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Review: Einhell GE-EL 3000 E Laubsauger

Every autumn the same game, you have to be deciduous wegkehren if you want a clean sidewalk or a clean yard.Since I had no desire to return, I bought me a leaf vacuum. The choice when buying here is the Leaf Blower Einhell, concretely like 30000 E on the model GE-EL. Why I decided precisely for this model and what experiences I have made with the leaf vacuum, you can find out in another review.  

Therefore I have decided for the Einhell Laubsauger

Leaf blowers are available in a variety of different features and price ranges. Ultimately, I decided for the Einhell Laubsauger. Den this Laubsauger I found not only by its purchase price very attractive, but also to its functions.Especially when compared to other models, convinced me of the Einhell Laubsauger by its ease of use. Also, the leaf vacuum is very compact, which I was very important in terms of size, but also with respect to the weight.  

Technical Facts for Einhell Laubsauger

The Einhell Laubsauger falls a fiery red by its design only once directly in the view. But in the technical data convinced the Einhell Laubsauger. Thus the leaf vacuum is very solid processed plastic. The leaf vacuum is equipped with a powerful electric motor, which comes to a capacity of around 3000 watts. This engine power is also felt by the idle speeds. So the engine 7000 creates to 13,000 revolutions per minute. As already mentioned, is an electric motor. For operation from Einhell Laubsauger a mains connection of 230 volts at 50 Hz is necessary. In order to operate the electric motor, one needs an electrical cable. Especially this has proven to be small drawback to that later. The dimensions of the Einhell Laubsauger the leaf vacuum is a very compact format. The dimensions of the Einhell Laubsauger be 56 x 37 x 32 cm. The leaf vacuum takes this to a weight of 6.2 kg.  

The functions of the Einhell Laubsauger

As already indicated, the Einhell Laubsauger is equipped with the functions of blowing, vacuuming and shredding.What features you want to use, you can easily and without major problems on and off by pressing a button. My experience with the different functions have been very positive. This is thanks to the certainly very powerful electric motor. To get to the example Blas function from Einhell Laubsauger an output of more than 300 km / h. The suction power during Laubsauger comes to 1080 m³ per hour and the ratio in the shredder is 12: 1. The high performance, both in the blowing, vacuuming and shredding, the Einhell Laubsauger has with wet leaves, but also with large leaves no problems. is used to offset the foliage in the use of suction in a collection bag. But before the foliage is passed into the collection bag, this is processed by the chopper. Due to the processing of aluminum shredder, this can also edit smaller branches effortlessly. The volume of collection bag is 50 liters, so you can take a lot of leaves.  

Very easy to use by Einhell Laubsauger

Chance was now pointed several times on the remote control by Einhell Laubsauger, for example in the selection of different functions. But of course, the Einhell Laubsauger also records total by a simple operation and handling.Take only the weight by Einhell Laubsauger as an example. The leaf vacuum has a weight of 6.2 kg. This sounds only once after a very difficult, especially if you would like to work a long time with the leaf vacuum. Here I had when buying quite also doubts and concerns. But this is unfounded, the work with the leaf vacuum is greatly facilitated by the construction. So the Einhell Laubsauger is equipped for example with two rollers on the head from the leaf vacuum. These two roles in connection with the handles, allowing a very good handling by the leaf vacuum, without the need to wear these. Must carry the leaf vacuum but even so is this not a problem. Den of the leaf vacuum is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap. By adjustment of the shoulder strap, you can adjust this to the respective body size optimally. Another point in the ease of use of Einhell Laubsauger, is the easy maintenance. Just the chopper should be cleaned after each use. Again convinced very easily through a cleanout to achieve the model of Einhell, to the shredder.  

Small lack with the reach

As the Einhell Laubsauger is operated, namely via an electrical cable, it was clear to me when purchasing. But now, after several months of use by Einhell Laubsauger, already provides this circumstance a small disadvantage. The working radius from Einhell Laubsauger is always dependent on how long the electric cable.


conclusion guyAs a conclusion to Einhell Laubsauger I would draw the following, the leaf vacuum is very well made. The leaf vacuum convinces with various functions such as vacuuming, vacuuming and shredding. But these functions are of course only efficient, with an electric motor. But here can convince the Leaf Blower Einhell because it has a rating 3000 watts. The Leaf Blower Einhell but also convinces with its ease of use. Thus the leaf vacuum is equipped with two big wheels, but also with different handles for a good grip, but even with a shoulder strap. So you can also have a longer time with the Einhell Laubsauger work. These is the leaf vacuum and the easy maintenance and security. Thus the leaf vacuum is for cleaning the shredder, equipped with a cleanout. In addition, the leaf vacuum is equipped with a safety switch, on which you can just cancel this. Due to these factors, and in view of the purchase price, me the Leaf Blower Einhell has convinced.

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