Dual-SIM phones with Android

Quasi double fun? What is to be considered?Android dual SIM phones (c) Android / own

An Android smartphone is a good way, if you have a dual SIM phone to buy. Because in general the operating system, together with iOS and Windows Phone as the best OS . The criteria for good judgment: Android can be set to go far individually. There is also with Google Play a store, a huge app selection has a total far more than one million free cash and paid apps are available. And the market share talks continue for a good supply. No Smartphone OS is so widespread as Android. Dual-SIM phones with this system therefore offer a number of advantages.

Dual SIM smartphone Android compared

Everybody has individual preferences. And while some swear by Android outright, others reject it outright. Which is the best system for yourself, everyone can freely judge. But here are some general points when it comes to dual SIM.

Many generations in circulation

Android continues to develop, but not any new version is available immediately for any mobile phone. The main reason is that manufacturers do not normally use the "pure" OS. Rather, they fit the design, menus and functions of each version more or less on their own ideas on.Therefore, always different Android installed on smartphones generations. When a new phone is obtained although usually one of the latest versions - but on the devices in the inventory of the customers are often even older versions installed. Here is an overview of the global distribution based Google's own statistics . Here in July 2015, all units were counted that have accessed during the previous week on the Play Store.

Updates: What you should know

Once a new version is released, you want to use most like to direct all the new features on your own smartphone. However, the situation is not unfortunately. Because most producers are equipping their devices not with the pure operating system (OS). Instead, they also install a specific user interface and modify the Android OS otherwise. This hardware, OS and other software work together smoothly, the manufacturer therefore an individual software update for the individual phone model must initially available for download. For the complete software must first adjusted depending on the device are. The is faceliftboth among producers differ markedly, but also within the range of models from the same vendor. Rule of thumb: The more popular the smartphone, the more likely invested the mobile provider after the sale also in its further development. Simply play the latest Android, but it works in most cases - unfortunately - not.

Cell Phone Chooser

Meanwhile, there are models of various manufacturers , equipped with operating system versions to Android 5 . From simple mobile phones under 100 euros up to flagship devices with additional SIM slot is everything. Even the Galaxy S6 (Test) .

Learn about Android for phones with 2 SIM cards

Integration SIM card into the operating system

The SIM card in both slots are seamlessly integrated into the operating system - for example, in menus and keypad.
App selection: Android dual SIM smartphone

Infographic source and (c) Statista .

  • On keypad appear simply usually two green handset instead of just one. Thus one establishes through tapping the respective icons which SIM to use for this call, no extra steps.
  • In "Menu Settings " there are additional menu items or more options to match the additional options.
  • In the status line is obtained as for both SIM cards separately each current reception quality, the usual icons for received messages etc.

Normal full versions - with special additional functions

Besides being one to 2 SIM cards has access, is "normal" Android smartphones with all the typical features of the operating system. Dual-SIM phones so use with Android not "stripped down" Android.

Both Android 4.4 (KitKat), but also the current Lollipop version 5.1 are available at dual SIM phones.

The phones complement the familiar Android to dual SIM capabilities . Some manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony expand the OS while companies typically have a native interface. This should provide additional comfort or allow the use as the provider considers it better than in the standard version.

Android dual SIM for the job?

That should not be a problem. Because due to the market position and large app selection has Android and professionally many advantages.
  • Diverse business apps are available, so you mainly work very productively with the top models, manage appointments, oversee multiple email accounts and much more can be done.
  • In the settings to let the two "lines" often manage separately. So you can disable some professional Slot at leisure.
  • Certain models also make it possible that you get put through a call on the other line during a conversation.
Which Android phones in detail have what characteristics? You can find out the best in our test reports and descriptions for each dual SIM devices.

Android 5.1 - What does the update for Dual-SIM phones?

Android 5.1 Lollipop with Dual SIM

The Android 5.1 Lollipop update now supports dual SIM. (Image © Android Official Blog.)

The Lollipop Generation supports Android 5.1 and 2 or more SIM cards in the phone. Since Android was 5.0 came on the market, remained for dual SIM phones first Android 4.4.4 (Kitkat) the latest version. Now Lollipop can but also to multi-SIM be loaded models. Also Tri-SIM models like the Acer Liquid Trio could therefore an upgrade hope.

