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Test report: Hecht 587 Balkenmäher

In contrast to conventional lawn mowers, the Pike 587 bar mower is a gardening tool for coarse work. The beam mower is equipped with a cutter bar which is installed in front of the appliance. The principle of this lawn mower is based on a single-axle or single-axle tractor system. Single-axle machines are mainly used in agriculture to process the soil, and attachments such as plows, reversing machines or beam mowers are used and are connected to PTO shafts. The Pike 587 mower is due to its versatility multitalented and also for hobby gardeners especially interesting when a large and difficult terrain must be mowed. The mower Hecht 587 has successfully a test subject.  

Optics and design

The Pike 587 beam mower has a modern and high-quality look and is characterized by the colors red, silver and black. A large cutter bar, which is installed in the front area of the beam mower, becomes an absolute sight. The design is similar to that of the classic devices of the manufacturer, which have been successfully sold in recent years. The majority of the pike 587 beam mower is made of robust metal. The cover, the handles and other small parts are made of plastic.  

Comfort and handling

The handling of the Pike 587 bar mower Holm is very simple thanks to the rubberized handles. In the lawnmower test, the holed construction of the handles proved to be very positive, since an increased weld formation is prevented during operation. The pike beam mower has a weight of more than fifty kilograms, but thanks to the flexible wheels, fast steering is possible. The terrain profile wheels of the pike beam mower have always provided a good grip even on uneven ground and wet ground. A safe handling of the mower is also ensured. The pike beam mower is perfect for mowing various areas, no matter how strong the slope is. Especially the practical forward gear, whose performance can be variably adjusted, makes it possible to drive the bar mower from Hecht easily through the terrain.  

Technical specifications

Displacement: 173 cubic centimeter engine: four-stroke OHV Model AT600 Engine Power: 3.6 kilowatts or five horsepower at 3,600 rpm Fuel tank: 1.6 liters of fuel: Unleaded Weight: 53.6 kg Cutting width: 87 cm Cutting height adjustment: fifteen to ninety mm Start: cable  

The function of pike 587

The high-performance four-stroke engine allows a rapid movement of the cutter, which in the test performed a clean and sharp cut. This pike 587 beam mower can easily cut tall grass or wild scrub. The cutting width of 87 centimeters creates wide paths when mowing. This saves you a lot of time and a extra large lawn area does not need to be mown long and laboriously. In order to put the pike lawn mower into operation, it must be filled with unleaded petrol.The gasoline is fueled into the large tank with a capacity of 1.6 liters and is used to generate energy. Likewise, the novel fuel E10 can be used to fill the beam mower. This results in low costs for the use of the Pike 587 bar mower.  

The advantages

+ High-quality housing made of metal + Low weight + Steerability + Quick assembly + Clearly understandable operating instructions + Optimal for tall grass + slopes and bumps easily navigable  

The Pike 587 lawn mower in Praxistest

In the Praxistest, the pike mower from Hecht was tested in various areas for mowing. The light device convinced by a very good operation. The hand grips can be conveniently covered as they are made of a grippy plastic, which ensures a particularly good grip. The performance of the forward, can be conveniently varied by the user. The device has a weight of 53 kilograms and can be moved excellently on any terrain. In the test, the powerful motor ensured a rapid movement of the sharp blade. The Pike 587 beam mower not only cuts tall grass perfectly, but also wild herbs are no problem. The cutting height can be adjusted individually to a height of fifteen to ninety millimeters and adapted to the needs. When mowing, the Pike 587 beam mower produces a wide cutting pattern. The large cutting width of 87 centimeters leaves wide paths during mowing and creates an attractive cutting pattern. This visually very appealing Hecht 587 bar mower convinced in the test by a very good performance with which the mowing work can be carried out quickly. In contrast to other lawnmower types, the powerful engine achieves an output of five horsepower levels and thus the device can also be used in rough terrain. For all mowing work the light garden assistant is very good in the hand and can be moved comfortably even after a long time. Likewise, stalks do not create any difficulty and are cut well. With the help of the simple operation and the detailed instructions, the device is also suitable for non-professionals.


Conclusion guy The Pike 587 beam mower is equally suitable for beginners and advanced. The unit offers excellent performance combined with a fast mowing result. With five horse stands the motor of the Pike 587 beam mower achieves a performance in the middle area and the mower fulfills its task in rough terrain just as well as on straight surfaces. In the test, the pike bar mower 587 showed a positive effect on handling. The perfect mowing result and the sensationally good price / performance ratio round off this excellent lawnmower.

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