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Review: Syntrox LB-2800W Blower

The Syntrox LB-2800W leaf blower is a device that is suitable for sucking and blowing leaves. It is easy to use and looks very good. But the appearance is not yet critical in the device. The manufacturer has created this device in order to provide course work a lot easier for the user. This will also occur. The Cleaner is kept yellow in color. This applies especially to the chassis. By Remaining sucker every customer is completely satisfied and it is therefore also possible to perform work much faster. This applies especially to light work, such as the aspiration of the terrace and of course the lawn.If the foliage in the fall, then that looks natural once beautiful, but when the foliage starts to get wet, then it will not only be ugly, but add to the lawn and considerable damage. To avoid this, there is such a device. The vacuum cleaner is always great, and will also be useful in a variety of jobs around the house. It is easy to use and of course also has other advantages. However, it should not be forgotten that the manufacturer Syntrox is relatively unknown yet and could not establish too well. Nevertheless, here is a more detailed look worth the functionality and everything else. Therefore, should be read at this point simply.  

The Packaging!

In particular, the package will not be disappointed here. The unit is well packed and will then also easily unpack.Also assembling should be no problem. It may happen but unfortunately that something is missing and that should not actually be the case. If parts are missing or abort because they are inferior, then the buyer should not hesitate to put the device back into the package and send it to the manufacturer or seller back. Unfortunately, it is in the device and so that there are many different opinions about this. It will find buyers who are completely satisfied with their leaf blower, while others are more than just satisfied. But it may also be that while only want the quality of the equipment left something and people just were unlucky when buying. A closer look is worth the time and should be perceived. This unit is equipped with a robust housing and has a wide suction port.  

The operation

It is easy to obtain the entry into operation of leaf blowers. This was never so easy. Whoever still doubts whether he does everything right, which should not place too far away the user. Now it is important that these leaf blowers, the leaves can blow from the spot. He is the buyer not disappoint. The leaf blower is great and also makes much. He looks good and can put good hands. Before it can go with the actual work going on, nor the power cable has to be laid. This is essential for the operation of the device. But usually everyone has a good and sufficient cable in the house and can begin work quickly. Then you can choose between the stages. When bubbles which will play no role. Should, however, be drawn to the device, then this will be only sparsely.Although the device has a great collection bag on board, but this is unfortunately not so quickly filled as the user this will perhaps wish. The leaf blower is probably rather intended to blow away the leaves, as for sucking. When sucking the leaves should not be difficult. But that desire most buyers. You want the leaves are going on with the equipment immediately and does not need to return for ever more together.  

Technical Details

The device promises a high suction power. Here should be no problem at 780 square meters per hour. The fan has a speed of 240 kilometers per hour. Here it can be said that similar devices almost can produce twice of it. It is good that the apparatus in a matching carrying strap is included in delivery. Thus the device can be quickly attached to the back and the shoulders. Of course, a collecting bag included. On the intake manifold offers convenient rolls. This allows the device to be driven along the ground. A Häckselturbine will reduce the leaves and must be, in such a device. The built-in motor is running on AC power and has a low consumption. The speed is appropriate here.The device makes a solid impression, but is this not comply with the performance. The speed is sufficient and the input power is perfect. The device is due to an understandable instructions quick to use and to learn. There is a great vacuum cleaner, which can make a lot of joy. But if this really is always fulfilled also, wish to remain.


conclusion guy Especially in the fall, when the days get shorter, this device is in demand.Everyone enjoys again the last warm sunbeams and admits at home in your garden the leaves away. It is desirable, though, such a leaf blower is available to eliminate the leaves. Unfortunately, this device may not meet the expectations that will satisfy the user in mind. The leaf blower comes on much joy and not too low. Nevertheless, one or the other buyer is disappointed. It can already with a kind of lottery are considered and thus it is always an odd circumstance with the device really to clean the garden.It is a leaf blower, which also requires patience and of course makes everything a little more exciting. The device itself is easy to use. It is the buyer make fun and not too low. Who decides is right. Although it is also possible that the buyer will be disappointed, but that's hopefully just a single case. The device is a perfectly possible in any case. The leaves can be blown off the Lawn or the terrace.

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