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Test report: WOLF-Garten TT 300 S Spindelmäher

The WOLF-Garten TT 300 S spindle mower in the video

With the WOLF-Garten TT 300 S reel mower you get a good hand-lawn mower that works completely without electricity and gasoline. The WOLF-Garten TT 300 S spindle mower can be convincing in terms of quality and is perfectly suited to WOLF-Garten. Finally you get this spindle mower also at a very reasonable price.

Design and processing

In the design, this spindle mower meets the requirements and the style that is known from WOLF garden products.Thus, the WOLF-Garten TT 300 S spindle mower is designed in the classic colors of WOLF-Garten and thus designed in black, red and yellow. So you can see at first glance that it is a lawnmower of WOLF-Garten. The processing is solid and can be seen. This mower consists of metal elements, hard plastic and steel. Thus, a good combination of materials has been found which is justified for the low purchase price and also has a good life. The plastic parts do not look as high-quality, but nevertheless solid and stable. And they also have good stability.The metal frame is painted black and can be convincing in any case with a good and stable construction. In addition, the coating ensures that the metal is relatively well protected against corrosion damage. At least, as long as you take care that the lawn mower is also treated properly. A lacquered paint, combined with moisture, can in any case lead to rust or similar damage. However, edges and corners can not be found on this lawnmower. This means that most of the surfaces are smoothly ground, so you do not have to fear injuries when you walk your hand over the parts of the WOLF-Garten TT 300 S spindle mower. The blades are made of steel and have a good sharpness, which is perfect for the cutting of lawns. Five knives are used as a cutting system for this lawn mower. All in all, the processing and processing of materials of a good quality, which is completely appropriate to the price.Thus, the WOLF-Garten TT 300 S spindle mower can score points in design and processing.  


In terms of handling, the WOLF-Garten TT 300 S spindle mower gives you great pleasure. A simple operation and use can not be denied to this mower. The user interface makes it clear that a user-friendly operation is required.Finally, the surface is rubberized and also provides an ergonomic shape for a good grip. Thus even with sweaty hands in the summer or wet and rainy conditions one always has a good grip on the surface with the hands. In addition, the rubber coating also ensures a certain padding so that you do not have to touch the bare metal. The guidance of the WOLF-Garten TT 300 S spindle mower is very simple. With approximately 7 kilograms, this lawn mower is comparatively light and can be navigated well over the lawns. For lawns of up to 100 square meters you can use this lawn mower well. For this purpose, it is not only easy to handle on straight lines. Even curvy tracks can be easily done with this lawn mower so you can mow all possible basic shapes of the lawn evenly and accurately. The WOLF-Garten TT 300 S reel mower can be easily adjusted in the cutting height in four stages. You can choose between 13 mm and 38 mm. This is also the right cutting height for every lawn.  


If the lawn is not too high, the cutting pattern can be very accurately and evenly. At least, as long as the lawnmower is also suitably and properly used. If the grass is too high, the WOLF-Garten TT 300 S spindle mower is also a problem. There he can not go through so easily and thus makes for a sloppy result. So the slogan is that you should regularly cut the lawn, so that you can also cut the lawn evenly afterwards.  


  • Environmentally friendly since the manual mower is operated without electricity or gasoline
  • Good value for money
  • Very easy handling
  • Cutting height can be easily and uncomplicitely adjusted n four stages
  • Guided tour of the WOLF-Garten TT 300 S spindle mower is very user-friendly
  • Rubberized grip for great ergonomics and a non-slip grip


  • Plastic parts seem rather inferior
  • No infinitely variable adjustment of the cutting height is possible
  • Not suitable for slightly higher grass, as a sloppy section is formed


Conclusion guyThe WOLF-Garten TT 300 S spindle mower is a good lawnmower, which is very good value for money. It offers a very simple handling, which is particularly evident in the guidance of the lawnmower on the lawns. In addition, the cutting height can be easily adjusted in the four stages. This also allows you to cut a relatively individual lawn height. The ergonomics of the handle and the gumming of the handle are very good and bear witness to a very good user friendliness. If you are looking for a good lawnmower without electricity or petrol to save the environment, the WOLF-Garten TT 300 S spindle mower makes a good catch. For smaller lawns you can use it perfectly, even for curving lawns.

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