When can I use 5.1 Android as an upgrade?

Google has this version from . 9 March 2015 rolled out during the year. Exactly when or whether certain phone models get asked the lollipop version available for downloading,depends, as always, by the manufacturer from.
Logo of Android 5.1 Lollipop

Thus, Android 5.1 Lollipop is about the interrogation of the operating system in the settings to see

Are Android 5.1 announced dual SIM phones?

Currently we are at least not known. Probably the international bestseller first be equipped with 5.1. Up to the first 2 SIM model, it may take some time. Assumption: the end of the 2nd or beginning of the 3rd quarter 2015 are expected the first multi-SIM come devices with the new operating system on the market.

What does the update Lollipop else with it?

Google promises in the official Android blog post that the use of mobile phones with the new version both stable faster is. In addition to new support for two or more SIM cards, an improved device protection and HD voice calls are possible. Always assuming, each phone has installed the required hardware.
    • The device protection is lost or stolen to the smartphone lock until you log on it with their Google account. That is to function even if someone the smartphone to the factory settings should reset.
    • With HD Voice Google promises a crystal clear voice quality - but is the prerequisite for both its mobile phone and the phone of the caller to support this standard. It must both phones with Android 5.1 Lollipop be equipped.
Hidden game in Android 5.1

Small surprise: A system-Game in the Android settings

  • The Quick Settings that you my (pulling down) achieved status bar should, varied be. In particular, access to a new wireless network and the access to associated Bluetooth to be possible directly from this menu.

Hidden Game: EasterEgg in Settings

As little surprise (EasterEgg) Andorid has a game hidden in Version 5.1. To start it, you often and then quickly tap the line "Android version" in the settings. Then, at first seems the Lollipop logo, see screenshot above. By long does it the finger, starts the game. In it you control a little Android robot. The GamePlay is very simple: If you tap with a finger on the display, the figure jumps up and then falls down again. Targeted tippeln can stop the robot so at the desired height to (Lollipops) avoid obstacles, the side drag across the screen. For each successful maneuver there is a point.  

Android 6: what's new in "marshmallow"

Google Android 6.0: Marshmallow

Google's official visualization of the new Android 6.0 version "marshmallow" (c) Google

Google's Android with 6 direct a whole step further, because unlike Generation 4, with 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 you jump from Android 5.1 to 6.0 immediately passed. Nevertheless, the changes are at least visually not quite as flashy as last change to a new number.Because the flat, so-called "material" design remains, but the development in the interior of the operating system are in part very large and also very beneficial. We have compiled the most interesting from our perspective changes.

version name

After L as Lollipop comes M as marshmallow. This name has already in August 2015 its official Preview Google announced .

App menu

Sort apps now alphabetically and looks even more clearly. If, however, may also redesigned the user interfaces of most manufacturers as before.


If it does not bother - you want to install an app or a game, but in addition to three meaningful permissions, the application also requires a few more rights, the need for which you can not understand for the life. Why should a simple patience game know their whereabouts or have access to the camera? With such "mitgehangen - mitgefangen" permissions to be 6.0 Final for Android. Because then you can withdraw each app each entitlement under "app section actuations". Does an app then no longer properly, can be a legal right again share, or an alternative software in the Play Store. By the way: You can have a look for individual permissions can access it which apps. And so certain rights specifically block ForAll Apps.

External storage

For many a dream come true: with marshmallow can treat external Android memory sticks as internal memory. For this it will be possible when connecting a USB stick, "Use as internal memory" option to click. So they can be used for files and apps, as if it were the device's own memory.How perfect that actually works, will show the tests. Disadvantage: The storage device is then formatted so that it can be used only with the specific cell phone. For microSD cards - where the purpose would actually closer than USB storage devices - this feature has not yet been announced, however.

Photos and Google+

Those who wanted to secure his photos yet automatically, this had to do in his G + account with Android's own tool. In version 6.0, both functions (Photo-Cloud and Google+) are separated. In future it is possible to endow with keywords to scour the content of photos, image recognition makes it (at least in principle) possible.

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