Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos Gold
  • Android 5.0.2
  • 5.1 inch inch display, 2560 x 1440 pixels
  • Exynos octa-core Exynos 7 Octa 7420 processor
  • Online from € 369.99
The time has come: we have the Samsung Galaxy S6 duo in the test . None 2 weeks after starting normal flagship dual-SIM variant is now available already via independent dealers in Germany. Much faster than it was the predecessor of the case. Who would not look through the complete test report with pictures, for the conclusion previously in brief: The device sets new standards . Not only as a dual SIM model, but also for "normal" smartphones. Mobile fans looking for a superphone for 2 SIM cards should access clearly here.

Picture gallery S6 Duos

The new reference model for dual SIM phones

With the Galaxy S6 Duos an excellently equipped dual SIM superphone comes on the market.It differs in Funkltion, quality and handling almost not of the single-SIM variant that is available worldwide since April 10th. The main (and almost also single) Differences exist in the use and control of a second SIM card in the phone. The additionally required for operation is very understandable integrated 5.0 operating system in the latest Android. Both as menu items as well as when dialing or sending an SMS. Update: As with its predecessor S5 Samsung has again nachgeschoben a second version also the S6 Duos: The model number SM-G920FD is newer than the version SM-G9200. The difference: Unlike the first version of the SM-G920FD all LTE supports frequencies in Germany - and the 800 MHz band, which was missing the G9200. Currently, the "regular" S6 is celebrated worldwide in countless magazines and forums is the best in smartphone ever. What we can say: The Dual-SIM variant is clearly the best dual SIM phone , that we have ever tested. Since there is already the new top model countless detailed reviews, you will find also an overall assessment, especially information on the specifics of the "duo" model. What does the successor to the S5 Duos exactly? As the duo version behaves as compared to the normal S6? We have different versions of the Samsung top model accurately viewed and compared for you.

Screenshots: Dual-SIM Control

Uploaded: Samsung Galaxy S6 dual SIM mobile InternetUploaded: Samsung Galaxy S6 dual SIM mobile Internet
Uploaded: Samsung Galaxy S6 duo-LTEUploaded: Samsung Galaxy S6 duo-LTE
Uploaded: Samsung Galaxy S6 duo settings1Uploaded: Samsung Galaxy S6 duo settings1
Uploaded: Samsung Galaxy S6 duo call preselectionUploaded: Samsung Galaxy S6 duo call preselection
Uploaded: Samsung Galaxy S6 duo SIM selectionUploaded: Samsung Galaxy S6 duo SIM selection
Uploaded: Samsung Galaxy S6 duo settingsUploaded: Samsung Galaxy S6 duo settings
Uploaded: dual SIM language-default-ChineseUploaded: dual SIM language-default-Chinese
Uploaded: Samsung Galaxy S6 dual SIM knockUploaded: Samsung Galaxy S6 dual SIM knock
Uploaded: Samsung Galaxy S6 dual sim activeUploaded: Samsung Galaxy S6 dual sim active
Uploaded: Samsung Galaxy-SM-G9200-AndroidUploaded: Samsung Galaxy-SM-G9200-Android
Uploaded: Samsung Galaxy S6 dual SIM mobile InternetUploaded: Samsung Galaxy S6 dual SIM mobile Internet
Uploaded: Samsung Galaxy S6 duo-LTEUploaded: Samsung Galaxy S6 duo-LTE

New test winner: specifications as the Galaxy S6 Single SIM

Technically, S6 and S6 Duos almost identical - in the test we noticed almost no difference on. Background: In markets such as China / Hong Kong, there is the latest flagship Generation exclusively with 2 SIM cards. Accordingly, the dual-version must offer all high-end features that also characterize the single-variant. All essential values, including the ultra-sharp Quad HD display, fingerprint sensor, voice control, etc. are therefore identical. When unboxing of the Hong Kong version also noticed that Samsung even used the outer carton of the "normal" variant - no wonder that there are on the market there any single-SIM variant. As housing only being used the way "flat" flagship. The bent S6 Edge there is not a second SIM slot. For a quick overview, we have created the essential specifications here for comparison in table form.

