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Review: Bonus LS 260-14 Laubsauger

Leaves on the sidewalk, in the driveway or on the terrace, this does not only not nice, but can also be a danger.Who now but, as I have no desire to return, which can draw on a Leaf Blower bonus. This also I have done and I finally decided on the bonus Laubsauger. Why I decided just for the model of a bonus, you can find below.  

Reasons to buy from Laubsauger

I yet had no experience with a leaf blower, the purchase for me was mainly the price, but also decides the performance. Ultimately, I decided after many models for the model of bonus. This Laubsauger convinces not only with a very reasonable price, but also by its performance. Also was important to me, an electrical appliance to buy, where to assemble afterwards. So I could just unpack the bonus Laubsauger and get started with the work.  

Specifications for the Leaf Blower Bonus

made entirely Despite the bonus Laubsauger plasti st, he convinces through robust processing. As motor of Leaf Blower bonus is equipped with an electric motor, which comes on a power output of 2,600 watts. The electric motor is in this case to an idle speed of well 8000-14000 revolutions per minute. The degree of protection when the engine is IP 20. For operation of the Leaf Blower Bonus an electrical supply of 230 volts is necessary. The leaf vacuum is equipped with a correspondingly long electric cables, namely, having a length of 40 cm. Of course, this has a little disadvantage, the working radius from the leaf vacuum is always dependent on the cable length and the next outlet. Of course this is a small drawback in the leaf vacuum. Contrasting is the bonus Laubsauger available in different styles, so in a blue and black color. I have to decide for the leaf vacuum in blue tint. The dimensions of the leaf vacuum is 120 cm in length x 18 cm in width and 30 cm in height. As can be seen from these dimensions from the bonus Laubsauger, the leaf vacuum is a very compact format.  

Multiple functions from Laubsauger

As already mentioned, I have convinced the various functions on the purchase of bonus Laubsauger. So the Leaf Blower blows not only, but can with its other features also sucking and chopping. Especially in connection with a simple user Dung, the simple switching between the functions I've noticed here. Thus the leaf vacuum is equipped with a selector switch, which you have to press on the desired function. Of course, the individual functions have to prove but also in practice. In the function of bubbles Laubsauger au is an output of more than 160 up to 270 km / h.In the suction of the blower vac au is a capacity of 14 m³, the shredding takes 1:10. These are the data on the paper. But in practice, the leaf vacuum convinces with a strong performance, especially in optional extras such as wet leaves. Even wet leaves is not a problem while absorbing, but also when chopping.  

Ease of use from Laubsauger

With its processing and the various functions of the bonus Laubsauger convinces through a very simple operation.Special mention should be all his weight. Thus the leaf vacuum is only a weight of 3.4 kg. The leaf vacuum is thus very easy to transport. Relieved is working with the leaf vacuum additionally by a strap so you can easily shoulders and working the leaf vacuum. The shoulder strap can be in size very easy anpssen to needs. In addition, the work is made easier with the leaf vacuum, in which the leaf vacuum is equipped at the top with two small rolls. This allows you to Laubsauger just run across the floor and work with it. one uses the Bonus Laubsauger the suction, so of course the leaves must be collected. Given the Leaf Blower bonus is equipped with a catcher. This catcher is the leaf vacuum to a volume of about 40 liters. When I the catcher had the first time in his hand, I due to its small dimensions quite concerns. So I befrüchtet I the catcher constantly empty needs. But these concerns of mine have turned out to be unfounded. Den by equipping the leaf vacuum with a chopper, is directly shredded the foliage after vacuuming. Thus, much more true fit into the collection bag. In addition, I hereby noted another advantage, you can dispose of its leaves much easier. Simple in terms of operation from Laubsauger even that is emptied from the collection bag. So the collection bag has a zipper. If you want to empty the collection bag, can be very easy to do this through the zipper. Nor can the catcher, but also the shredder after use very easy to clean. By removing the collection bag has an easy access to the shredder. Again, I was fully convinced of the Leaf Blower bonus.  

found little shortage

After several months now in use by the Leaf Blower bonus, there is a small defect was noticeable. And this small deficiency affects the volume of leaf vacuum, so the leaf vacuum is operated at a noise level of 106 db. Especially when working with leaf vacuum for a long time, you realize this disadvantage of the volume already. Who wants to work with the leaf vacuum longer, which can recommend hearing protection.


conclusion guyProcessing from the bonus Laubsauger plastic, while the leaf vacuum very reliable. The Leaf Blower bonus but also convinces with a very powerful electric motor and various features such as bladders, sucking and chopping. Especially in connection with the various functions of the leaf vacuum is proving very simple in its use for. Thus the leaf vacuum is low in weight, equipped with two castors and an additional carrying strap.The possible working radius from the leaf vacuum is dependent on the electric cable and the next outlet. In addition to the many ways in which bonus Laubsauger convinced there is also a drawback, this is its volume in operation. Especially with a longer use the leaf vacuum, this disadvantage becomes noticeable. All in all, the leaf vacuum is but to anyone. Especially the purchase price in relation to the many benefits provided by the leaf vacuum is very low.

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