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Test report: MTD SMART BM 87-35 Beam mower

Powerful beam mower

The MTD SMART BM 87-35 bar mower is a suitable harvester for grass, herbs and small shrubs, which are too large for the scythe and the garden lawn mower and too small or inaccessible for the combine harvester. The operation of the beam mower is roughly comparable to the function of a motor-driven hedge trimmer. A movable blade running sideways on a rigid counter-rotating blades or with finger-shaped blades. The finger-shaped cutting blade cut everything is located between them. Although machine beam mowers were used massively in agriculture only in the thirties of the last century, the functional principle has a long tradition. On carvings of antiquity it is shown how draft animals draw a two-wheeled frame behind which a box is mounted. The lower sharp edge of the box obviously cuts cereal that land in the box. An antique precursor of the beam mower.The MTD SMART BM 87-35 boom mower drives a 148-cubic centimeter four-stroke engine with 3100 revolutions per minute and a power of 1.9 kW / about 1.2 HP / the wheels and the cutting unit. The airy 13-inch wheels with a strong terrain profile safely guide the MTD mower SMART BM 87-35 over the terrain. The bulging handles on long guide rails allow safe control.  

Application possibilities for the MTD beam mower SMART BM 87-35

The MTD mower SMART BM 87-35 can be used as a harvesting machine wherever other harvesters fail or are not efficiently used. On slopes, hilly meadows, large grasslands which can not be worked with a garden lawnmower or a scythe or meadows that are covered with strong and high grass. The universal knife blade with hardened knife blades allows a clean cut on meadows, pebbles and pastures. The beam mower can also be used for grain harvesting on small fields. Animal breeders, small farmers and hobbyists cultivate crops on small fields for self-sufficiency or as feed. Also the agricultural cultivation of natural herbs on small cultivation areas can be interesting on this level. For this purpose, a bar mower is the ideal harvesting machine. The cutting height of the MTD bar mower SMART BM 87-35 is variably adjustable. It is between 10 and 30 millimeters. The working width of this is 87 centimeters. This allows a fast and efficient work in harvesting cultivation areas or natural meadows. The MTD mower SMART BM 87-35 is particularly versatile and versatile in slopes and mountain pastures. The weight of only 53 kilograms allows easy handling of the harvester and a problem-free transport to the place of work if required.Further application possibilities arise in the winter. With the snow chains for the rugged tires and a mountable snow plow, the MTD mower SMART BM 87-35 turns into a motorized snow plow with just a few hand movements.  

Further features and advantages of the MTD mower SMART BM 87-35

The spars of the MTD beam mower SMART BM 87-35 are particularly low-vibration due to counter-rotating blades on the cutter bar. The guide rails are equipped with vibration dampers. They are height-adjustable and can be folded in during transport. The start of the MTD mower SMART BM 87-35 is carried out with a cable pull starter.This saves additional costs for a battery launch device and unnecessary weight. The cutter bar is equipped with a side impact protection with height-adjustable skids. The drive and the deck is equipped with two separate clutch levers, as well as set up for self-propelled lawn mowers garden. This makes it possible to drive the mower with poorly cuttable passages without Mähfunktion or use the Mähfunktion without propulsion. The manufacturer MTD MTD Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio, is one of the world leaders in the manufacture, design and marketing of motorized Garden tools. The company was already founded in 1932 by emigrated German engineers. In addition to the lawnmowers, the product range also includes lawn mowers, ride-on mowers, motorhacks, chain saws or products such as snowmilling and quads. The products of MTD are exported under various brand names to almost all countries of the world. They are characterized by a low price and reliable functionality.  

Availability, delivery and spare parts

The MTD-beam mower SMART BM 87-35 is present in retail stores of the garden trade and the DIY stores. The German branch of the manufacturer, MTD Deutschland GmbH, assumes delivery, service and spare parts procurement. According to reports and reviews on the Internet, the spare parts supply is excellent. Internet sales portals like eBay and Amazon also carry the MTD beam mower SMART BM 87-35. Dealers and sales partners of the manufacturer offer the MTD mower SMART BM 87-35 at the same price level with minor differences. A price research on the Internet can provide action-dependent price differences between 50,00 and 150,00 Euro. The delivery takes place within 3-5 working days.


Conclusion guy The MTD beam mower SMART BM 87-35 is an excellent harvester for surfaces that meet special requirements. High grass, natural herbs thin shrubs can be excellently mowed with the beam mower. If you have pastures and paddocks, or have to mow regularly hilly meadows, the MTD mower SMART BM 87-35 is the suitable mower. In particular, plants that reach a knee-high or higher growth quickly can be kept at a low growth height with the MTD beam mower SMART BM 87-35. In winter, the MTD beam mower SMART BM 87-35 can be turned into a motorized snow plow with just a few hands. The manufacturer is judiciously tailoring its production to cost-effective products with reliable function. With the MTD-beam mower SMART BM 87-35, this succeeded well.

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