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Test report: AL-KO BM 875 III Balkenmäher

Baler AL-KO BM 875 in the test The AL-KO BM 875 bar mower is designed to simplify gardening. How this beam mower has cut off in the practice test can be read in the following.  

Purchase of the beam mower

You can buy this bar mower in some DIY stores (not all have it in the assortment) or online at various large mail-order houses, where the device is nevertheless directly sold by the manufacturer and thus expensive costs for intermediaries. If you order the beam mower in the net, it has usually already arrived within the next working day. It is supplied in a large, stable cardboard weighing 54 kilograms, which protects the contained component very well. A manual is also included in the scope of delivery, in which the user gets all the information - even with the help of graphics.  

Component and material

The AL-KO BM 875 bar mower contains a lot of high-quality metal. Despite the many metal are on tester no dangerous sharp corners or edges included. The large handlebar sits comfortably in the hand, ensures comfortable move and steer the device and was comfortably equipped with soft plastic. Since the device is equipped with large wheels, is it is very stable and gives no cause for concern that it may fall over. the unit has an American engine manufacturer Briggs & Stratton, provides 3.3 hp and brings 2900 rpm on the clock.  

Numbers in the overview:

- 3.3 hp motor - 2900 rpm - 5 kg weight - Product Dimensions: 80 x 60 x54 cm - 87 cm wide cutting blade - 1.5 liters in the tank - 2400 W  

The Praxistest

Before the lawn mower can be used, a few small assembly work must be carried out, but it is easy for everyone to do it. Then only the tank with 1.5 liters capacity must be filled and already the device can be put into operation. The first impression should be very positive, because despite the powerful engine, this is relatively quiet. Also the crescent-shaped knife can hardly be heard. This means that the lawn mower can also be used at times when other devices can not be used due to the volume. The AL-KO bar mower 875 III could even be cut through tall grass, which has not been mown for longer, as well as firmer crop. Even thicker stems were no problem and were cut without problems. The cutting bar itself measures a proud 87 cm and fulfills its work to the fullest satisfaction. The entire, wide track was cut without blemish. Even in hills or other elevations, it was no problem for the lawnmower to cut the grass. The device is therefore very well suited for appealing, aesthetic editing pictures. All straws are cut equally long and without problems. Thanks to the 87 cm wide mowing beam, the work and time expenditure is limited. Larger lawns should be done quickly and satisfactorily in the future.  

Effective with large lawns

With its 3 horsepower strong engine, the Lawnmower is a very powerful yet quiet device for all mowing work - even with thicker stalks or other mowing material. Thanks to the soft plastic handles, the lawnmower is very handy and therefore very good and easy to control. Because of the good drive, almost no human muscle power is required to move the mower. The wheels react optimally to the human movements and drive exactly as you want. Whether grass, herbs or weeds that sharp, sickle-shaped knife all cuts through any normal grass plants. In our field tests, the device cuts off when the Balkenmähgeräten the first place.


Conclusion guy The price / performance ratio of the unit is top. We could not find any significant deficiencies in the product throughout the Praxistest and can recommend it to people who are looking for a beam mower. A lawn mower, which simplifies the gardening considerably. Lawn mowing is faster and easier. The processing of the device is perfect. In the same way, the bar mower was able to finish with the top marks handling & comfort, cutting results and price / performance. Even if other customers reviews or customer read through reviews on the net, you come consistently positive feedback.Summary of the positive points - perfect cutting results - comfortable lead - easy and fast assembly (even for beginners) - powerful engines yet silent - easy to cut any grasses - price / performance ratio is great as you can see, the lawn mower AL-KO BM 875 has a number of positive points. The gardening will be much more fun with this comfortable device and takes much less time than with a normal lawnmower. Thanks to the 87-centimeter wide beam, even large lawns are mown in just a few minutes. Since the device can be put into operation with just one push of a button and is also switched off again, it always ensures safe handling. Within a fraction of a second the device is completely switched off. So if you are looking for a new lawnmower, the AL-KO BM 875 lawn mower is the ideal solution. And not only in terms of price / performance ratio.

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