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Test report: Brast BRB RM 18140 BS Petrol lawn mower

On a large meadows on the slope the Brast BRB RM 18140 BS petrol lawn mower with wheel drive was tested. The unit has a cutting width of 46 centimeters and a reasonable price, just what garden lovers are looking for.  

Equipment and function

The Brast BRB RM 18140 BS is a 4 in 1 device and can, mulching, collecting mowing foliage and with the side discharge mowing has this powerful Benzinrasenmäher an integrated and smooth-running in the US produced 4 stroke OHV Briggs & Stratton engine with 140ccm displacement and a maximum of 3.4 PS power. Thanks to the maintenance-free electronic ignition system Magnetron, the garden assistant has no problems with starting. A ridge comb with front spoiler straightens the grass and gives the best cutting results. The cutting height can be adjusted eight times of thirty to eighty millimeters. The Brast BRB RM 18140 BS Benzinrasenmäher is equipped with ball-bearing wheels and Big Wheeler allowed in the test run easy driving, even on uneven surfaces. The existing Easy-Clean water connection, which fits on each garden hose, provides for automatic cleaning of the inner housing and the cutting unit. A large grass bag with level indicator covers a volume of sixty liters. The mulching knife is made of high quality steel and the chassis of the machine is made of sturdy powder coated steel sheet.  

The BRAST RM 18140 BS in practice

The 30-kilogram heavy-duty Petrol lawn mower from Brast proved its worth in practice. A 400 square meter meadow managed the unit without difficulty. Before mowing, the lawnmower powered by a motor must be filled with liquids. According to the manufacturer, one liter Super, Super plus or E10 can be used as fuel. The BRB RM 18140 BS can be started quickly and the noise is absolutely acceptable even at the highest speed. This mower made a very solid and robust impression throughout the entire test period. The processing is very good, nothing rattles and the components can withstand any load. When mowing lawn mowers with a catch basket it is positive that the wheel drive has a lot of power and the mower pulls the tracks purposefully. The self-drive also works perfectly on the uphill mowing. The 60-liter, very large-volume grass-collecting basket swallows some and the size is sufficient for an extensive mowing without interruption. The emptying of the catch is very easy with the help of the very large opening of the catch container. Foliage and grass land on the compost heap and the sack is empty in any case. The lawn mowing with side ejection was also tested in the practice test. In order to be able to mow without a catch basket, this can be easily removed. After this, only the shield for side discharge is mounted. This is done without tools. At the rear, the mulching insert is inserted and the mowing without the catch basket can begin. The lawn mower is therefore somewhat lighter and more handy because without the large fangack a lot of weight falls away  

Other functions: side ejection and mulching

The Brast BRB RM 18140 BS petrol lawnmower reliably throws cuttings and slightly chopped leaves on the side.The mowing is thereby facilitated and the regular emptying of the catchbox falls away. This will save you a lot of time when mowing. The lawn mowing with mulch function is also very easy in the test. The grass cut can thus be transferred to the compost or to the picking point when the mulching function of the mower is used. Only the side ejection is removed. The mulching insert remains in the rear. In practice, the cuttings remained in the cuttings until they were cut to size by the sickle knife and fell to the ground. The mulching worked perfectly in the test.  

Easy cleaning and attractive appearance

Another very useful function in the test is the cleaning function of the Brast BRB RM 18140 BS petrol lawn mower.The existing EasyClean function with convenient hose connection makes cleaning very easy. The water hose is simply connected to the provided hose connector and the engine mower is cleaned by water pressure through a nozzle in the cutting chamber. The lawn mower is cleaned in the turn around in the clearing room. Also the sickle knife is brilliantly pure. Dirt residues are washed away well before they are dried. The cleaning instructions are described and explained in detail in the enclosed operating instructions. Visually, the lawn mower is black in color very appealing. The big ball-bearing Big Wheeler wheels in black-gray color round off the perfect look to this high-tech mower with the compact dimensions of 77 x 53 x 55 centimeters.


Conclusion guy The BRB RM 18140 BS is a powerful petrol lawn mower that makes a lot of fun and makes the work much easier. The operation is simple and uncomplicated. The cutting width of 46 cm is perfect for medium to large lawns. The height-adjustable guide bar with soft grip is ergonomically shaped and allows comfortable working. The practical wheel drive, as well as the large grass container and a very good quality, as well as an excellent processing make it an indispensable gardening tool. This Brast BRB RM 18140 BS petrol lawn mower fulfills the highest demands with its equipment. Briggs & Stratton provides more than 2,000 service workshops with spare parts and comprehensive accessories in Germany

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