Galaxy S6 Comparison

Galaxy S6 Galaxy S6 Edge Galaxy S6 Duos
model number SM-G920F SM-G925F SM-G9200
display 5.1 inch QHD (2560 x 1440)
OS Android 5.0.2 Lollipop
Camera resolution back 16 megapixel
Camera resolution forward 5 megapixel
random access memory 3 GB RAM
Internal memory 32/64 / 128GB 32/64 / 128GB 32/64 GB
Processor (CPU) Exynos 7, OctaCore (4x 2.1 GHz + 4x 1.5 GHz)
Graphics chip (GPU) Mali-T760
SIM cards 1x Nano SIM 1x Nano SIM 2x Nano SIM
LTE (MHz) bold = LTE frequencies in Germany SIM1 700/ 800 /850/900/ 1800 /1900/2100/ 2600 SIM 1 or 2: 700/900/ 1800 /2100/ 2600
UMTS (MHz) SIM1 850/900/1900/2100 SIM 1 or 2: 850/900/1900/2100
GSM (MHz) SIM1 850/900/1800/1900 SIM 1 and 2: 850/900/1800/1900
connection WiFi, Micro USB, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC
battery capacity 2550 mAH
Online Price € 388.90 € 442.89 € 369.99
Check rates for: S6 without contract S6 Edge without contract S6 Duos Price Check
Price with Contract eg € 388.90 -
Check rates for: S6 with Contract S6 Edge with Contract -

available Colours

What color options are available, depending on the sales region. In China you can the Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos online: Dazzling platinum, White Pearl (we tested), Black Sapphire and an iridescent turquoise. This means that all colors are available as in Germany for the "regular" model. In Russia offers Samsung all models but only in these three mentioned color versions. If you want to import directly from abroad, should take into account the. Free traders facilitate the purchase, but do not necessarily have all the color versions to choose from.


With the 5.1-inch SuperAMOLED Quad HD screen Samsung sets new standards and achieved in the test report a new top mark in the display rating. The dimensions are not equal. On the contrary: While the display - like its predecessor - measures 5.1 inches, the smartphone dimensions have actually declined. The successor to the S5 has become so compact. Thus, the trend is for ever larger XL-phone seems to a halt. Even the One M9 HTC remains in terms of dimensions at the level of the M8.
  • The improvements are in contrast screen itself. For the same area brings to the now much more pixels. While the S5 already very good Full HD with 1920 x 1080 pixels shows, trumps the S6 (as Edge) with a Quad HD display at 2560 x 1440 pixels light up to the bet. This provides the test an image Skerry, acting as printed. Individual pixels can not be distinguished with the best intentions. The pixel density is approximately twice as high as the limit at which you can still see in some pixels stages: "Ultra Sharp" concludes the computer screen.
  • The luminosity is tremendous. The brightness is particularly surprising because it is a Super AMOLED screen. These have traditionally actually the problem, not quite as bright to shine like other top panels. But this is no longer an issue for the new flagship. On the contrary, even in sunlight, the smartphone was well read and had no relevant weaknesses.

Performance: Processor and Memory

S6 duo processor

Top value in Antutu Speed Test: The S6 duo comes up trumps with impressive performance.

It makes honest words fun when you during a performance test does not feel to torment his smartphone, but can be impressed simply times. And in the test there were no weaknesses in the hardware speed. Even 3D animations as the app "Antutu" used about, ran quickly and smoothly.Clearly, this new duo flagship of Samsung shows what is possible to date in terms of power. Clear Best Buy for those who also want to tease out from their phone the last bit of speed because they like to use various resource demanding applications or games.
  • Processor: OctaCore processor (Exynos 7420)
  • RAM: 3 GB RAM
  • Internal memory: Officially 32 GB and 64 GB are available. A 128GB version is not yet surfaced
  • External Memory: The MicroSD slot is eliminated in the Galaxy S6.
  • Cameras: 16 megapixels, 4K video, optical image stabilizer (back); 5 megapixel (front)
  • Mobile Internet: LTE (frequencies above in the table)
  • Camera: 16 megapixels, 4K video, optical image stabilizer
  • Other: fingerprint scanner, NFC support
  • Here as: Galaxy S6 Duos Manual (English) Download PDF

Dual-SIM Control

The two SIM cards can basically each use as usual. The controller which SIM is used for what purpose is, very clearly integrated into the Android "Settings" menu. Basically, both numbers are available for all functions.
  • Phone calls : Before dialing can be selected directly on the onscreen keyboard by symbol, whether you want to run the following telephone conversation with Card 1 or. 2 If you yourself called, displays the S6, which SIM card receives the call. To make it more easily, you can specify both its own name as well as a separate icon for each card.
  • Accessibility : it is always available on both mobile numbers. Peculiarity is the situation when already on a call on a line. Then the other line is currently not available for discussions - yet you can still be reached on this other number if you want to. In this case, you can specify a call forwarding menu. In SIM Manager is chosen for "Dual SIM always on '. This is very easy with no numbers-Tipperei. It simply defines which SIM (1, 2 or both) unavailability for each other redirect. For this forwarding may incur additional costs because it redirects to another mobile phone, depending on the calling plan.
  • Mobile Internet : browsing with 3G or 4G is supported by both SIM slots, but not simultaneously. Which one to SIM via LTE or UMTS want to surf, you specifies in the settings. The selection can be changed at any time during operation, without the smartphone off for it. The much slower 2G (GPRS / EDGE) is automatically supported by both cards. For this purpose, no determination is necessary. A special highlight: the Download Booster . If you activate this function in the Verbinungseinstellungen, you can receive data faster. Because this WLAN and mobile are combined, so that one receives data in parallel via mobile and wireless network. The worthwhile primarily for very large files such as videos, apps and the like. To activate the Booster, but is recommended also for another reason. Even the download limit of 30 MB per file is released in parallel.

