Einhell BG-HM 40 Cylindrical Mower

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Test report: Einhell BG-HM 40 Spindelmäher

The Einhell BG-HM 40 Spindle Mower is ideal for hobby gardeners who have a small garden plot and do not need gasoline or electricity. The Einhell is not only small but also characterized by a small price. It has the advantage that it can cut extremely lightly and above all evenly the lawn. Above all, the lawn mower has no long set-up time. The cutting height can be adjusted in 4 steps. The basket catches the cut lawn. A lawn mower that fulfills all wishes and is in no way inferior to its great brothers. 

An ecological alternative

The Einhell BG-HM 40 spindle mower is not only very economical, it is also extremely beneficial to the environment.It does not consume any electricity, and it is not necessary to use gasoline as it is only used in manual mode. For lawns up to 250 square meters, it is recommended by the company Einhell. The sharp spindle knives cut the lawn evenly and easily, so you do not have to strain yourself too much. The Einhell is manoeuvrable due to its optimal size and the light weight and also cuts easily in corners and curves. The lawn mower is equipped with a precision ground roller equipped with five knives. The lower blade is made of a fire-resistant steel and provides an excellent cut. The Einhell lawn mower is characterized by high quality and processing.  

The cutting height is adjustable

With the hand-held mower you have the same advantages as with a motor driven device, because here also the cutting height can be adjusted. The Einhell has a 4-stage setting, which ranges from 15 to 35 mm and can cut even high grass without problems. The cutting height can be easily adjusted behind the left front wheel. This also makes it possible to adjust the cutting height differently in the case of an uneven lawn surface. With a cutting width of 40 cm which makes no difference and which resembles a gasoline or electric mower, the work is done quickly and easily. The cutting height can be read at any time by means of the control scales on both sides. The cutting spindle has a diameter of 125 mm.  

The catch basket

Normally hand mowers are not equipped with a grass catcher and the user must remove the grass from the lawn with a second operation. With the Einhell this comfort is given however with a 23 liter catch basket. Up to 95% of the cut turf is caught in the basket which consists of a light material. In addition, the catch basket has the advantage that it is very easy to clean. It is easy to remove and hang up again. This ensures a comfortable handling. Due to the rear discharge, the grass is conveyed directly into the catch basket.  

The guide

With the ergonomically shaped handle, the work is very pleasant and you can relax the lawn quite relaxed without back pain or tension. The height is optimal and the shape ensures a fatigue-free mowing. With this lawnmower you have only advantages, since you do not have to push too much, which is due to the ease of the lawnmower. The Einhell has a weight of minimum 7.5 kg. Not to be compared with the motor-driven devices which, in contrast to the hand-held mower, have very high weights. The spar is collapsed and thus ensures an enormous space saving. This allows the lawn mower to find a place even in the smallest corner. The lawnmower is easy to assemble with only the handlebar to be attached to the mower and this is done with a few hands and screws. Then one can begin with the pleasant work.  

The wheels of the Einhell

The wheels have a diameter of 218 mm they are light and have the advantage that they leave no traces and marks on the lawn. The lawn always looks beautifully mown and there are no tire tracks to be seen. The Einhell also has the advantage that the textile basket can also be removed in a space-saving manner and stored in small packs. The wheels of the Einhell are made of high-quality plastic and ensure a very long durability.  

The volume

A further advantage that the hand-held mower has in comparison to the motor-driven devices is the quiet operation.The only thing you can hear is the sound of the knives, which can not be disturbed by anyone and can be used at any time. Thus, the gardening makes pleasure and the neighbors also feel not disturbed. With the lawnmower you can always provide your garden with a chic cut. This should be done at regular intervals so that the grass does not grow too high. Then it is also easier to mow. The Einhell BG-HM 40 Spindle Mower has a very pleasant volume which will not disturb anybody on a Sunday, and this is another advantage that this device has.


Conclusion guyWith a hand-held mower you do not only have a simple mowing, but you also contribute to environmental protection. In addition, this lawnmower saves money for electricity and gasoline. The cutting surface can be compared with that of an electric lawn mower and the work itself is very easy to manage, since the Lawn mower from Einhell is very light. The Einhell has almost all the advantages of a great only that he is instead very quiet and does not bother anyone. The only thing to do with the hand-held mower is to mow the lawn at regular intervals, since the grass is then not too high and can be mowed even more pleasantly. The cutting of corners and edges is also very easy, thanks to the maneuverability of the lawn mower. Also the guide pole is very comfortable from the height and shape since it is ergonomically designed and thus ensures a relaxed arm support. Thus, lawn mowing is guaranteed without fatigue symptoms in the arms and back. With a price of around 50 euros the lawn mower is unbeatable. No other lawn mower can compete and certainly not with this comfort equipment with catch basket. A lawnmower that inspires every hobby gardener and helps in many ways to save money. No electricity, no gasoline and also a small purchase price at which you can not say no. The Einhell BG-HM 40 reel mower offers all the advantages of a lawn mower.

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