Tablet market share in 2014

Tablet increase market share, but growth is slowing down (Source: NPD DisplaySearch )

Although it seldom happens that you want to use two SIM cards in one tablet - in case there are quite time to time. And even increasingly, also offer phone capabilities for tablets and thus the former can "only Internet" mobile world behind. Ultimately, tablets and smartphones approach characterized but still continues to rise, so that soon only makes the display size a real difference.

Smartphones via 5.0" make small tablets difficult sales

Until maybe two years ago it was quite clearly separate thing: Here the smartphones with up to about a 4-inch screen, there the tablets with 7 inches or more. Everything in between was so exotic that they invented their own term for this: "phablets" filled the gap and provided measurements over 5 inches to 7 inches below. Meanwhile, both the term "phablet" and the gap is as good as gone. And there are reasons:
  • Flagship smartphones currently on screen sizes up to 5.5 inches with Full HD
  • Smartphones with 6 inches and slightly above are popular
  • The Phone has already almost always there and is therefore "set"
  • Then why buy another mini-tablet, which provides little more viewing area?

Tablet sales in the meantime declining - but still trendy

Tablet sizes: clear trend

The trend is away from mini-tablets, to 8 inches and larger.

Given this change in product selection, it is not surprising that in the first quarter of 2014. first time fewer tablets are sold as in the same period last year. Have it from January until March 2013 worldwide, 59 million units, are in the first three months in 2014 in contrast, 56 million impact. These figures were the market researchers NPD DisplaySearch in this articleis known. Overall, the forecast for more Tablets should nevertheless be sold for the full year 2014: In 2013, 285 found a new owner Tabs, 2014 should be a total of 315 millions. In the long term, growth will continue to flatten, at least until 2017 from year to year continue more and more models are to go over the counter or online virtual store counter.

Especially mini-tablets have a hard

The fact that the competition with the XXL smartphones is a major reason for the sagging trend of tablets, a closer look at the segments indicate who the greatest lack of sales of Tablets: These are namely precisely those variables that come your giant Phones closest , Although Tablets 7-8 inches are both past and this year, by far the most popular size (more than half of all sold Tab falls into this category). But while almost 60% were last year still, the proportion in 2014 only about 50%, and in 2015 will fall to below 50%. From 2018 then Device 8-11 inches will be more popular, according to NPD DisplaySearch - being among them, however, now time to look for a larger screen variety.

Large Smartphones attract buyers

The trend is apparent prefigured: If even tablet, then a really big one. And if it should be more the direction of 7 inches, grab more buyers to a smartphone or also dual SIM smartphone with XXL display. Important: HD, it should be on such a large screen at least. Incidentally, is theLenovo Vibe Z2 prp a 6-inch dual SIM model on which offers even more than full HD (!).

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