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Test report: Bosch Indego 1000 Mähroboter

It costs time and strength, the speech is from the lawn mowing. For this reason I looked for a mowing robot. It is impressive which selection and above all, what technical possibilities exist in this area. Ultimately, my choice has fallen on the Bosch Indego 1000 mowing robot. Why it should be calculated that this Bosch mowing robot had to be, can be experienced in this little experience report.  

That's why it was the Bosch mowing robot

Good functionality was very important to me when buying a mowing robot. The Bosch mowing robot has convinced me above all of its very robust processing, but also its functions. For example, the mowing robot is equipped with GSM technology. Also the automatic charge convinced me with the Bosch mowing robot. Even if the Bosch mowing robot is not quite cheap, the whole package offers me this model, completely convinced.  

Technical details about the Bosch mowing robot

The Bosch mowing robot is a very solid piece of plastic. Its power is supplied by the mowing robot via a battery, which comes to a capacity of 32.4 volts, the type of the battery is a lithium-ion battery. The mowing robot is equipped with a navigation system. For the movement, the Bosch mowing robot is equipped with wheels. The wheels are made of rubber and are equipped with a special profile. Even with moisture or a slope, the Bosch mowing robot has a very good grip in the lawn. Also, the tires of the Bosch mower can not damage the lawn.Because of the autonomous operation, security also plays an important role. The Bosch mowing robot is equipped with various safety functions. These safety functions ensure safe operation and can be easily adjusted. A big advantage with the Bosch mowing robot is surely also the extensive accessories.Accessories include, among others, 200 m of limiting wire, around 400 fastening hooks, fastening nails, cable connections, but also the charging station. The dimensions of the mowing robot are 70 x 51.7 x 30 cm, with a weight of only 11 kg. The mowing robot is color-coded in a green design.  

Handling from the Bosch mowing robot is easy

The Bosch mowing robot is very easy to use, so it is not necessary to control the mowing robot directly. Rather, one can also do its mowing robot over the navigation system installed in the device. With a corresponding app you can download, you can also control the robot from Bosch via his smartphone. If you do not want this, you can also control the mowing robot directly. As already mentioned, the mowing robot is provided with corresponding safety devices. This means that the Bosch mowing robot can also be operated without supervision. If, for example, the mowing robot is lifted or stopped, it switches off immediately. The Bosch mowing robot also constantly checks its charging status with the battery. If the battery becomes weak, the mowing robot automatically mows the lawn and drives its charging station independently. This is, of course, a great advantage because you do not have to supervise the mowing robot. Also, you do not have to carry it by the independent starting of the charging station, also not. When mowing the lawn, the Bosch mowing robot is oriented on the boundary cable. This is the only effort to be made with the use of the mowing robot. You have to remove the lawn area with the limiting cable. The mowing robot mows very reliably, especially the mulching function. This also makes it much easier to work with the Bosch mowing robot because you do not have to collect the grass after mowing afterwards. Also, the mulching through the mowing robot is good for the lawn and the growth. With the already mentioned dimensions and the weight, the mowing robot is very compact. This is very useful when you want to store the mowing robot in your garage or in your garden shed.  

Care with the Bosch mowing robot

The care of the Bosch Indego 1000 mowing robot is not unimportant. Even if the mowing robot does a lot of things independently, this does not apply to the care after lawn mowing. Rather, you have to grab water and a cloth here to clean the mowing robot. This should also be done, which is only then also a long lifetime of the Bosch mowing robot ensured. You should be careful with the battery, so that it is not always fully emptied and then recharged. This is due to the efficiency of the battery in the mowing robot. Over time, of course, the knives in the mowing robot are blunt, but you can change them very easily. The mowing robot I have now for several months in the use, wearer with the knives but I have not yet determined.  

Disadvantages of the mowing robot

After some months of use, I have noticed the first disadvantages of the Bosch Indego 1000 Mährebotor. One of these disadvantages is the wheels of the mowing robot. Already twice I had to tighten the screws of the wheels again. There is probably a smaller probem in the processing. There have also been two disturbances in connection with the automatic start-up of the charging station. In both cases, these shortcomings do not have any major impact on the use of the Bosch mowing robot, but the manufacturer should nevertheless improve here.


Conclusion guyMade of plastic, the Bosch Indego 1000 is a mowing robot. The mowing robot is designed very compact, but can mow more than just lawn. So you can also mulchen with the mowing robot from Bosch. Overall, the handling and handling of the Bosch mowing robot is a very simple matter. This allows you to set and control the mowing robot directly on the device or via your smartphone. For example, one could also control the mowing robot from the road. The mowing robot itself also monitors itself. If, for example, it is raised, the mower will automatically turn itself off. It also monitors the charge level of its battery. If this is weak, he stops mowing and drives his loading station. The mowing robot is supplied with all necessary accessories, such as the limiting cable and the hook. In use, I have two minor flaws, on the one hand this affects the attachment of the wheels. Here I have already tighten the screws twice. The second deficiency is the reliability of the independent start-up at the loading station. Here it was already isolated to disturbances. Overall however, the Bosch Indego 1000 mowing robot convinced me completely. For this reason, I would recommend the Bosch Indego 1000 mowing robot at any time.  

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