SocBlue A810 in test

Two listeners for number 1 and 2: In SocBlue A810 test operation and SIM card change fall slightly. (Screenshot lower häfte the phone screen

The SocBlue A810 is a Bluetooth Dual SIM adapter for Android phones (Android 2.0) and iPhones (iOS 5). We have him in the Test scrutinized. From installation to handle everyday to features and battery life. As with all adapters of this type can be its main SIM card as usual inserted in the smartphone. One or two additional SIM card you put into the SocBlue. These are Bluetoothused compound to call, texting or surfing. The fact that the card is not inserted in the actual device, this is not noticeable in practice. So you can use the SIM card via Bluetooth, you have a special though initiallySocBlue app install. This communicates with the adapter and couples therein (n) SIM card (s) with the smartphone. Buy online from  
SocBlue A810 colors

The SocBlue A810 is in white / gray and white / purple available.

Overview test result SocBlue A810

    • In the test, we were able to excellent access with our smartphone to the paper loaded in the Bluetooth adapter SIM card and use it without any problems for the phone calls.
    • The SocBlue adapter has its own GSM module, which provides a second mobile line for inserted SIM card. Thus, for example via the Smartphone 2 phone calls to 2 SIM cards simultaneously. This is even an advantage over  dual SIM phones - because usually possess only one module.
Very flat: SocBlue A810 Adapter

Very flat: The adapter can be stored well.

  • Very compact design with low weight
  • No tinkering required to the SIM card or the SIM slot on your smartphone
  • Material quality and workmanship are solid mediocrity
  • The USB charging port is compatible with the (wide) Apple USB port - not for Apple Lightning.
  • The installation is described very fully in the User Manual. We added missing information here in the test report.
  • The Android SocBlue App is not officially available in the Google Play Store, but only via a download link from the manufacturer
  • With an iPhone, you can only load and use the SocBlue app if you previously makes a jailbreak

Delivery and unboxing

Accessories included with the adapter SocBlue

Pin for the SIM tray and USB charging cable are included.

The SocBlue A810 comes in a small, compact box. This includes a plastic tray with the eigentlichem adapter. In addition, the printed user, a USB charging cable and a SIM tray opener, as we know from iPhones. First impression Quality and workmanship of the entire scope of delivery is valuable and trustworthy. The user for example is printed continuously on glossy, colored and explained with various screenshots installing and using the A810. However, the instructions do not in German, but English (and Chinese) is available. Who some ate well understands and ever Apps installed, but is expected to cope. design The case is quite elegantly. Its design is strongly reminiscent of a large Californian manufacturer. The model is available in several colors, as in blue or pink. But that is the only variation. Always the same, the two SIM card slots, the USB power connection are (for the built-in battery) and the on / off switch. connections Not only the shape is reminiscent of the brand with the apple logo. Also, the USB port has the Apple iPhone 4 and iPad 2 known, wide connector format. A quick test showed: The connectors are fully compatible. You can load about the iPad charger to SocBlue including. Much more important than the power connection are of course - the slots for the SIM card.

Cell + 2 SIM slots = Triple SIM possible

The SocBlue dual SIM adapter can accommodate 2 full-size SIM cards . In the test, we examined both slots with Micro-SIMs in a corresponding micro-SIM adapter. This has also seamlessly function ore. Because 2 slots are available, you can operate his mobile phone with up to 3 SIM cards: These can be his (important) SIM card easily in the phone itself and observed one or 2 additional SIM card into the adapter. By SocBlue we could use 3 SIM cards with the same phone in this way. The operation works both when one is only one of the adapter-SIM card slots, as well as when both occupied.

Installation and Bluetooth pairing

Insert SIM Card

Tray for SocBlue SIM Slot

The SocBlue has left and right each have a SIM slot. To open the tray pin is required.

The loading procedure is similar to the iPhone over a so-called SIM tray. With an enclosed SIM Tray -Öffner you pricks to in an opening next to each SIM card slot, then the SIM card tray pops out. Yet completely pull out now, push the SIM card and SIM tray along with SIM card back into the dual SIM slide adapter until it clicks. We have the dual SIM adapter Test tried both with a SIM in the adapter and 2 SIM cards in the adapter, so that we could access the test mobile phone total on 2 or 3 on a total of SIM cards.

