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Test report: Wiper ECO Robot Blitz 2 Mähroboter

The Wiper ECO Robot Blitz 2.0 mowing robot in the video

High-quality sensor technology

The Wiper ECO Robot Blitz is a self-propelled mowing robot that automatically mows the lawn up to a recommended area of approx. 400 sqm. Luckily this model does not require any wire laying, as opposed to other mowing robots, it has grating recognition sensors. These graticule sensors are extremely reliable and accurate. The Wiper mowing robot can be operated in a child-friendly manner, with only three buttons the Wiper can be controlled quickly. The Wiper ECO Robot Blitz is equipped with an extensive safety equipment and has a four-wheel drive.The all-wheel drive allows independent driving even on slopes up to 50%.  

Comprehensive security package

Of course, the security must not be neglected, so the Wiper has some protective features, which provides maximum security. The extensive safety package includes impact sensors and grip sensors, as well as a measuring starter and an emergency stop. The ZGS sensors recognize ridge edges, which means that the installation of interfering limiting wires is not necessary. The intelligent sensor system detects different obstacles such as fences, hedges and trees. The obstacles must have a height of at least 9 cm to detect the sensors. A four-digit pincode should also protect the device against unauthorized use. Children can not simply start the Wiper, because he first requires the pin code. If the automatic lawn mower is lifted, the knives stop immediately, if it encounters an obstacle, it immediately changes the direction.  

Efficient lawn mowing

This mowing robot also cuts the lawn very efficiently, it automatically changes the direction of travel when the edge is reached and mows. Despite the fact that the Wiper is relatively simply constructed, he convinces with his good result. In addition, the Wiper can be used immediately without having to lay cables or limiting wires. The wiper does not have a separate charging station, so it is highly recommended to charge the mowing robot for a few hours after mowing, so that it has full batteries when it is used next time. The loading of the mowing robot is simple and uncomplicated, even if somewhat uncomfortable.  

Individual adaptation of the cutting height

The Wiper is height-adjustable, the desired lawn height can be adjusted. The height is adjusted by means of a supplied spacer, which is located under the knife. The height adjustment is indeed quite in order, but however not really variable, the adjustment can however without large problems make.  

Powerful 4WD engine

The powerful motor drives the Wiper ECO Robot Blitz reliably, because of the powerful motor slopes and small edges are no problem for him. It travels up to 50% without stopping or changing the direction, mowing the lawn thoroughly. In addition to the powerful engine, the wheels contribute to the fact that this mowing robot is so mobile.All wheels are the same size and give the Wiper a great grip on the lawn. Despite all the safety precautions, the mowing robot should not be left unattended in households with smaller children.


Conclusion guySince the Wiper ECO Robot Blitz is not exactly very cheap, the expectation is correspondingly high. The Wiper is equipped with many safety functions, which also function reliably and thus ensure the necessary safety. The possibility to enter a pin code is a nice addition, it can be prevented that children can start the mowing robot. A further advantage is that the Wiper does not require the installation of a limiting wire, it detects the edge of the edge by means of sensors and changes the direction. The mowing result is quite satisfactory, minor bumps and easy slopes the wiper effortlessly creates. This automatic lawn mower can be easily controlled by three buttons. The height adjustment is uncomplicated, but this is, in the possibility but somewhat limited. The Wiper does not have a charging station, which is a pity it would certainly be more comfortable if he had one. The recharge time is perfectly fine and is enough to mow the entire garden in one run. However, the garden should not be larger than the manufacturer's stated 400 sqm. The Wiper works quickly and generally properly, so the customer can use the time when the Wiper ECO Robot Blitz mows the garden. However, it can happen that the lawn sensor does not work properly and the Wiper continues to the flowerbed. In this case, he must be brought back on course. It is then advisable to interrupt the mowing process and to free the sensors from the lawn. Even in the high grass, this mowing robot is very advanced, then the powerful engine power and the large wheels that it brings with it.

A little effort is required

Without the need to intervene, the lawn is not mown by the Wiper ECO Robot Blitz. Nevertheless, the result is good and the small quirks in between are not permanent. It would be desirable to improve the speed sensor, but all other technical functions work without problems. The Wiper detects obstacles, turns immediately, and the stop function works as soon as the unit is raised. For the price the Wiper is a good device, which facilitates the mowing process substantially.  

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