• Windows Phone 8.1
  • 4.7 "HD display, 1280 x 720 pixels
  • WLAN, UMTS, HSDPA (up to 21 Mbit / s)
  • 1.2GHz quad-core processor
  • Buy online from € 184.76
      The Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM is the new 2-SIM top model in the Lumia dual SIM smartphones . It is above the middle class model Nokia Lumia 630 (Test) placed - a slightly larger display and (minor) improvements in hardware make the 730 Dual in test clearly the current flagship. As an operating system, it is like all new Lumia models to the latest Windows Phone 8.1.


Nokia 730 Dual SIM: colors to choose from

Typically Nokia: The 730 Dual SIM there again in a couple of gaudy colors and in silver white or black.

The display is a total luxury class and makes a better impression than the also good se Screen 630er Lumias. This is partly due to the slightly larger dimensions: 4.7 inch screen are the 730 Dual available, compared to "only" 4.5 inches of 630th The image resolution shall also be: finite HD on board, also a top class feature and recommended in the order of just under 5 inches in any case.Although Full HD sounds better - this again higher resolution makes the test only at 5.0 inches and more screen area noticeable. In addition, normal HD requires much less computing power that the processor does not slow. Unlike the 630 730 also shows the correct smooth scrolling and sheets even if it is the live tiles with a background image freely elected.

Design and Setting

More important than the size increase of 0.2 inches (0.5 cm) but is the enclosure of the display: Here already makes the first look of fun because the rather "low" acting gaps of simpler Lumia 530 Dual (test) and also of 630 are finally passé: the screen goes with a slight curvature quasi seamlessly into plastic hardcase. Incidentally, depending on the choice of color, the surface is slightly different. The colorful versions are kept very smooth and glossy, the white variety is matted against. Who wants to buy the Lumia 730 in one of the bright colors online: the colors are really bright colorful. Most likely can be described as a bright neon-green and bright neon-orange. Definitely an eye-catcher. The ratio of image area to frame width makes the Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM Test a very good subjective impression, although the frame is actually relatively wide: because the display glass but covers both the actual display panel and black plastic on the frame, the screen is visually wider or the frame. narrower.

Cameras: Zeiss and Selfies

The 730 is marketed by Nokia under the motto "Selfie smartphone". And the view of the camera values confirmed that: The front camera for selfies brings with decent 5 megapixels, the main camera on the phone back comparatively low sounding 6.7 megapixels.
  • The 6.7-megapixel main camera boasting a Carl Zeiss lens and can ultimately much nicer photos shoot as many models with 8 or more megapixels. The quality is also well suited for happy memories, the camera app offers multiple, easy to use shooting functions. The back camera is the way almost completely embedded in the back cover just because nothing stands out, only with the fingertips can feel a minimal survey.
  • The selfie succeed well with the 730 Dual SIM front cam in the test. The wide angle makes it possible that you can not only several people well on the picture bekonmmt, sondenr zusätzliich still beautiful much background environment. Top. Although the image quality can not compete with the main camera, but is all very well suited to the post for fun selfies.

Insert SIM card and microSD

The seamless and pleasant velvet-like grip cover has a special feature when it comes to filling the slots.
Nokia730 Cover the test

To get to the slots for SIM1, SIM2 and microSD, the complete housing must be removed. In the test, the cover got stuck right, which is impractical for losing weight, but good for a solid experience.

Unlike many Android phones, where you have to unclip the back cover or open ideally only the cover for the SIM slot, it's here: the entire Plastigehäuse from back uind sides must from. The first stripping really you have to overcome something, there is some force required. Advantage again: the entire colored casing is removed and can be replaced by a different colored cover at fancy a change, for example (which one would alllerdimgs buy as an accessory). The two SIM slots and microSD place are then easily accessible and clearly marked.Clip the cover back, and the seamless impression of the cover is restored. Incidentally, Nokia recommends that you do to create a nano-SIM in a micro-SIM adapter, and then to use the Lumia 730thBackground may be that the adapter can hook - we have stayed at the Wiko Highway test found.

Dual-SIM Control

Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM control

SIM1 each has a live tile for calls and SMS - and also SIM2 has both. This is achieved excellent!

Very clear and a very natural extension of the "normal" Windows Phone 8.1 ( "WP 8.1") - control of SIM1 and SIM2 fits seamlessly into the operating system. Normally one has in WP 8.1 on the Start Screen for a live tile for calls and SMS. (Live tile means that the number of missed calls or new SMS is displayed as a number at all times "live" on the tile). In addition, for the second SIM are again the same tiles on the Start Screen. Clearer It's not because you immediately have an eye on what SIM how many calls or SMS received - and is able to connect by clicking on the respective tile immediately as a call from SIM2, without having to click through menus only.
Nokia 730 screenshot

The SIM card is displayed in the respective telephone and SMS icon now also by the Schritzug "SIM1" or "SIM2". You can also enter any other name instead of SIM1 or 2 but. (For comparison, the first WP-8.1-tiles without a SIM name, in the previous image)

For both SIM cards to the respective tiles can keep color apart. Just the color coding makes sense, because the SIM number "1" or "2" is displayed quite small on the respective tile - but it is different now than it was supplemented with the first models by the Schritzug "SIM 1". Overall, everything is ultimately a bit solved differently than in an Android dual SIM phone , but just as obvious.

Improved Dual SIM Standby

To load requires two Micro-SIM cards, both of which are parallel accessible. Simultaneous calls on both phones you can not lead, however - as long as one of the two SIMs makes a call, the other SIM can not be used at this time in their network. This "dual sim standby" is currently the most common technique for all other current models in the test - but the 730 has expanded to an important function of this "standby": During phone calls on one SIM Lumia can all calls on the enter other SIM, refer to the SIM just used - it has in this switched the call waiting service, you get concurrent calls with directly and can be accepted immediately if necessary. However redirects can cost money to another phone number, of course. Even if this does not answer, but the mobile box turns on. Nevertheless, for those who so far so did not buy a dual SIM device, because they want to be reachable on both phones at any time, the Nokia model offers an interesting solution.
Good control: Each SIM can be 730 off individually, rename and more in Nokia.

Good control: Each SIM can be 730 off individually, rename and more in Nokia.

Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet is possible on both SIM cards in the test was both SIM1 and SIM2 transmission standard HSPA + available - but not simultaneously. Because the Lumia 730 you have to choose which of the two SIM cards you just want to use for surfing. The change is done within seconds: In the menu "Settings", open SIM administration and click on the desired SIM for mobile Web. At what number one is online, appears to the right of each reception beam in the status bar: In the figure above, "3G" So refers to SIM1.

battery pack

The 2220 mAh battery lasts for several calls, songs and Web sites easy for an entire day, with permanent surfing maximum 8 hours are possible in pure standby to 25 days to be possible - as long as we have it then but not tried. The battery can be found fortunately, so you can also take a second battery for changing travel as in doubt. Included but only one is included as usual. Charged the Lumia is incidentally quite classic with a mini-USB plug - in individual (much more expensive) single-SIM Topmodellen advertises Nokia even with Wireless charging by induction, this is not included.


Test Result

Overall, the Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM is probably the best ever throw in all recent Nokia dual SIM phones : Although not a high-end, but the first time is a model for 2 SIM cards from Nokia managed with continuous upper class properties. The slight rounding at the sides, the low weight (130 g) and a flashy color (in Test Green) makes the 730 fun. Nevertheless, it also offers the functionality that you need in everyday life. The test evaluation is the best so far of WP smartphones, pushing the Lumia in the top 10 of our top list.

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