Roaming 2014 dual SIM phoneA dual SIM mobile phone is a big advantage: You can also insert a SIM card of the country abroad besides the usual SIM card. This can often save a high cost, because the so-called roaming avoid leaves - during particularly data roaming can be expensive otherwise.

What should we know about roaming?

From roaming we speak the way, whenever you use a mobile network with a SIM card that does not originate from the same country. The special thing about it: Often require the card company for the same mobile services that cost within Germany only a few cents or in individual flats are already included, be significantly higher. Thus, a three-minute call from abroad to Germany via a German SIM card in dual SIM mobile phone (of course any other phone) ever cost 10 €, depending on the country, dortigem Mobile Network and the own card issuer.

Cost of data roaming may explode

Especially tricky: Many are now used by the introduction of Flats that calls or mobile Internet in Germany nothing cost more, at least not on the one-time flat fee per month beyond. but abroad these flats are not usually, ie who worry a Internetflatrate the dual SIM phone makes this country transmit one megabyte after another, obtained for the same surfing activity abroad a fierce statement. In the press were already often cases in which significantly more than € 10,000 came together because the holiday mood is naturally handled in retrospect the opposite. But even those who "only" 100 € more on his mobile bill does is annoy tidy. But for such costs would incidentally can buy a powerful dual SIM smartphone - as one of the leaders in our dual SIM mobile phone test.

mobile phone deal data roaming costs with the dual SIM

For those that holiday country for an SIM card itself - for example, a prepaid card with Internet Flat - buys and in his dual SIM inlaying phone, can then eliminate the risk of "data roaming" and this destination country from low (domestic) prices of holidays country go mobile online. At the same time you should way off the German SIM card for data traffic that goes depending on the dual SIM phone differently. Some dual SIM models offer ever at only one SIM slot data connections, in this case, its commitment to its German SIM easy in the other slot. Or one chooses in the SIM card from the menu that only the SIM as a travel destination for mobile internet (data transmission) may be used. In this way, one's own SIM card in the home country is still loaded and ready to hand, as if to a text message or a call expected from home - so thanks to dual SIM mobile phone you do not inform the foreign call all friends, especially as the SIM card of the holiday destination after the holidays anyway likely does not want to continue using. But beware: Even for accepting phone calls abroad can result in relatively high costs.Furthermore you should be best informed in its carrier in the tariff conditions. After all: within the EU and certain other European countries (eg Switzerland) the roaming costs were indeed reduced in recent years repeatedly, but here can still spring a surprise or threaten.

More Dual SIM Cell Phone Tips on holiday: protection from heat, cold, moisture and sand

  • Mobile vacation tips

    With the mobile phone in the Holidays: Tips as relaxed approaching! (C) fotolia # 50453969 | Sashkin

    Protect from heat: In direct sunlight, mobile phones - even dual SIM phones - often up to 70 ° C is heated and can be damaged, for example, can affect sensitive liquid crystals of the screen, in extreme cases, may even melt the plastic housing or fail completely the battery. Never attempt to lay his dual SIM mobile phone, therefore in the blazing sun under the windscreen of the car, the situation worsened even more, even with tinted car windows with thermal insulation.
  • Conversely the winter holidays: here the mobile phone must not be too cold. One tip: always carry the phone directly as possible to the body, thereby warming. In addition, rapid temperature changes are bad: If the smartphone so times stuck in the snow and is eingefronen, just not in the "Hütt'n" put to the fire, or the like - but be nice and slow auftrauen again. If this condensation occurs, the same applies as described in the following point about wetness.
  • Who's on the beach or by the pool on the go, should also protect his phone well against moisture. If it still will get wet, threatens when switching a short circuit. Remedy you manage according to Bitkom best so that one cell phone "absolutely from the outside with a cloth and gently with a not too hot hair dryer" dries. "SIM card and - if possible - memory cards and battery should be gathered and also dry if necessary. Can open the device shell, so users can find the easiest, if liquid has entered the device. Only then it should be turned back on. If the device is completely fallen into the water, SIM card, memory card and battery should be removed immediately. Then please dry and immediately contact a professional device! Often you can get the card at least, sometimes you can save the complete unit. "
  • Also a danger to their own dual SIM mobile phone or smartphone are the smallest companion beach vacation: sand grains. You can contact into every crevice and as USB ports, microSD card slots clog so. Anyone who uses a classic phone with buttons, in which the granules can also set under the keys and block thereby. If any of these conditions occur, recommends that the industry association Bitkom, "gently with a brush or a damp cloth or sponge" to remove the grains of sand - "a gently inserted toothpick or a vacuum cleaner suitable for it."
  • Tips: as effective protection against sand and moisture may be used special dual-SIM mobile phone cases.

buy cheap prepaid tariff abroad

Many use a dual SIM phone , because they also have a next to a German telephone number using foreign SIM card . Especially commuters and frequent travelers, but even those who family in two different countries has, then take advantage of dual-homed: Because for calls, texting and browsing the net of the respective provider falls with its SIM card no roaming costs. So you can phone in up to two countries avoid a dual SIM roaming costs. In order not to cause long-term cost, should a favorable overseas best buy prepaid card - of course, the decision is for the best rate but of the respective offers on location.

Roaming is basically still expensive - but again favorable

It is different if one uses a German SIM card abroad or a foreign SIM in Germany, where mobile operators raise some very significant charges for phone calls, SMS, and especially for mobile Internet. These premiums fall by regulatory measures the EU but for years. And now there is again good news: As the industry association Bitkom telling , roaming in the EU from mid-2014 will be even cheaper - unfortunately the impact on domestic mobile communication remains but still clearly.

Here are some key price caps from 07/01/2014

  • Outgoing ( "outgoing") calls: the price ceiling falls in July 2014 0,19 € per minute (previously a maximum of € 0.24)
  • Incoming ( "incoming") calls: the price ceiling is lowered to € 0.05 per minute (previously more than 0.07 € per minute)
  • SMS from other EU countries: the price ceiling is lowered to € 0.06 per SMS (previously a maximum of € 0.08 per SMS)
  • Mobile Internet: the price ceiling is lowered to € 0.20 per MB (previously a maximum of € 0.45 per MB)
Important: No guarantee - Check prices itself at own provider! We have adopted this EU price caps and make them here for your Oriertierung. We can not guarantee that these prices are complied from 1.7.2014 by your carrier. Maybe your wireless service provider offers different roaming prices. Please refer any questions to before using a non-domestic SIM card in an EU country necessarily with your provider for security.

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