Nexttec XXL Glühweinkocher the mulled wine can be prepared without any problem. The use of alternative methods has no longer been possible thanks to the Nexttec XXL Glühweinkinkochers.  

Operated all year round

For a clean kitchen, the Nexttec glow-pastry cooker provides the best result. Whether for the winter or the summer, the Nexttec XXL Glühweinkocher convinces in principle every season. In winter, he delivers hot mulled wine and in the summer months at the campsite he lets out the hot coffee or tea. In the fall, the jam of jam becomes a children's game. As a result, the stove is used all year round. Even visually, the device does not feel strange, but immediately finds its place in the kitchen. This is due to the optimal quality of the device. Hardly any other cooker can convince in this version at this level and also offers as many numerous extras as the Nexttec XXL Glühweinkocher creates.  


Conclusion guy

The Nexttec XXL Glühweinkocher convinces

For the preparation of mulled wine or tea and the subsequent warming function, there is currently hardly a better device than the Nexttec XXL Glühweinkocher. The operation of the device is absolutely simple.Thermostat and control lights as well as a tap are located on the housing of the product. Also the preservation of jam or vegetables works with the Nexttec XXL Glühweinkocher without problems. The powerful performance of 950 watts and the high-quality appearance convince in every respect.  

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