Download and start

After everything has been unpacked, the SocBlue adapter is first time via the included cable loaded. On the back of the adapter is a transparentphone icon with background lighting, which uses color ( white, blue, red ) indicates the charging process and later as also signals the shutdown of the adapter.

To install

SocBlue Test call

Incoming calls can take quite intuitive.

In order for the Smartphone contacting the dual SIM adapter via Bluetooth and control First you have on your smartphone download SocBlue software and install. There is a hurdle, because the SocBlue software is available either in the official Google Play Store yet in the official Apple App Store. To install the app SocBlue anyway, so a detour is necessary.
  • If Android is quite simple: you simply set under "Settings" "accept from other stores Apps" the check in.Then you can download the software under
  • When iPhone is much more difficult. For this you have to first install the Cydia app store, where the app is available for download. The Cydia App Store you can turn only install if one makes a jailbreak. How to do that and which one it received "risk", we have put together for you on the general overview page for Bluetooth Dual SIM adapter.

Problems while pairing

As long as one has the Bluetooth Dual SIM adapter is not connected, the selection menu is initially empty.In our dual SIM adapter Test the remained first and only this way: Although the adapter is fully charged and activated, could not find it via Bluetooth mobile phone. The Solution: The paper loaded in the adapter SIM card may no PIN query request, otherwise the adapter can not access them. So the SIM card just inserted into another phone, PIN query disabled back into the SocBlue adapter. Immediately afterwards appeared "SocBlue" in the Bluetooth devices list, could be coupled easily and both SIM cards were connected to the phone. Annoyingly mentioned the user neither the problem nor the solution.

Practice Test SocBlue A810

Access to the SIM card

SocBlue adapter SMS

Also messages are no problem.

Once the app is started SocBlue that is automatically first call function is opened. Here you have a keypad in front of him, as we know it from the keypad of his iPhones and Android Phones. The recent calls (both incoming, outgoing and rejected and vain built) are aufgefüht as a list. Because this function is called, this area also "CallLog". Additionally, one can in the app into the " SMS " or "Contacts" switch to display contacts. Again, the functions and screens the SMS functions or contact functions, as one is accustomed of smartphones accordingly.
  • Practical: All functions can be selected by the two loudspeakers icons, if you can perform the task with SIM1 or SIM2. The reaction has always worked smoothly and quickly in the adapter test. The English user interface is not a problem since they are as a criteria in the smartphone world already largely familiar.
  • Impractical: The app SocBlue some difficulties, the name assigned to the correct pictures. Crucially, however, that the phone numbers of the contacts are correct.

Calls and SMS

If you want to build a conversation on a SIM card in the adapter, you type in the SocBlue app in the phone number and selects the SIM card under the keypad on. An occupied SIM slot lights up green, otherwise it is gray. Analogously, the process for SMS.
  • Advantage: The desired SIM card is selected immediately, without having to switch to a separate menu.All features are as they are known by the phone dial the operating system of its phones. So you do not think different, but does everything as usual.
  • Disadvantage : The SIM cards do not identify themselves or differentiate by various ringtones. So you have to remember which SIM card is behind "SIM1" or "SIM2". As one, the two SIM cards on the other hand rarely changes, it is not a major drawback.
SocBlue settings

In the test score that many settings.


About a pretty little "adjustment gear can" icon on the left bottom of the screen now first make various settings. Important: The paper loaded in the mobile phone SIM card is controlled as usual via the mobile phone. The SocBlue App accesses only the two SIM cards that are inserted in the dual SIM adapter.

Mobile Internet

For mobile Internet, the adapter is not really suitable because it does not support high-speed data transfer standard. Only data connections to 2G standard (before UMTS) are possible on proceedings in the adapter SIM cards, and it even a root access is still required. This effort can save rather for little benefit. As a user you should instead just surf on the inserted in the smartphone itself SIM card, email, etc.

Battery life

The battery life has held a full day on average in our test adapter. An acceptable value, come to our test smartphones. So we have recharged smartphone and adapter generally parallel.

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