Gardena Comfort 400 C Reel Mower

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Review: Gardena Comfort 400 C Reel Mower

The Gardena Comfort 400 C in Video

The Gardena 400 cylinder mower C has a good quality. Those who opt for a lawnmower Gardena who receives a device that is environmentally conscious. It is powered exclusively by muscle power. The mower is perfectly suited for small to medium-sized gardens. It contains the most modern technology and a simple operating principle. The Gardena Lawnmower has extra large wheels and ensures excellent power transmission. For fatigue-free work is possible at any time. It is particularly advantageous here that the mower has an ergonomic grip. The handle fits comfortably in the hand and does not slip away even with wet hands. A longer working is not a problem by the handle shape.

Through the wheels with special profile as the smooth accomplishment is possible

A particular advantage is also the Booms. If the lawnmower is no longer needed, it can be folded and stowed within seconds. Compared to other Gardena Lawnmower so this model has robust large wheels and a new linkage design. The wheels have a special profile, which ensures that the wheels are easy to push even in wet leaves. They are extremely durable and ensure that the Gardena Lawnmower becomes steer easily. Curves and edges to the flexible device of garden Gardena eliminate clean. The device has the dimensions 22 x 14 x 47 cm.  

Individual cutting height adjustment

A simple cutting height adjustment provides the gardener individual use. The lawn can be mowed, as fits their needs. English lawn, ornamental lawn or a playground for children can be trimmed with this lawnmower. A non-contact cutting technology of Gardena Lawnmower 400 C provides sufficient security. Through this Gardena Lawnmower blossoms on every gardener's heart.  

all benefits at a glance

The Gardena Lawnmower 400 C has improved to its predecessors. Those who opt for a Gardena Lawnmower who opts for a good quality and the following advantages: - ergonomic handle - robust wheels with a Spezielprofil - additional deflector - easy operation - easy cutting height adjustment - non-contact cutting technology - lightweight - fast folding - very low noise A Another advantage of the lawn mower is the volume. Since the device has no electric motor, it is possible even at lunchtime, so lawn to mow. Neighbors are not disturbed by gardening. The cutting of the lawn mower to slide smoothly and quietly on the lawn. You will not become blunt and can be cleaned without risk. If even a grass balls jamming in the cutting, then can this tangle dissolve rapidly. In an electric lawnmower first takes the plug be pulled to work cautiously. The unit of Gardena has a light weight of 10 kg and can therefore be transported easily.  

Grass is collected directly

Normally equipped lawnmower through a collection basket. This device Gardena refrained. Therefore, it is also a simple and effective alternative, fast and clean to mow the lawn. But if you want, which can be ordered via Gardena an additional collection basket. This has the advantage that the grass is collected directly and need not be raked additionally together. With a cutting width of 40 centimeters each lawn is mowed quickly and do not need more trains to be made, as necessary. Here comes the adjustable cutting height to good. The levels can be set at 12 mm and 42 mm.  

A boundless freedom

The Gardena Lawnmower each garden owner has the opportunity to mow the lawn behind hidden beds. Many other devices with cables after a few meters is final. Through the wireless device an individual work in front yards and gardens is possible. Also pitfalls are not present. Many cable tangle always like in a meadow. By the absence of the cable is not current or tripping accidents.  

Some disadvantages can not be avoided

As with all devices have Gardena Lawnmower also some disadvantages. The first disadvantage is that the use of the instrument some requests force. Since pushing the lawnmower is very tedious after a while, there is no alternative for large gardens. A small disadvantage is that no catch tray is available.


conclusion guyBy purchasing a lawnmower Gardena you can not go wrong. It was made of high quality materials and is very durable in normal use. The mower has an ergonomic handle, which makes pushing a little lighter. In addition, the large wheels are so flexible that they can be pushed slightly uneven lawns without problems straight. The lawnmower is very well suited for small to medium-sized lawns. For larger lawns, the device is not well suited. In the long run it will be very difficult to push because there some requests force. This model is ultimately a mechanical mower. This is particularly environmentally friendly and cheap. It must be purchased separately in petrol or oil. Only one catch tray can also be purchased in order to facilitate the work with the lawn mower. The device should be in every garden. It can easily be divided in the middle and folded together after use. Thus, it does not take much space.  

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