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Review: AL-KO Comfort 40 E Lawnmower


The Aussstattung of AL-KO Comfort 40 E

The AL-KO Comfort 40 E is distinguished by superior amenities. Firstly, it has a central cutting height adjustment and a catch tray with a level indicator. It is also an optimal mulching function available, which has many advantages for the lawn. A U-shaped switch provides safety and the handlebar is adaptable to the individual body size, which makes for a pleasant working and Back-friendly through optimum posture is. With the electric motor is a fast and effective work is possible.  

The cutting width and cutting height adjustment

The AL-KO Comfort 40 E has a cutting width of 40 cm. This cutting width, it is for the lawn mower to cut no problem 600qm² and to provide a time saving. Even if the lawn is uneven, the grass is cut evenly by the innovative cutting height adjustment. The cutting height is set in six steps from 2.8 up to 6.8 cm are set easily. For the adjustment is a manual switch available with the settings are very easy to make. The switch is located on the side of the mower and mounted quite clear.  

The collector for the cut grass

The catch tray of the AL-KO Comfort 40 E has a capacity of 43 liters and is the cutting width as well as the motor power adjusted. This guarantees that you can not repeatedly the basket to empty it, but only once, when the lawn is mowed finished. The basket is easy to remove and empty. A level indicator is also included in the collection basket, which descends at a full level and so the user indicates that the basket should be emptied.  

The mulching kit for the AL-KO Comfort 40 E

For the amateur gardener the mulching kit is an excellent advantage. The mulching kit is removable and is made of plastic. The part is easily re-usable, without the need for tools. With the mulching kit, the collection box is closed.With the part of the mower is turned into a mower and the cuttings are spun several times and then spread on the lawn. The mower has the advantage that this is the shredder ensures that no cut material should be discarded. But the grass benefits from the mower because it keeps the lawn moist, which brings many advantages, even in summer. A pleasant alternative which is environmentally friendly and ensures a healthy garden.  

Transportable by a carrying handle

The mower is equipped with a convenient carrying handle, which is located on the surface of the body and ensures an optimal transport. With this grip the mower can easily be carried from one place to the other. This handle supports above all by the weight in the lawnmower. This is characterized by 19 kg, but still belongs to the lightweight class and an advantage over other mowers is.  

The control of the AL-KO Comfort 40 E

The AL-KO Comfort 40 E is individually adjustable and thus ensures that you will have for a longer mowing no backache. The work is very pleasant with the lawn mower, because the posture is always straight and will not be charged therefore. The control is made through the on-off switch and a switch bracket located on the handlebar. If you release this lever, the engine is automatically switched off, which is also conducive security. When working, it is important that the lever is always maintained.  

The motor and the volume

The engine is equipped with a 1400 watt power which ensures a powerful Mähkomfort. For the cutting width, this power is also required for an optimal cutting area is guaranteed. The lawnmower has the advantage that it can also be used well in a wet grass while an optimum cutting result. However, the wet grass is heavier and thus ensures that the catcher has to be emptied frequently. But the engine is strong enough for the lawn mowing on wet surfaces and creates no problems.  

The volume

The engine has a sound pressure level of 84 dB is still quite acceptable. Since noise is absorbed differently by each, it is for the user very advantageous if a hearing protection is used. It should be kept well to the Noise Abatement Act, especially if the lawn mower in a residential area is used.  

The maneuverability

Through the pleasant weight and optimally adjustable Holm, the mower is very easy and pleasant to steer. This also makes it possible that you can easily mow curves and the mower can easily lead.  

The criticisms

The only thing there is to complain about, is the manual. Unfortunately, this has very little text which is not sufficient to derive the assembly thereof.  

Specifications Summary

  • An engine with a 1400 watt power
  • a 43-liter collection box
  • a cutting width of 40 cm
  • individually controlled Holme
  • Mulcherfunktion
  • a central cutting height adjustment
  • a convenient carrying handle distinguishes this lawnmower.


conclusion guyThe mower is characterized by a lot of advantages that simplify mowing and let be very comfortable. A powerful engine provides a fast and extensive use and also an even cut the grass on an uneven surface. The compact size of the mower makes sure that the lawn mower also finds a place everywhere. With the volume where life is a hearing protection may be as helpful. With the catcher and mulcher is providing optimum advantage for the lawn. First, the grass is always clean by the catcher, but if you want to fertilize the grass, then the comfortable mower is used. So you can maintain the lawn in a very special way. But not only fascinated by the technology, but also the attractive design. The mower makes an attractive sleek impression. Delighted Customers are also on the pleasant Value. With a price of 129,80 Euro this lawnmower is unbeatable. A high quality and processing make this price seem even cheaper. A lawn mower from a manufacturer which provides innovative lawnmower for many years and provides customers with optimum quality. With the lawnmowers specifically to the AL-KO Comfort 40 E you will be for many years to have his joy.

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