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Review: Atika LSH2600 leaf blowers

A good and reliable leaf blowers need not always be expensive. This can be said at this point already. This leaf blower comes from Atika and leaves much to be desired. The leaf blower is perfect and is the buyer not disappoint.He has been provided primarily with a few great features. The leaf blower has an integrated shredder and this is good for the foliage that is sucked thereby, also to decrease in the container. The leaf blower is perfect and makes everything easier. Especially foliage can thus eliminate in a fast manner and is therefore much better to get everything well clean. It is an enormous foliage reduction possible with this leaf blowers. The unit is perfect for a quick switch and to decide between bubbles and chopping. This leaf blower, the purchase will certainly not regret it and the buyer can have his pleasure with the device. The functions are easy to reach. The engine runs here on AC power and therefore it is essential to have a power source nearby. But precisely for this reason the foliage harvester is as low and perfect for the traveler.  

The packaging and assembling the device

This leaves chopper is securely packaged and can be found in a cardboard box. This in particular includes the necessary components to the device to be able to build together, and then use it. The functions can only be visually observed if the leaf blower has been assembled. The device can, however, build a few steps together and then also work great. This leaves chopper is stable and will withstand a lot. Also, the bag in which the foliage is collected, met all expectations, which can only make it to the buyer. The device is provided with a lot of power and is the buyer not disappoint. Even the built-in shredder is perfect and will keep for a considerable time.  

The functions

If the leaf blower has been removed from the packaging, it can be built together. This works quite simple. It should be once again ensured that all screws have been properly tightened before starting the actual work. The leaf blower can then operate perfectly. Who wants to be sure, can also pull the manual for help. This will give all possible questions digestion. The shredder is perfect and will please everyone who is looking for such a device. Thus, the garden in the spring or in the fall can be whipped into shape again. The shredder must only be connected to AC power and has the user can fully access the features. This leaf blower is provided with a shoulder strap, which can be applied. After sucking or crushing of foliage can start.  

The efficiency

The bag must be collected the leaves in a position. Of course, the leaves can be easily blown away only and then everything is already clean. The leaf bag is thanks to the Hackel function can take a lot. For example, 90% can be saved thanks to this great function. Who umentscheidet and then just will blow the leaves, which can throw the switch and then do that. can be chopped up then of course again. In some cases, users want to bring the leaves only on a clean mountain together and then this function is always worthwhile. The device has a stepless speed control and even Mobile if required. This can be brought more quickly from one place to the other. This leaf vacuum, it is thanks to them that the garden within a short time can be clean again and the foliage does not impair the lawn.This will prevail much more fine.  

The important characteristics

Of course, the technical characteristics of the apparatus in highly relevant. The leaf blower from Makita has a built-in AC motor. This requires 230 volts and 50 Hz. Then he has a great shot in the amount of 2600 watts. The speed can be as mentioned earlier easily regulated and is therefore also perfect. Here, the power moves in the speed range 6000-14000 revolutions per minute. The suction power is also enormous and should not be despised. The device provides up to 720 cubic meters. This device is really great and even though it costs very little. That's a very good point, which falls most buyers certainly important. The speed is infinitely variable and the weight of the device is with 3.6 kg also very low. The device is very comfortable to hold. The Füllsack is opened and closed by zipper and is then also to use perfectly.But this point could also be seen as a lack of buyers. But still, there are no other deficiencies. That's really good, because at such a cheap equipment, most buyers expect some shortcomings, these are not found here but.


conclusion guy Finding a good leaf vacuum is not easy for most. But with this Leaf Blower Makita is no problem at all. The leaf vacuum will be completely satisfactory and it is therefore easier than ever to get back to the garden clean. This can be the case in a short time. The foliage is either chopped, then fit more into the collection bag or blown. That is entirely up to the user. The will also have great fun and still some time to enjoy his own device. All it takes to use the leaf vacuum or leaf blower is an extension cord.Then, the machine in the entire garden can be useful. Also on the street is such a leaf blower sense. It makes all great joy, so much foliage to eliminate and then to have everything nice and clean. The vacuum cleaner is great and will make a lot of joy. There is always a highlight when the device is used. This can now drop a job much easier and raking leaves should not be taken out of the shed. The catcher is able to absorb a lot and that is far more than is in the meadow. This fact is also perfect for composting.  

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