Robomow Premium RC 304 mowing robot

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Test report: Robomow Premium RC 304 mowing robot


Commissioning of Robomow Premium RC 304 mowing robot

To begin with, the mowing robot is very complicated at first sight. In order to be able to put it into operation properly, it must first be installed and programmed. Before all this is correct, you had to familiarize yourself a bit with the functions. This took a bit of time, but it was really worth it in the end. With the help of the manual you could get along with the system super. In addition, the LCD also helped with the fact that one could read the settings on it, which in turn also simplified the setup. Once all programming and installation has been completed, Robomow Premium RC 304 mowing robot can be put into operation. It is powered by battery. This must be fully charged beforehand. This means that it is advisable to charge the battery while you are still programming the robot. According to the manufacturer, the charging time for a full charge is about 80 minutes. When the battery is fully charged, the robot can mow the lawn without interruption for 50 minutes.  

Data sheet of Robomow Premium RC 304

The mowing robot offers an amazing power of 200 watts. After the robot has mown the lawn for 50 minutes without interruption and the battery is empty, the device goes automatically to the charging station. When the battery is fully charged again, the mowing robot automatically re-starts its work. The cutting blade is equipped with extremely sharp knives, which ensures a perfect, desired cut. The sensors of the premium robotic robot RC 304 are responsible for the robot's ability to avoid any obstacles encountered. The cutting height can be set at any height between 20 and 40 millimeters. Furthermore, the lawnmower can score points thanks to its quiet engine. It achieves a maximum loudness of only 68 decibels during operation, which makes it significantly quieter than normal lawnmowers. As a comparison: 68 decibels is about the volume of a louder conversation or a typewriter. To start the robot, a Pine input is necessary. This is used, among other things, to ensure that children can not simply put them into operation (children are generally to be kept away from lawn mowers!) And also as theft protection. The robot can be used on lawns between 50 and 400 square meters.  

Power and weight of the robot

As described above, the motor has a power of 200 watts, which results in a very good performance. The total weight of the lawn mower is 10 kilograms, making the robot lighter than other robots.  

Other functions of the mowing robot

If the rain should be used, you can program the robot beforehand so that when the rain starts, it automatically breaks the work and goes to the charging station. It does not therefore require constant supervision. Another very useful function is the mulching function of the robot. This means that it cuts the mown lawn extra-small and returns it to the existing ground, since mowing robots do not have a collecting container. This also has a significant advantage, because the so-called mulching ensures a much healthier and more fertile soil.  


The operation of the robot is extremely simple. All controls are mounted directly on the device and do not require any complicated remote controls. All settings can also be read on the LCD display. The limiting cable is included in the package and can be simply hooked into the ground with hooks. The robot can be programmed quickly and easily with any help of the manual. If the battery is charged, the robot should be ready for use after only half to three-quarter hours.  

Robomow Premium RC 304 mowing robot in Praxistest

The operation of the robot is very simple. All controls are clearly visible. The functions should however be read in the instructions and are not self-explanatory. If one has familiarized with the functions and meanings, one notices that a lot of technology is installed in the device. The cutting performance of the mowing robot is surprisingly fast and precise. Despite the speed, the device works very precisely. All the tested cuts were almost perfect. The battery is also very positive. Even if the battery charge tends to end, the cut quality does not suffer. Up to the last second, the cutting quality always remains at the same high level.  

Robomow services and warranty

The manufacturer Robomow gives a guarantee of two years on the device. If repairs are necessary on the device, the device can be sent directly to the manufacturer within the guarantee period, which repairs the device without major problems. If you have further questions regarding the product, which can be answered neither in the network, nor in the instructions, you can contact the manufacturer via the manufacturer website. Various contact options are possible. There is a hotline for direct contact, but you can also contact the manufacturer by email.


Conclusion guyThe Robomow Premium RC 304 is the ideal garden assistant for lawns between 50 and 400 square meters. The 200 watt power of the robot is amazing and it always delivers reliable, fast and clean services. The function that you can adjust the cutting height itself (between 20 and 40 millimeters) is a great service. Whether you want to use the mown lawn for mulching or afterwards cleans, you can decide of course. The robot is therefore the perfect lawnmower for areas between 50 and 400 square meters. Also the daily lawn mowing is no problem. A very helpful tool at a consumer friendly price. So if you need a garden assistant because simply the time is missing or maybe also the desire, for which the Robomow Premium lawn mower RC 304 is perfect. A fast, clean cut in any, adjustable height to a relatively reasonable price convinces completely. With this device the lawn mows itself completely. Never again annoying, time-winding lawn mowing.  

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