Makita BLM430ZX2C Battery Lawn Mower

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Test report: Makita BLM430ZX2C battery lawn mower

A lawn mower must perform very well in one season. For this reason, care should be taken when purchasing a lawn mower. We have been testing the Makita BLM430ZX2C Lawn Mower for you in detail.  

The Makita BLM430ZX2C Cordless Lawn Mower at a glance

The Makita lawn mower BLM430ZX2C is equipped with a large fledging bag with a volume of fifty liters. The battery power of 36 volts and 1.5 to 5.0 Ah allows the garden owner to mow a lawn area of up to 600 square meters Makita is one of the leading manufacturers of hand-held power tools and produces worldwide. The product range is designed for home improvement and professional craftsmen. If you already have battery tools from Makita, you can use the same batteries. This saves a lot of money. The Makita cordless lawn mower convinces with its low noise level and the very good processing.  

Features and features

The manufacturer's recommended mowing surface for the Makita BLM430ZX2C cordless lawn mower with a cutting width of 43 centimeters is up to 600 square meters. The height-adjustable spar can be individually adapted to the different user sizes and thus ensures a back-friendly operation. The height can be easily adjusted via the quick release fasteners, which are mounted directly on the cutting deck. Also the cut height can be adjusted thirteen times between twenty and 75 millimeters The handle of the seventeen kilogram heavy lawnmower is softly sheathed and is therefore still comfortable in the hand even after hours. The housing of the unit is made of sturdy polypropylene and is particularly UV- and weather-resistant. The existing catch box has a volume of fifty liters and allowed in the test a sufficient long time for mowing, without having to empty the fangsack The quality of the small parts is excellently processed.  

Transport and security

The Makita BLM430ZX2C Lawn Mower is equipped with a safe switch-on lock. To start the device or the electric motor, the key must be inserted into the mower housing with the battery. This means very good safety, since the lawn mower can not be put into operation unintentionally. Right at the front of the Makita BLM430ZX2C cordless lawn mower sits a large carrying handle with which the battery lawn mower can be transported easily and comfortably. The spar can be folded relatively quickly onto the cutting deck with the help of the quick release fasteners. When folded, the compact device can be transported even better. With a weight of seventeen kilograms including batteries, the Makita Lawnmower is not a light weight, nevertheless it proves in the test perfectly in the handling. Plus cut material and Fangbox these Lawn mowers from Makita in the test also very good. The nylon catch has a filling capacity of more than 50 liters. This is sufficient in this mower class. In addition, the Fangsack has a hard-top with a large handle and a stable base plate, and promises a long life.  

The Makita BLM430ZX2C cordless lawnmower features

The battery lawnmower is equipped with a key lock and a folding handlebar. The carrying handle in the cutting deck and the overload protection as well as the battery capacity indicator round off this special gardening tool. The robust polypropylene housing is UV and weather resistant. The nylon bag is equipped with hard top and bottom plate. The cutting height is centrally very fine, adjustable in thirteen steps. The height can be adjusted in five millimeter increments. In addition, the mower is equipped with the well thought-out XPT (Extreme Protection Technology). The accessories included in the delivery include the nylon grass collecting basket, a sickle knife, as well as a converter for the use of two eighteen volt batteries or a 36 volt Li-Ion battery. The BLM430ZX2C lawn mower from Makita is supplied without battery and without charger. This is an advantage for the buyers who are already in possession of Makita battery hand tools. Because the same batteries can be used and this is a real money saving.With this Makita model, either two 18 volt batteries or only a 36 Volt battery can be used. The converter required for this is included in the delivery as already mentioned above. Another special feature is the cutting system. With a cutting width of 43 centimeters, the mowing work progresses rapidly. With the BLM430ZX2C lawnmower a sickle knife cutting system cuts the grass. The wide, ball-bearing wheels ensure a good run even in the high grass.  

The advantages at a glance

+ Very good value + Perfect workmanship + Powerful 36 Volt battery with Ah-classes are from 1.5 to 5.0 Ah suitable + The battery from other Makita devices can be used + There is the possibility of two 18 Volt or a use 36 volt battery + Large collection box


Conclusion guy The BLM430ZX2C is the largest battery lawn mower of the brand Makita.With a surface area of up to 600 square meters, this unit is the perfect choice for garden owners who want to mow quietly without exhaust fumes. The somewhat higher weight is justified by the very good and robust processing. The Makita BLM430ZX2C battery lawnmower requires a higher investment, but it promises a long life, as the manufacturer Makita has produced the Lawnmower with a long-time experience in the field of tools. This useful gardening tool is recommended for those DIY enthusiasts who already work with Makita batteries, as the existing batteries are compatible with the Lawnmower and can be used. The Makita battery has tremendous power reserves, is also easy to operate and is very manoeuvrable.

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