Einhell LE-PM 2014 petrol lawn mower

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Test report: Einhell LE-PM 2014 petrol lawn mower

The Einhell Petrol Lawnmower LE-PM 2014 in the Limited Edition is a brand-name lawn mower of the extra class. It comes in an extraordinary design. The steel sheet was painted particularly beautifully and thus conspicuously equipped. This is how the Einhell LE-PM 2014 Petrol Lawn Mower is delivered packed.  

Packaging and assembly

The lawn mower is delivered almost completely pre-assembled in a sturdy carton. Only the linkage for the bracket as well as the wheels are mounted. The carton can be disposed of after assembly as it is not suitable for storage.The assembly is also carried out by a layman very quickly and safely. A high level of knowledge is not necessary.The screws are easy to set and the whole assembly can be done in just a few minutes. Also supplied is an instruction manual which describes the setup again. Furthermore, you will find all important operating instructions.This should be read carefully so that no mistakes can be made.  

Power and motor

The Einhell Petrol Lawnmower LE-PM 2014 has a powerful engine. It is 1 cylinder which is driven in a 4-stroke engine. The output is a maximum of 1.9 kW (2.6 hp) at 2,800 rpm. The fuel used is lead-free petrol. However, gasoline is no longer available at many petrol stations, which means that superfuel can also be used. The more environmentally friendly E10 can be used. The engine is pre-equipped for this fuel and can also withstand this fuel. The maximum tank capacity of the Einhell petrol lawn mower LE-PM 2014 is 800 ml. It is therefore recommended to carry a benzine canister. This means that mowing can be quickly refilled once again, thus ensuring the permanent operation of the mower. However, a benzine canister is not included in the scope of delivery and must be purchased afterwards. In addition, engine oil is required for the Einhell Petrol Lawnmower LE-PM 2014. A quantity of 600ml is necessary for this. This has already been filled in on initial delivery, but must always be checked once again and, if necessary, refilled.  

Operation of the device

The Einhell Petrol Lawnmower LE-PM 2014 is a very reliable device. The mower is gladly used and cuts the grass faultlessly. The edges can also be reached well. Please, however, look for possible stones in the grass. This can damage the cutting tools and in the worst case failure of the mower. Please grab never in the running cutting tools, this leads to serious injuries. The knives are sharp and maintenance-free. Only after many assignments a re-sharpening is recommended. However, this should always be carried out by a specialist. The handle is adjustable several times, so the Einhell petrol lawn mower LE-PM 2014 can be well served by different persons. There is also the chance to adjust the wheels so that the cutting height can be adjusted well. It is precisely in the case of the first and the last section that it is necessary to apply different standards. This can be well taken into account here. Also the wheels are also used as a drive, this can also be switched off. The drive is thus exposed to just over the rear wheels. For collecting the turf portions a basket is attached to the mower. This catches all of this cleanly and securely. The material of the basket is designed to allow air to escape. Thus all solids are retained and the volatile ones are reissued. Furthermore, it is prevented in this case, even in damp weather, that the basket can mold.  

Maintenance and Care

After use, the Einhell Petrol Lawnmower LE-PM 2014 must be cleaned and easily maintained. Always switch off the engine. It is alwaysimportant to check the oil level. If necessary, you must refill. Furthermore, the mower should be freed from coarse dirt and lawn areas that may have caught. When wet, this is best. The lawn mower itself can then be wiped with a damp cloth so that it always looks as new. The catch basket should always be emptied. If the lawn is damp, it is advisable to allow the basket to dry out in the sun so that no moisture is left behind. The lawn mower itself can be stored in a shed or also in the basement. Always protect the unit from freezing, which can damage the motor and is therefore not practical. Especially in the winter the storage in the cellar is absolutely recommended and thus the first choice so you have as long as possible enjoy the Einhell petrol lawn mower LE-PM 2014.


Conclusion guy With the Einhell Petrol Lawnmower LE-PM 2014, the buyers acquire abrand name from an experienced manufacturer for garden care equipment. The lawn mower is powered by a reliable gasoline engine and is almost maintenance-free. The price for the unit is well suited to the performance. The mower works relatively quietly for a gasoline engine and produces good to very good results. The design has failed and fits into many households. The manufacturer grants afactorywarranty and supplies a nearly pre-assembled device. Even from laymen, the mower is built up in a few simple steps and ready for operation. The Einhell Petrol Lawnmower LE-PM 2014 is an unrestricted purchase recommendation for use in private gardens and larger plants.

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