What SIM cards fit into the flagship?

The SIM tray can accommodate two nano-SIM cards. This makes the smartphone the now standard SIM size joins as about a iPhone 6 and HTC One M9 dual SIM own. But the phone also works with only one SIM card. Who yet another format used (eg micro-SIM) can make a SIM swap at its carrier. While this is sometimes a fee, but safer than cutting a SIM.

What does the Galaxy S6 Duos?

After some importers offer the smartphone in Germany and the S6 series has been available for some time, prices have fallen significantly. At the beginning were first deals with well over 900 euros, which are for example like to mid-June already below 800 euros. So you can not really call "low" - but for (imported) superphone but acceptable. We constantly compare prices in various shops and offer current prices below on this page compared.

As a non-EU imports to buy now also in Germany

As with the two previous Super Phones - S5 Duos and Duos S4 - Samsung has started selling only in certain countries - and the same time as the "normal" S6 release. Officially available the SM-G9200 and SM-G920FD currently for instance in China, Russia and the Philippines. In Germany, the Korean manufacturer has launched no sales. It is likely to remain according to our information also. But you can buy it entirely: Both the order through an importer, eg via Amazon Marketplace, or individual electronic chains: We have seen for example in June at the S6 for 2 SIM cards. Current offers are shown on the page below.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos: Officially preorder

On the Russian website of Samsung Galaxy S6 duo comes included as a third variant to S6 and S6 Edge - and can be selected as usual by dropdown to pre-order. Source:

Current prices abroad

In Russia , the Samsung can Galaxy S6 duo 64GB for 56,990 rubles preorder (see screenshot). This is approximately 930 and 1000 euros depending on the exchange rate. Customs and possibly shipping fees come at a mobile-import at that. In the UAE, both the 32 and the 64 GB model for pre-order. There will cost the S6 Duos with 32GB 2699 AED, with 64GB 2999 AED. This corresponds to about 690 euros or about 770 euros . These are only exactly 100 AED more than for the same each equipped mono-SIM copy: The "loading" for the second SIM slot so is the equivalent of only 25 euros . Again, additional customs duty, etc. due.

Prices when available in Germany?

If you want to order the S6 from a dealer in Germany, then two possibilities are conceivable. Either provides Samung the S6 duo this country still officially, it broadly in line with the price of the regular model. Presumably it will be placed a little higher than the MSRP for the S6 in Germany - see the above-mentioned pricing in AED. More likely, however, that it is available only from traders who import the device is free and then offer. In this case, it might be a little more expensive. Because the expenses, customs costs, etc. Dealers can of course be happy to pay - especially when alternatives are hard to find.What is the charge for a dealer would import? Since it is currently not yet: surprise. Depending on memory variant of the price of course is already different. Moreover, it is still an open question whether there will be the S6 duo with 128 GB of internal storage. The previous product policy with other Samsung phones but could suggest.

#Bendgate: Is the S6 unstable?

on the other hand much more realistic is the risk that you drop your phone once. How stable are seen here, the display, the aluminum housing and the Gorilla Glass-4 coated back? Because so beautiful the look is - it must be stable in everyday practice also. And actually no relevant problems in the test have become known to us so far. Indestructible the S6 course is not characterized. To this end, there is an interesting video of Samsung TV Tomorrow, which is thereby prejudiced, however, that the channel will eventually operated by the manufacturer. To what extent these statements also a Galaxy S6 Duos test have included, is unknown. After all: According to the manufacturer you need to make any special concerns that the elegant flagship would besson DERS become sensitive. If it does of a problem: A purchase abroad or an import from there makes it very difficult, as a rule, guarantee enforce claims in Germany. Therefore you have to contact the seller abroad mostly.This is often cumbersome and not always successful. It becomes difficult especially if the seller outside the EU sits. By this it is best to think before ordering if you are buying a S6 Duos.
More information and resources on the rumors

Check Rates and Offers: Where can I buy the Galaxy S6 low?

The duo version has so far found only abroad, but as a non-EU imports the model is now on sale in this country - partly for free traders, but also in smaller and larger electronics online stores. Depending on the merchant, the goods currently from Russia (can here ), the UAE ( here ) or even just as China and Hong Kong ( here ) originate. Please look for when buying on the exact description of the dealer and the model number, if the described top Details for LTE reception are relevant for you.

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