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Test report: Efbe-Schott SC GW 900 Glühweinkocher

Perfect for the cold season

As soon as the cold season approaches, man is seeking a suitable solution to warm himself. If a thick sweater or gloves are not enough, you can make yourself comfortable with a cup of mulled wine in front of the TV. But up to now, it was quite difficult to heat the mulled wine, but the one or the other cooking pot often had to suffer from the preparation and pouring out was often a relatively sticky matter. In order to capture the atmosphere of the Christmas market at home, this is why a special cooker is used to ensure that the mulled wine can be precisely heated. The mulled wine can provide delicious and hot palate delights long before Christmas and also long after Christmas in order to warm the body out from the inside.  

For the preparation of mulled wine or tea and coffee

The mulled wine is one of the most popular drinks for the cold season. Whether with or without an alcohol, the mulled wine makes many people warm around the heart. With the use of the Efbe Schott SC GW 900 Gühweinkochers, the preparation of mulled wine is now also at home. Few handles are required and the device is already ready and the tasty mulled wine is ready for filling. Now it is high the cups, because the device donated a warm load mulled wine after the next. But what are the characteristics of the Efbe Schott SC GW 900 Gühweinkocher and where are the special strengths of the device?  

These are the strengths of the Efbe Schott SC GW 900 Gühweinkochers

Already in the presentation, the Efbe Schott SC GW 900 Gühweinkocher impresses with a high-quality and robust appearance. The Efbe Schott SC GW 900 Gühweinkocher makes a solid first impression in a smart red color (matching the mulled wine) and decorated with the necessary stainless steel elements. A lid and a closing mechanism ensure that the mulled wine is heated but stays inside the cooker. A practical twist at the front of the product allows the user to choose the right temperature. For lukewarm mulled wine, the temperature can be increased from initially 30 ° C to crisp and boiling 110 ° C and regulated. This special feature ensures even more individuality in the overall performance and clearly distinguishes the Efbe Schott SC GW 900 Gühweinkocher from other devices from this price class.  

6.8 liters capacity

The large pot of the cooker has 6.8 liters of capacity. This means that whole families can be supplied with sufficient mulled wine charges. Here, no one will be thirsty, because the Efbe Schott SC GW 900 Gühweinkocher is quickly ready for use and can be cleaned easily. A device of this kind could not function more simply than the operation of the Efbe Schott SC GW 900 Gühweinchocher. Two sensible lamps on the outside, always show whether the contents in the digester are heated up (red) or only kept warm (yellow). The yellow light is labeled "Keep Warm", the red is labeled "Heating". Directly beside it is the self-explanatory on and off switch of the Efbe Schott SC GW 900 Gühweinkochers. A push of a button is sufficient and the device is activated. The liquid content adapts to the pre-defined temperature of the thermostat in a short time.  

Quick heating

A concealed stainless steel heating element ensures that the heating of liquids takes place in the shortest possible time. No matter whether you want to heat or boil, the Efbe Schott SC GW 900 Gühweinkocher offers the ideal property for every occasion. Of course, the mulled wine lover does not have to dispense with alternatives in the selection of drinks with the use of the Efbe Schott SC GW 900 Gühweininkocher. On the contrary, many other varieties of the liquid palate are suitable for filling into the Efbe Schott SC GW 900 Gühweinkocher. This allows the tea to be heated, heated or cooked with the help of the cooker. For nighting out the coffee is recommended. Water can also boil up with the stove without any problem. This means that the Efbe Schott SC GW 900 Gühweinkocher is full of additional functions, which however clearly differ from a conventional water cooker.  

The alternative to the water cooker

Whoever has already filled mulled wine in a water cooker, in the belief that it can quickly heat it, knows only the fastest mulled wine cooks come off with a healed skin. For a few seconds, the mulled wine is not bubbling out of the water cooker and provides a fruity adventure on the kitchen floor, which can not disappear even days after the experience. To ensure that this situation remains unique, the functions of the Efbe Schott SC GW 900 Gühwein boiler should be set directly. Unlike traditional commercial water heaters, the manufacturer has equipped the cooker for mulled wine with a practical lid and thus protects the dangerous load inside the oven from over-boiling.  

Safe and robust

A second effect is the Efbe Schott SC GW 900 Gühweinkocher. For the function of the lid, however simple it may appear, prevents the escape of water vapor. It plays an important role in the heating of mulled wine. If mulled wine is heated in an open pot on the stove, not too much water vapor escapes and with it the alcohol as a constituent of the annealing wine. In addition, the boundary between heating and boiling is relatively thin, so that the solution with the cooking pot is not recommended for copying. With the Efbe Schott SC GW 900 Gühweine, on the other hand, such and similar phenomena are a thing of the past.  


Conclusion guy

The Glühweinkocher convinces

The water cooker and the cooking pot are not a successful solution, especially when preparing mulled wine. The Efbe Schott SC GW 900 Gühweinkocher differs from this. The cooker provides a safe lid, an on / off switch, a heating and heating function as well as a perfect regulation of the thermostat, which allows a temperature of 30 - 110 ° C. With this cooker, many other liquid beverages can also be heated. Here the creativity of the user is almost no limit.

The advantages

The Glühweinkocher knows its advantages and offers it in perfect execution to the customer. Hardly any other device can convince at this level as first-class as the Efbe Schott SC GW 900 Gühweinkocher. An overheat protection also ensures that the Efbe Schott SC GW 900 pastry cooker does not become too hot, and the safety lock also provides protection for the cooker cover. With a sturdy 950 watts the cooker delivers everything it needs for the preparation of delicious mulled wine.

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