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Review: Ryobi Lawnmower RLM36X40H

The Ryobi RLM36X40H lawnmower in Video

With the Ryobi RLM36X40H lawnmower mowing the lawn a simple task is what the optimal equipment of the lawn mower is responsible. The battery lawnmower has everything you would need for a perfectly cut lawn.


Thus, the garden even after mowing is clean and you do not even have to evacuate with a rake the cut grass together has the Ryobi RLM36X40H a grass bag of 50 liters. With the 36V Li-Ion and Li-ion 4,0Ah-battery incl the Ryobi creates a lawn area of 300 to 600m² with only one battery charge. With de central cutting height adjustment of the lawn mower has a cutting width of 40 cm which a fast work progress is guaranteed. Especially nice ergonomic comfort handle of a pleasant working environment is promises without having to adjust fatigue in the hands and arms. This lawnmower mowing even makes pleasure even over large areas.  

The work rate

Charging the Ryobi has a very powerful battery that too for a long time does not require the charging station. the battery is charged relatively quickly and after 120-160 minutes, the battery is charged again and you can continue working. The battery is relatively light and has a weight of 1.3 kg. If you want to take a break when mowing the lawn, then the interrupt is from the perspective of the battery no problem, the battery remains completely unaffected thereof. The self-discharge is so low in this device that they even if they keep a whole Mähfreiesaison in lawn mower battery, then still is usually at the beginning of the season the battery to at least 90% which is of course a very big advantage. The battery is very economical which also  

The catch tray

The RLM 36X40H one has the freedom to choose whether you want to collect the crop in the basket, or want whether to distribute it on the lawn, so the lawn can equal mulching. Ships with a mulching adapter is included, which you could use it. This adapter misses thereby the discharge chute and the grass clippings while chaffed very small and then spread on the lawn does not want to make this work, then you can the pot easily attach and use.The collector is made of a textile fabric and is very light. The restore is easy and intuitive to you.  

The driver

The handlebar offers all the comfort they made slip resistant through optimal rubber covering and the vibrations are also minimized through the gum. The bracket for the motor must at the Mähvorgng all the time be kept so that the Mähvorgng is not interrupted. this is thanks to the Sicherheitsfunkion coming so quickly and safely to fruition. In addition, the driver can easily adjust the angle change to the own body size  

The volume of the engine by Ryobi

With a noise level of 75 dB, the lawnmower is very quiet. This will delight the neighborhood very much. He is even quieter than a wired lawnmower. With up to 3,550 revolutions, the cutter can rotate per minute and thus lawn cut is made for a perfect. In contrast to all the petrol mowing goes much more easily by hand. The starting of the engine is also very easy on the hand. It just needs the keys can be inserted so that the circuit closes. Then, the start button is pressed and the engine bracket is also pressed. If the bracket is not held then the engine will shut off automatically.  

The individual cutting height

The lawnmower Ryobi RLM36X40H has an optimum cutting width of 70 cm that ensures fast work. A lever allows the cutting height to five different height positions which can be adjusted from 20 to 70 mm. However, it should be noted that a cutting height that is less than 35 mm is not suitable for a lawn. The duration of the battery will decrease with the cutting height and it may happen that the grass in summer dries up when it is cut too short. For this reason, a cutting height of 35 mm is optimal for each lawn he also enjoys protection.  

The weight of the Ryobi RLM36X40H

Weighing 18.5 kilograms of the lawn mower is not exactly a lightweight and that's when to his credit as a single point as a criticism. If the lawn mower out of the cellar are carried high, can also represent in size as a small problem that already. Here the manufacturer could come up with something.  

A summary of the technical data

  • Weight 18.5 kg
  • Noise level 75 db (A)
  • Cutting width 40 cm
  • Battery charging time to 160 minutes.
  • Pot 50 liters
  • minimal self-consumption
  • Mulcheradapter
  • Height adjustable handlebar
  • Power 36 V


conclusion guyThe Ryobi in some categories points. First, it has an extremely low noise level, not only the user was very happy, but alas the neighbors. With minimum 75 db it can compete with other lawnmowers definitely. But not only that has earned a plus points, but also the textile catcher is not only easy to install but he emptied almost a whole lot and has with its 50 liters only, depending on the height of the grass once. Even the mulcher adapter is an advantage. With the cutting width, it is very advantageous and provides a time savings. The different cutting heights also provide many options. Also very beneficial, and the lawn mower is a very economical battery having the only indicates a minimum self-consumption in retirement and with a longer non-use. What is optimal for the work of course, is the height-adjustable handlebar ensures a pleasant working environment is made possible and is not set back pain. Also, the ergonomic handle ensures that the lever and the handlebar can holding hands relaxed at the same time. Especially nice is the rubber grip. Another advantage is reflected in the powerful motor that is driven with a power of 36V and ensures that the cutting blade can rotate up to 3,500 times a minute. This lawn mower from Ryobi can actually go wrong, it is optimal in all areas.

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