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Review: Homelite Leaf Blower HBL26BV

So-called leaf blowers are indeed a nuisance, if someone so on Saturday morning just begins at 8 am at the bedroom window to do his weekend work, but they are now also an indispensable part of your own repertoire in the garden shed. Anyone who has a slightly larger land and must maintain itself, nowadays creates a leaf blower.Because we are honest: the autumn leaves or the leftovers from mowing lawns to the old school still with a rake to sweep together is cumbersome and also enormously time consuming. So: a leaf blower is needed. This one can purchase for relatively little money himself. A device that fits in this price range for home use, the Homelite is HBL26BV petrol leaf vacuum. Reason enough for us to take ours once in a test very closely examined and tested through its paces.  

A leaf blower is the leaf vacuum

The Homelite HBL26BV petrol leaf vacuum is in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions not only a leaf blower, but also a leaf vacuum. That is, one can the air flow according to the manufacturer with a few simple steps to reverse easy. The leaves and the remains of the gardening so you can first sweep up at one point or along blow to them then there absorb again by means of the inverse function with the same device. For a capture bag is attached to the leaf vacuum then naturally attached. That is the theory. The catch-bag holds according to 40 liters.  

In the test a leaf blower

In our test, the blowing function worked quite excellent. For such a quite inexpensive device of Homelite HBL26BV petrol leaf vacuum developed a tremendous blowing power of no less than 320 km / h. That's hurricane speed and it also requires almost a little practice to handle it properly. Finally, you will not casually destroy accidentally the lovingly tended rose breeding the wife! But when blowing the leaf blower is actually quite good and easy to use and makes it almost fun to work with. Of course, the blowing speed can also be regulated under an air flow easily and smoothly during work. The weight of the device is no catch-bag 4.1 kg and is thus also for longer not too heavy, but pleasant. All in all you can as a leaf blower only recommend the device. The Homelite HBL26BV petrol leaf vacuum is the purest wind machine.  

In the test as leaf vacuum and shredder

So after we blow our leaves and other residues of gardening beautiful evenly in the test on two piles together, we now tested the suction function of the Homelite HBL26BV petrol leaf vacuum. According to the manufacturer it should have been possible without any problems with a few simple steps to reverse the blow # function in a suction function. But that turned out to be not quite as simple as it sounded. We had a bit twiddling. But we have other models already have to determine. Why the problem is not something simple to solve, ours is still a mystery. But if you have done it once, the Homelite HBL26BV petrol leaf vacuum develops a suction force of up to 11 cubic meters per minute. This is quite decent. In addition, the suction force can be infinitely adjusted, which makes the work easier. The device also the vacuumed material is still chop now, before it is sucked into the catch-bag. According Herstelleranagaben the unit should be done in a ratio of 12: create. 1 That it does, but only in the high speed range.In the low speed range of 0.9 hp gasoline engine has sometimes a little difficult to meet these specifications. But even that is not necessarily a decisive criticism. Theory and practice are in such garden tools known to often two different things. What has really bothered us in the test as a leaf vacuum in this model something that is that the full 40-liter collector bag was, the harder it was also, more comfortable work with. Since the manufacturer has perhaps a little catching up to do in the optimal design.  


Since the Homelite HBL26BV petrol leaf vacuum has a gasoline engine, the device is of course a little louder than other models that might work with an electric motor. Still, the noise level when working is entirely appropriate, is now once de rigueur in this type of gardening. One should just maybe not so get in early in the morning on weekends his neighbors out of bed. Or you have afterwards throw the odd barbecue in the landscaped garden - to reconciliation with its neighbors.  


Unfortunately, the Homelite has HBL26BV petrol leaf vacuum only over a relatively small tank for the gasoline. He just holds a quarter liter. However, the natural as well as the weight of the device when working easier. The engine itself is a classic two-stroke engine and therefore requires a fuel mixture in a ratio of 1:50. But this is something of other garden tools with internal combustion engines as well.


conclusion guyAfter our extensive testing, we can recommend the Homelite HBL26BV petrol leaf vacuum in good conscience as a device for home use on. This wind machine is really a small and compact power unit, especially when it comes to blowing function. Here the Homelite HBL26BV are really everything. The continuous control of the wind speed is perfect and easy to operate. The suction function works up to a few things when chopping properly and more than satisfactory. As I said, small drawbacks have to do in this area, when the machine shreds in the lower speed range. The only drawback, which the Homelite HBL26BV in terms sucking really has, is the catch-bag. The bit annoying when it is full. But it can get used to.Somehow finally has so each garden unit its flaws, to which one is accustomed, however. Overall, we can say that you will be hard pressed to find a comparable device with such a good performance at such a reasonable rate. The Homelite HBL26BV petrol leaf vacuum is well affordable for every budget. At the same time it is a good option for large plots. So we can only express a recommendation. All thumbs up for the Homelite HBL26BV petrol leaf vacuum!

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