When a dual-SIM smartphone worth

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The need for a mobile phone, the 2 SIM cards can hold at one time is great. Because 29 million Germans use mobile phones at least 2 or more, 7 million even do three or more devices in parallel. This was announced by the high-tech association BITKOM in December 2011th Especially by the success of smartphones , the trend was for additional mobileintensified as the Association commented. Specifically the new opportunities for mobile surfing make mobile offers more attractive - particularly for business customers, a mobile phone for 2 SIM cards worth many times.

What is a dual SIM model worth:

  • Reception and accessibility improvements: Switch case of problems with the network connection just for SIM of another network provider. How to use the supply of two mobile networks.
  • Business and private calls separate.
  • In other countries : you can avoid roaming charges by using a SIM card of the country as the second SIM when you are in calls abroad , texting or surf.
  • Savings rates combined : If you do not use Allnet Flat, you can choose from various tariff offerings combine those that are most convenient for you. And then for each call, each SMS or for mobile surfing always choose the SIM that is favorable for this purpose.
  • With prepaid cards : If the balance of a SIM is used up, you can switch to the other card.
  • Space saving: If only one instead of two mobile phones must have it, which is obviously handy.
  • Purchase price : As a second phone is superfluous, you have the price of a dual SIM smartphones not only compare with the normal phones, but with the two normal models.

Classical constellation: a company mobile phone and a private phone

Mobile access to company data, eg via special apps, and quick access on the go are in everyday professional life increasingly common. TheBITKOM association has accordingly to the fact that more and more employees receive a company mobile: 59% of all professionals to use at least 2 mobile phones. Because with professional SIM cards , the parallel use of 2 mobile phones is almost automatically because the private telephone costs usually have to be cleanly separated from the official use or any private use of company SIM card is permitted ..

Dual-SIM phones can combine business and private device.

Who hitherto a company mobile phone and a private phone uses for which is a dual-SIM model is a very practical way: you can on the one hand personal and professional telephone numbers on the same phone unite, but then all the costs for business and personal calls separate clean . And that, without permanently two separate mobile phones to carry with you. A dual SIM mobile phone takes on two SIM cards. One can be called on the same terminal under both the business as well as under the private number. If one wants to build himself a call, surf, mailien or send an SMS, you decide as a user with a finger tap, on which card you want to do the job, respectively.

New Number economical rate use remain accessible continue on the old number

Sometimes one uses for years a tariff with relatively expensive calling minutes and Surf costs - for example, a prepaid rate - and therefore includes a new all-inclusive contract with another provider from. The new number can then relaxes other call and surf. Then it is often difficult to inform all who have been notified to the old number over time. With a dual-SIM mobile phone to solve the problem: The new SIM card to use as the main SIM to phone and surf, the old card you put into the second SIM slot to continue to be accessible to her. Especially with older prepaid plans that can be useful, as these do not incur fixed costs generally, the cost of outgoing minutes spent surfing volume but often are quite high - with unanswered calls but usually no cost.

Further information

The methodology behind the numbers above: The market research institute Aris interviewed in November 2011 on behalf of BITKOM 1,000 people aged 14 and over in Germany. The survey is representative.

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