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Review: HECHT 5534 SWE lawnmower

The pike lawnmower impresses with its technical characteristics, but also by its compact design. It is easy to use and with its gasoline engine for a particular power. All that the lawnmower can be listed below. 

The engine and starter of Hecht 5534 SWE lawnmower

The Hecht 5534 SWE is operated with an air-cooled 4-stroke gasoline engine, a unit capacity of 3.6 kW at 2800 r / min. Fitted is the pike lawnmower with an electric start system, which is supplied with a key. Another advantage is that no choke or rope must be pulled more but the gasoline engine is started with an ignition key. The power source is in this case a starter battery, which also tends to be maintenance-free. A charger is also included. The battery has an output of 12V DC - 4.5 Ah. Further facilities also include a Bügeltastschalter that can be found at Holm. This must be pushed all the time. If you let go of this, the engine stops immediately. This is of course the security conducive.  

Petrol and oil

The tank of Hecht 5534 SWE lawnmower has a capacity of 2 liters of unleaded gasoline, but which must have a minimum octane rating of 86th But it can also be used E10. Depending on how high because grass has grown, you can mow a lawn area of 1600 square meters. The oil tank can be filled at a maximum. On pray you used for SAE 10W-30 engine oil. Very suitable is the Liquid Moly 1264 Lawnmower Oil SAE 30 that there are bottles in 1 liter.  

The volume level

With a sound pressure level, which is characterized with 81db (A), the mower is still within an acceptable volume.However, it is to note that the noise from each is perceived differently and it is possible that you should use as a user hearing protection. In addition, the noise abatement laws to be observed in each case.  

The cutting height adjustment and cutting width

The Hecht 5534 SWE has a cutting width of 51 cm. This makes it possible that you have to cut a lawn less lanes, as it is for example a lawnmower with a cutting width of 40 cm of the case. The right rear wheel, the cutting height can be adjusted. This is set in seven stages, cutting height of 25 mm are set up to 75 mm. The lever for the settings is easily accessible and is located on the right rear axle.  

The weight of the pike 5534 SWE

The mower has a weight of 42.3 kg. This is already an enormous weight, but with the application of this weight is not a problem because the lawnmower is equipped with a rear-wheel drive and also has four transitions. Adjustable is a speed that moves under 3 and 4.5 km / h. This lever can be found right at the upper part of the handle.  

The Wheel

For optimal working use the lawnmower Hecht's 5534 SWE equipped with wheels have ball bearings. The rear wheels have a larger diameter than the front wheels to allow optimal power transmission of the engine is guaranteed. To use the wheel drive, pulling the self-drive control lever to turn. This is located on the upper part of the handle and is very easy to reach. This allows you easily can mow the lawn uphill without great effort. Excluding release the control levers, the wheel drive is stopped immediately. However, the engine will stop only when you no longer operates the red safety latch or as named the Bügeltastschalter. Only then will the engine brake and the ignition cut to advantage.  

Use options as side discharge, mulching and collection box

With the cutting width and the different cutting height settings can be used in addition to the pot and the mulching kit, the grinds grass is spread on the grass. But the pot is to be omitted. The mulching kit is in the scope of delivery included. The collection box has a capacity of 60 liters. If the collection box filled maximum that is indicated by the level indicator in the form of a no red flap that lowers. When empty this little flap is pushed by the air flow upwards. The pike Delivered 5534 SWE including a Mulchkits and an integrated side ejection. These two parts are to be used with limitations either. The grass can be fertilized with the cut grass, with the side discharge the clippings on the right side. However, it should be noted and also the limitation is that the two parts as side discharge and mulching kit can only be used together. With the ejected grass has an optimal fertilizer for the turf. The mower has in summary, four different functions:
  • mowing
  • side ejection
  • mulching
  • To catch

Criticism in the test

The Hecht 5534 SWE provides everything that you need for optimum lawn care, but what it shows to be very heavy is the weight. This lawnmower is with this weight more to operate from a man who transport options are not for women.  

Summary of technical specifications

  • a strong 3.6 watt motor
  • an advantageous QuickStart system for the engine
  • 7-fold cutting height adjustment
  • 51 cm cutting width
  • Mulching kit for optimal use
  • At catcher level indicator located
  • a 4 speed rear-wheel drive


conclusion guyThe Hecht 5534 SWE offers all the benefits that you could want from a lawn mower. With the technical advantages of the mower is having to maintain any land optimally and the grass always looks perfect from.Also for optimal fertilization is ensured by the mulching kit. This lawnmower offers security and provides a remarkably simple to use.Even with the volume is to work very well. Although the 81.3 db are just at the border, especially if the lawn mower is used in the residential area. With the direct neighbors one should deny that it can give no trouble.Otherwise, the lawn mower is to be used anywhere, even if the land is hilly, the lawnmower is finished. Thanks to the rear-wheel drive is an easy job guarantees. The mower runs virtually on its own. An advantage which you should use. Also the price-performance ratio is optimal for this lawnmower and ensures that no one will be without the marks "very good" on these garden helpers.  

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