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Test report: McCulloch MPF72B Balkenmäher

That should be a lawn?

I had done it. I bought a farmstead after I had accepted my life companion. It was her wish and I had nothing against it in the prizip. Even though we were not so bad at managing the farm and we took time with the animals (we always gradually created new companions, because it should become a graze yard), I had completely ignored that still a fairly large green area To our farm. That's why we bought him. The big meadow, when there are cows or horses, they also need space and space. After half a year I dared to the theme meadow and wanted to look at it.But I was soon hit. This was not a meadow, which was a hilly area with sloops, partly rocky ground and a good meter high grass growth.  

It had to be a grassclaw

Completely desperate, I had told my wife about my visit. We were not able to remember the situation when we first walked into the shop. Now good advice was expensive. With our little lawnmower, which I had taken from our small tenement house, I could not expect much. So I gave myself the nakedness and went to the nearest farmer and asked him what I could do. He said that only one would help. A beam mower. Much more talkative he was not. With this new information, I went home and sat in front of the computer. I looked for beam mowers. I had no idea what I had to look out for, what was important, what the device had to have. After a flood of bar mowers my gaze kept returning to the McCulloch MPF72B mower. I had already accept cash in hand a large sum, so why not this device. He gave me a good impression at first glance and I thought the list of features and the price were well proportioned.  

A yellow giant

After my order I had to wait over a week for the delivery. The grass grew naturally. I had doubts whether we would ever see a reason. After eight days of my delivery came. By truck. I thought I did not look right when I looked more closely at the delivery note. 62kg. It was 53kg device and the rest of the packaging. After removing the carton, I had to assemble the mower. Thanks for instructions, but I was glad I did not have two left hands.  

The first use

Before I could work with my new mower, I had to fill the tank. The small petrol engine with a displacement of 127 ccm had already fascinated me with my affinity for motor-driven things. If the tight liter, because I filled in the tank would also only 50m rich, then he would have already won. The steering is unique. The fact that the McCulloch MPF72B beam mower weighs almost as much as I do, is more manoeuvrable than a cat. However, I could thus also not imagine that it should therefore come over hill and dale. Once on the meadow, I started him. Well, he's a bit noisy. But first he has a gasoline engine and secondly, his performance then made up for it again.  

From the jungle is a meadow

As soon as I had let him go to the high grass, it was already gone. Within a few hours and with only once tank refill, I have done it with the McCulloch MPF72B bar mower managed to make the whole meadow free. At last I could understand the extent of the size. I could see the enclosure in front of me. And this mower had managed in a very short time. With large ground waves I had to put a lot of force, but he did not even hang. And what also speaks for him is that his weight had not been noticeable in handling.  

Today I have hay

I left the grass cut and now hay has come out of it. Our barn is well filled thanks to the McCulloch MPF72B bar mower. But only for the one-time use I should not have bought it. Today I use it regularly. We have cows now, which their mercy bread, in which they eat the grass from the meadow, but also the two are not fast enough. For that I have the yellow giant. And he also has a soft side. Our lawn in our flower garden can be trimmed wonderfully. I can be proud of my regular lawn. My old lawn mower is only used sometimes, because even if the beam mower has no collecting container, that does not matter. I leave the grass lying out of the lawn, the best fertilizer there is. If I do not want a green cut, then the old mower.


Conclusion guy The McCulloch MPF72B mower gives me the following benefits: super processing of sturdy metal housing, an extensive user manual with tips and hints for maintenance, class price-performance, easy operation lever for controlling the cutting deck and unbeatable in the tall grass and unwegigem terrain. The disadvantage I feel only the small tank, even if he goes long, it was too small for my 3500 square meters, and the assembly which is not carried out so eifach for everyone. However, I am thanks to McCulloch MPF72B cutting bar a worry lighter and a meadow for our animals Richer

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