HTC dual SIM phones are a permanent program of the Taiwanese manufacturer. HTC is one of the top 10 handset manufacturers worldwide - depending on the year and counting, he even belongs in the Top 3. The product range is now quite manageable. The brand would rather score with individual very interesting models, instead of offering as many products. And indeed it has been a long time No. 1 on the dual-SIM phones in the test location. Here the overview and information on the models.

HTC dual SIM models at a glance

HTC Desire 816G


The HTC Desire 816G is launched end of January as a successor to the Desire 816 in Germany. With very large screen (5.5 inches) and two front speakers, it is an interesting option for multimedia fans.  "
HTC One M9 dual SIM?


Exactly on March 1, 2015 HTC has introduced the HTC One M9. The successor to the HTC One M8 Dual-SIM is expected in March have its launch. A variant for 2 SIM cards may soon follow in the trade. Previously, there had been speculation about the name: Even the code name Hima was between by talking.  "
HTC One E8 dual


The HTC One E8 is dual optically and technically minimal "stripped down" HTC One M8 dual (Test). Therefore, to get it there, where it is officially marketed, also for a lower price. The Smarphone was originally offered only in Taiwan, but is now a single-SIM version also available in Germany.  "
HTC Desire 620 - with or without LTE


The HTC Desire 620 may sound very promising: Because the successor of the 610 combined in version 620U Dual SIM with LTE - the variant 620h contrast provides only UMTS. This was reported by Chinese But what the anticipation brakes: The model has been recently submitted only in Taiwan at the local registration authority and now certified.  "
HTC One M8 Dual SIM


In HTC One M8 Dual test we best take the currently equipped HTC smartphone for 2 SIM cards under the microscope. As reflected in comparison with the regular HTC flagship M8 and M9? And what are the differences between the models? Find out now in our detailed review.  "

HTC mobile phones: own style, but currently little choice

Until a few years ago was selection of HTC smartphones for 2 SIM cards in comparison to other manufacturers quite large . However, with the current limited range also declined. Ironically, the current flagship One M9 is so far not offered with 2 SIM slots. Also annoying: The advertising business in Germany will usually take very limited. Undoubtedly HTC mobile phones are among the most popular in the world. This is not surprising. The performance is excellent in the high-end models. In addition, the latest devices are very comfortable to hold. The display quality of the display is a real plus. Whether with or without LTE: A HTC contract mobile phones is always worth considering. However, HTC has its entire mobile phone range is a rather small player. The selection is relatively low. This applies even more so for the dual SIM technology. Only a few are in Germany HTC phones available for 2 SIMs. And internationally, there are few models. The previous flagship - the HTC One M8 - was still available with dual SIM slot. But his successor One M9, there is only a single SIM slot. Whether we find the right terminal for its own needs, strongly depends on the exact needs. Other mobile providers have far more bandwidth.Find an overview of current dual-SIM models of the brand. Compare for yourself the different offers of the dealer, which we have compiled for you.

HTC One M8 Dual SIM: The latest flagship with 2 SIM slots

The technical principle identical dual-SIM version of the One M8 has with its report directly to the top of the best smartphones set with two SIM slots.Facilities include LTE to 150 Mbit / s, unibody aluminum design, 5.0 "Full HD display and stereo BoomSound are high end. Also important: very good cameras, Android 4.4. and two nano SIM courts. The only drawback to the regular model: the M8 dual SIM does not support all German LTE frequencies. Meanwhile, the device is commercially almost impossible to find, mostly as a second phone . More in HTC One M8 test .

Typical features HTC

Although all HTC dual sim mobile phones are different - a few similarities, most models yet. Here we list you some of our view of the interesting points.
  • Android OS: The operating system makes it easy to use all the features of your smartphone in no time - easy to use, clear and fast.
  • Up to date: The Blink Feed function of some HTC phones is an informative pleasure: allows you to quickly put together a news stream itself, tailored to your needs.

Mobile Internet

Many phones from HTC are using the technology LTE equipped. This means you can use extremely fast full advantage of the Internet itself.Especially practical is the example for streaming movies. Assuming the right plan for you go mobile high-speed pleasure. The best think about it when you buy your new HTC Dual SIM Phone with no contract.


It offers excellent facilities with strong light lens and megapixel resolution, even photography falls at an HTC phone is usually very light. Most brand models are equipped with ordinary or very good cameras - both on the front and on the back. So you can go take pictures without leading additionally a separate camera with them on both sides. HTC experimented here frequently with new releases. So for example, the One M8 had a dual lens. Through them, the picture could still focus on different depths after recording. The camera resolution has been recalculated: Reduced megapixel there was now Ultra pixels. The M9 uses this technique now but only in the front camera. And the photo editing is quite convenient. Many features help you to edit images to your taste and optimize.

HTC phablets without dual SIM

Phablets combine the capabilities of a powerful smartphone with an extra large display. The result is a phablet. So compact that it fits into your pocket. But the display is significantly larger than a "normal" HTC model without a contract. Whether surfing, work, read, watch movies or play: the large display makes it more comfortable. Did you know where the name comes from? "Phablet" is a so-called portmanteau. It consists of two well-known concepts together: the "Ph" comes from "Phone", the "ablet" of "Tablet PC". So the name is program. Today more and more fans access cheaper smartphones equal to phablet with screen sizes 5-7 inches. But at HTC are found currently no dual SIM devices in this size. If it changes, can be found above the latest information and detailed diagrams for each model.

Buy HTC smartphones low without contract

We ourselves do not sell HTC phones, but provide for Online Quotes together, so compare prices quickly and can buy the desired HTC models low. What arrangements exactly to apply, refer to the online store of the respective provider. We try - except where we specify otherwise - to show you the range in which the mobile phones are available both without a contract and without SIM lock. But as I said: All details of every phone, see the relevant provider.

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