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Functionality: What there is dual SIM phones?

Each dual SIM phone has 2 SIM card slots. So you can use 2 different SIM cards in one phone. Combine as a professional SIM card with your personal SIM -. Or a SIM for cheap calls using a SIM for Flat-surfing A dual SIM mobile phone provides just the right hardware and optimized software to quickly and easily switch between SIMs back and ago to switch. So you can always use the desired SIM to call, texting or surfing.  

Do I need to change me for the service?

A Dual SIM Phone basically offers the usual features that you are used to from other phones or smartphones. As with the "normal" mobile phones, there are of course also at cell phone with two permanently installed SIM slots a wide range of models and features. The exact functionality is from a mobile phone to another as different as the operation of individual functions. When the phones, we've tested, however, we can say: Who can use a normal mobile phone, find quickly and easily even with dual-SIM devices cope.

With the right SIM calling, surfing, texting

On more than one SIM card is basically the question of how the phone recognizes which one wishes to use. There are two possibilities generally. You can see the desired SIM with good dual SIM devices
  • either for calls, SMS, Internet preset
  • or directly in front of each action manually select
As the setting is done, is for each device slightly different. Usually it works through a simple setting in the menu. There are also phones that already allow certain functions only for a specific SIM slot. Older or simple models allow as mobile Internet with the main card. Then you have to insert the desired SIM into the appropriate slot. Further details can be found for example in the respective operating instructions or in our product review. For some devices, the SIM slots can also enter names or assign symbols. That helps on the fly often, select the correct card.

It rings - which number is now called?

Dran go or not? Who already hear the ringtone if an incoming call on his professional or private cell phone number, can decide faster. Many mobile phones can be the 2 SIMs therefore zuorden different ringtones. Part that is possible also for SMS signals.

Dual sim History: How it all began

From the first dual SIM device to current brands smartphones

1999: The first dual sim was presented: the "Benefon twin" came shortly after in the trade and caused a stir. However, one was always available only on a SIM and could only use it for calls or SMS. If one were to use other SIM, had to switch one: given the cell phone was turned off and restarted - then was the other SIM card (and only this) available. A sale Star the device was not ultimately - but the basic technology was groundbreaking. 2006 : From about 2006 appeared in China and other South and East Asian countries an increasingly wide range of dual SIM phones. After Europe these phones were in general only through direct imports distributor, eg via auction sites or online Shop Direct order abroad. 2008 and beyond : The first dual SIM phones were in official distribution available in Europe. Smartphones and prestigious brands were added:
  • Smartphones with 2 SIM cards were still very scarce at the beginning and came mainly from Germany in otherwise largely unknown manufacturers from the Far East.
  • The major manufacturers have mainly first on Nokia dual SIM mobile phones a great deal, however, especially at the entry level.
  • With Samsung and Sony then conducted two renowned providers also dual SIM Android smartphones in Germany and Europe on the market a
2014: With the HTC One M8 Dual SIM HTC becomes the first leading provider his current flagship in Germany in a dual SIM variant on the market 2015: More and more models for 2 SIM cards offer LTE 2016 : The first smartphones with 6GB of RAM come directly as variants for two numbers in trade

Not the latest technology - why?

Typical was a long time - and it is partly still today - that technical innovations and standards in the dual SIM devices have been introduced later. It took as relatively long time until the then fastest wireless standard "UMTS" at dual SIM phones found its way - just as it was not until 2014 that a first dual SIM phone with LTE was introduced. This was partly because many of these 2-SIM models have been developed for markets where the network coverage of each mobile service provider was relatively low (which is why it was very useful to insert parallel 2 cards for mobile networks from 2 providers). In these developing or emerging countries but the purchasing power was rather low, so that the mobile phone technology has been kept deliberately simple and cheap. Because the models were developed especially for South / East Asia, the use was in Europe partly technically impossible - because of other network standards, other language settings and more.

No lasting success for "Dual SIM Active" phones

Meanwhile, it was modern to market phones with multiple receive and transmit modules: These devices are for SIM1 and SIM2 each individual program modules, so that they do not receive the "share". The advantage is that each has its own SIM "line", so you can make calls in parallel to SIM1 and SIM2. Meanwhile, the trend has developed but then to build in just a common transmitter / receiver unit. While it is on both SIM cards reachable, but as soon as one of the SIMs takes a network function such as a call to complete, the other SIM is fully booked - it is no longer usable for the other SIM hangs up (so-called dual-SIM standby ).

How can I connect a headset or hands-free?

For longer conversations it is practical and less strenuous to have your hands free when telephoning. And on the road safer. But how comeheadsets and hands-free with 2 SIM cards cope that are available in the paired phone? There are two different scenarios: Incoming calls on the one hand, and on the other conversations in which you call yourself.

Other call

  • With a Bluetooth headset or wired headset, select by phone the number. Here you can choose in a dual-SIM mobile phone even if one uses on the 1st or 2nd SIM card for call setup. In our testing, the headsets were each compatible with the respective dual-SIM model.
  • The situation is different at a handsfree in the car from: this is often chosen on the built-in device, eg by push-button or by voice command.The devices are usually not prepared that different SIM cards are in the phone two available. Most the main SIM (1) is for a call automatically uses.

accepting calls

  • Incoming calls could be accepted by both wireless as well as wired headset without any problems on both SIMs.
  • Even with hands-free calibration tions was possible in - but can vary depending on the handsfree model and may not work as well in various devices.

use Withdrawal

A general statement on the compatibility of all mobile phones and accessories products is of course not possible. But when orders in online trading has a 14-day right of withdrawal without giving a reason - if the connection to the mobile phone so it should not work in this particular case, you can purchase after all revoked and eventually opted for a different model. while fees may return shipping charges, which depends on the particular store.

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