Varo PowerPlus POWXQG 5030 Leaf Blower

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Review: Varo PowerPlus POWXQG 5030 Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers or leaf blower to the user to bring a lot of efficiency and provide it with little effort, large amounts of leaves quickly blown together or absorb and take into a collection bag. These are the basic requirements, which include the Varo PowerPlus POWXQG had to face 5030 Laubsauger in a test itself. This Laubsauger showed its real strength in the test, with a powerful engine, the still relatively quiet and powerful completed this work. Especially the function of chopping showed good effect and compressed the volume of sucked leaves a 15 times, so the 45-liter collection bag was filled quickly. 

A very fast airflow ensures fast work

when Varo PowerPlus POWXQG The reality test showed 5030 Laubsauger how efficient this unit operates. With its 3,000 watt electric motor for this quite slight leaf vacuum produced an air stream of the measured 300 km / h produced. Thus, huge amounts have blown leaves or about imbibe while this leaves is chopped. With a weight of 4.8 kilograms, the device is quite easy and an axle on leaf channel permitted in the test that the user that sucker sure can lead on the ground with a more constant distance. These wheels are designed so large that one can safely roll the Varo PowerPlus POWXQG 5030 Laubsauger on many substrates. Thus, the weight distributed in the one test to the axis and a minor portion acts on the hand.  

Secure cable access, and excellent equipment management

The test proved, you only need an extension and an outlet near the garden or the place of work and have the work begins with this leaf vacuum. The Varo PowerPlus POWXQG 5030 Leaf Blower is supplied in a cardboard box and some parts still have to be put together and assembled. The delivery was quite extensive in the test and the customer gets a full device to quickly and effectively to suck leaves. The device can be run easily and handle well even under full operation. The user decides with the simple Around a big red lever in the direction that moves the air flow. Either to blow the leaves or in the direction of the leaf trap bag. The test showed that even the simple emptying this bag has a zipper that keeps this bag securely together showed. The suction pipe could be additionally also adjustable in length so that this cleaner can be universally adapted to each user. The suction power can be continuously adjusted via a switch, so that one could suck slowly and precisely. In the test resulted in dry deciduous good results, the foliage was almost sucked residue from the lawn.  

Overall impression of the materials used

In test was also paid to the materials and details used, such as acrylic loading the blower, here leaves residues that reduce the suction power can for example be removed through this transparent charging. The cooling system was in the test here perfectly clean after the work is done. In the test convinced the forms, because the suction cup which is right at the bottom is extra wide formed by leaves directly receive and this is reflected in the test as a particularly good detail, because here decided how well the result of the work was. From the material of the rest of the body showed very robust and especially the color scheme is very well chosen, especially the colored trims the switch and durability proved strong. In one case, the test resulted in optimum capacity.  

All the important details of the test include:

- Power 3000 watts - Power supply 220/230 Volt - engine speed infinitely variable - reached Luftsromgeschwindigkeit 300 km / h - acrylic opening visible for overhaul and maintenance on the fan - adjustment about being arrested on the intake manifold - guide wheels on suction pipe to the ground - 45 liters on foliage catcher - emptying foliage collection bag through a zipper - safe function when shredding compression of the volume by a factor of 15 - safe cable holder with locking cable feed - two-hand operation via two handgrips - safety switch and switch for changing the air flow in signal color - small integrated rake to break away from foliage - additional strap for back rest work  

Technical performance in the test and the volume

The measured in the test 88 dBA are a tolerable value and made this leaf vacuum in test pleasantly quiet. The results from the sealed plastic housing of Varo PowerPlus POWXQG 5030 Leaf Blower. With speeds 10000-16500 U / min. makes the 3000 watt electric motor much and gave real power that you need for fast and efficient work during foliage eyes. Airflow velocities were measured As described by 300 km / h air flow in the test and that really pulls each sheet of foliage or can the foliage thus ideally blown together in a corner. In the test was provided with the leaf blower with shoulder strap and foliage catcher. This leaves collection bag has reached the specified 45 liters capacity in a test.  

A test under realistic conditions

The test procedure was carried out under realistic conditions at the Varo PowerPlus POWXQG 5030 Leaf Blower.This means in the foliage there were also pine needles and it was wet leaves and accordingly unlike dry leaves sucked and blown onto various substrates. This set tasks mastered this device optimally and efficiently, thanks to the powerful engine. The package is very good and also the user guide is really helpful, because after a short read, you can easily understand all features. A very good device that you get at a very good price.


conclusion guyThe conclusion of the test for the Varo PowerPlus POWXQG 5030 Laubsauger accordingly falls well because the results of the test, solid values and a very robust device, which can be used very efficiently remove its leaves on paths and the lawn. The instructions also assume that you can use this Laubsauger as snow blowers in light powder snow and this function is also evident from the values at the leaves blowing speaks. The Varo PowerPlus POWXQG 5030 Laubsauger convinced really in every detail and value for money is to say, here you get a really mature and innovative garden tool with many possibilities. Whether it is the infinitely adjustable power of the motor or the adjustable length of the intake manifold, all the details are not playful, but really chosen so that they really bring benefits in the end and make this device recommended.

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