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Review: Gardena ErgoJet 3000 Leaf Blower

Leaves on the sidewalk, in the driveway and on the terrace in the garden, since I was suffering this always aufwenig to sweep away, I bought me a leaf blower. The choice here is like the Gardena ErgoJet 3000 leaf blowers. Why I decided precisely for this model and what experiences I have made with the leaf blower, you can find below.

That's why I chose the Gardena ErgoJet 3000

Before I decided 3000 leaf blowers for the Gardena ErgoJet, I've looked at a variety of models. For me buying especially the performance, ease of use and a favorable price as possible was important. These three characteristics I have all the Gardena ErgoJet can find 3000, thus ultimately is my choice fell on these leaf blowers.  

Technical details

The Gardena ErgoJet 3000 is very well made from plastic. Because of the processing of plastics, the leaf blower is very light in weight, which is an advantage especially in the prolonged use. When Gardena ErgoJet 3000 is not just a leaf blower, but also to a leaf vacuum. So you can not just blow leaves, but also to record. This is particularly important if you can not blow away the leaves. For me this was as important in terms of cleaning the sidewalk. The Gardena ErgoJet 3000 leaf blower is equipped for recording the leaves with a leaf bag. The leaf bag case has a volume of 45 liters. Equipped of Gardena ErgoJet 3000 leaf blower comes to a high performance, namely to 3000 Watt with an electric motor. For operation from Gardena ErgoJet 3000 an electric connection of 230 volts is necessary. This high performance is also reflected in the suction, but also in the blowing rate of leaf blowers. Thus the leaf blower comes to a blow speed of up to 310 km / h, in the suction power to an output of 170 liters per second. Especially wet leaves can blow very well due to the high blow rate.  

Facilities with a chopper

In addition to the suction and blowing function of Gardena ErgoJet 3000 also equipped with a shredder. The chopper is in this case produced very robust aluminum. Especially with the use of the suction function of the chopper has a great advantage that the absorbed foliage is equal chopped. So you can dispose easier later the foliage, but also has more space in its foliage sack. How much extra space you through the shredder in its foliage bag, can also be seen in the figures, the ratio is 16: 1. In the context of a chopper of course raises the question of the care. Due to the production to get good at the chopper, so you can easily clean after using this. A little water and a cloth are fully sufficient for cleaning the shredder.  

Operating from Gardena ErgoJet 3000

The first impression I had from Gardena ErgoJet 3000 leaf blower was that this is a very compact design.Assembling the leaf blower was not necessary. Operation from Gardena ErgoJet 3000 is very simple, although the leaf blower looks unwieldy from its shape a little. The leaf blower is very good in the hand, this is the one to thank for the handle, but also the low weight. So weigh the Gardena ErgoJet 3000 leaf blower only 4.5 kg. Thus, the leaf blower is very comfortable to hold, even during extended use. But even with the functions, so the suction and blowing function, can be controlled very easily. In connection with the suction of leaf blowers Gardena ErgoJet 3000 as mentioned above, equipped with a leaf bag. Again, convinced me of the leaves bag by its simple handling. So you can remove the leaves bag without much effort and empty. This is made possible by the equipment leaves bag with a zipper. So you have to empty the bag leaves, easy to unzip. For remove the foliage sack no tools are required. While the use of Gardena ErgoJet 3000 need also not worry, this one during the operation disturbs the foliage sack. The foliage of the bag is equipped with two small fastening hooks, which can be easily attached and removed again. In connection with the Gardena ErgoJet 3000 leaf blower turned me after purchase, of course the question, according to the volume. But here is the Gardena ErgoJet 3000 leaf blowers convinced as the leaf blower is in operation not noisy, but relatively quiet.  

Small disadvantages in Gardena ErgoJet 3000

After several months now in use by the Gardena ErgoJet 3000, I have identified two small disadvantages of leaf blowers. Namely, is this small drawback associated with wet leaves. Even if the leaf blower is equipped with a scraping edge, the leaf blower has at times some problems when recording from the leaves, when it is wet. Another disadvantage is related to the electric motor, so one needs an electric cable for operation. Through the electric cable, unfortunately, is the radius of the use of always the length of the electric cable and the next socket dependent. Of course, this fact restricts a little the uses of Gardena ErgoJet a 3000 Blower.


conclusion guy The Gardena ErgoJet 3000 leaf blowers convinces through its processing of plastic, with its low weight and the different functions. Thus the leaf blower is equipped with a blower and suction, but also with a chopper. The engine of the leaf blower comes on an output of up to 3000 watts. Besides the technical features, the Gardena ErgoJet 3000 convinces with its easy handling. Thus, the individual functions can be operated easily and. Even during prolonged work with the leaf blowersEmphasized the Gardena ErgoJet 3000 leaf blower is still of very low purchase price, in terms of high efficiency. The Gardena ErgoJet 3000 but also has two minor drawbacks, the first disadvantage here is the somewhat difficult uptake of wet leaves and the second disadvantage is the electrical connection. Den by the need for an electric cable of the radius in the use of leaf blowers is a little limited. All in all, I can recommend the 3000 Gardena ErgoJet anyone who wants to remove foliage on his property.  

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